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Sakura vanished in a shower of cherry blossoms only to appear on the other side of the sofa with the remote.

"No!" Kakashi pounced.

She vanished again. Kakashi knew he was in the middle of a losing battle. Plus, the living room floor was covered in a mess of cherry blossoms and silver leaves that were (thankfully) dissipating into nothingness.

After each had performed several more jutsus, trying to fool the other, Kakashi lifted his headband and pulled out the big guns.

"Don't you dare!" shrieked Sakura, slamming her eyes shut before she could fall prey to Kakashi's sharingan. The last time he had done that, she'd ended up delirious, moaning things about sandlewood oil, silk sheets, and various pieces of his anatomy for over an hour.

"Give. It. Here." he commanded in his best "sensei" voice.

"I will if you can take it from me," she giggled, holding the remote out in front of her, just as Kakashi had done with a set of bells during her genin training.

She heard him coming, but he took advantage of her closed eyes and threw his chakra so that she would "hear" his approach from the wrong direction.

With a startled squeal, she found herself beneath his body, fully pinned to the carpet.

"I win," he smirked. And then instantly sighed in disgust as Sakura gave him her very best puppydog eyes. He hated the way he was helpless against those two pleading green pools of innocence.

Yak dung. He'd die if anyone ever knew he was this whipped.

"Fine," he conceded. "But only if you agree to act out Chapter 34 of Icha Icha Wedding Night."

"Which one is that?"

"The one where Junko blindfolds his bride and gives her a sensual massage and then…"

"Mmmmm…," Sakura pretended to consider it carefully. "Well, you're really twisting my arm here, but I suppose it's worth it," she giggled, eyes shining in anticipation.

With a pained look, Kakashi released his wife from the floor and helped her up. In a moment, the two were curled up together on the sofa, sharing dango as Sakura searched for her favorite scene from their wedding video. Kakashi's duet with Gai had been such a hit at their engagement party that he had agreed to repeat the performance during their wedding reception after some heavy "persuasion" from Tsunade.

She found the place she was looking for on the recording and gave a little sigh as she watched Gai leap out on the stage with Kakashi in tow.

"Dear friends! At last my eternal rival and I have joined forces with the power of our Youth to show you all the power of Love!" Gai announced to the cheering crowd.

Kakashi groaned next to Sakura and tried to hide his head behind her shoulder. She only laughed as the two began their romantic duet. Gai was singing with his eyes closed, trying to look soulful while Kakashi was swallowing hard and trying to stay focused on his bride in order get through the agony.

"Are we finished yet?" he whined, nuzzling her neck intimately.

"No – we haven't even gotten to my favorite part!" she replied. Sakura loved watching the scene where Gai grabbed Kakashi's hand to sing the final chorus and the photographer had caught Tsunade laughing so hard that sake came out her nose.

"Pretty please?" he purred into her ear, keeping one eye on the television playing out his eternal humiliation.

"But you have such a nice voice!" laughed Sakura. "Wait, wait! Gai's going for the high note!"

Kakashi cringed. He couldn't stand anymore.

Sakura cried out as she felt a black silk cloth drawn over her eyes and tied tightly.

"And that's enough of that," muttered her husband, as he tossed her over his shoulder and headed to the bedroom.

"But, Kakashi…" she mock-pleaded, squirming in his arms.

"But what?" he snorted. "For that, you owe me a baby."

"What?!" she screeched, trying earnestly to swat him.

"You heard me," he smiled, and shut the bedroom door with a click.

At least with a blindfold on, he knew she couldn't use those puppy eyes.



To my readers: Thank you for reading and reviewing this story. This fic is my own, original work using the characters from "Naruto". However, I was inspired by the fan fic works of many of my favorite authors on this fan fiction site. This story is the product of the wisps of ideas I have seen in my favorite fics that I wanted to explore differently or take in a new direction. I believe in giving credit for inspiration where credit is due and encourage all of my readers to also check out these excellent fan fics by other authors:

"Crash World" by Kyuubi Seitenshi was the inspiration for me to write about an arranged marriage of sorts.

"First Light" by Chocolate Wolf, inspired me to start this story with a scene where Kakashi was keeping watch outside Sakura's bedroom window.

"One of These Days" by Cyberwing, inspired me to explore Kakashi's stalker-ish tendencies.

"Healing" by Wolfrequiem, "Yellow Moon" by Asanisan, and "Oops" by Miss Artemis were the fics that inspired me to include a house call visit between Sakura and Kakashi.

"His Fault" by Ronsmyhero, "Unbalanced Chivalry" and "Sabotage" by The real esther, "Stumbling" by Asanisan, and "Yellow Moon", also by Asanisan, were the fics that piqued my interest in exploring a kind-hearted, but slightly possessive and unbalanced characterization of Kakashi.

"Winter Special" by Asanisan gave me the idea to have our favorite couple trapped together in a storm.

"Their Icha Icha Paradise" by Dezigal inspired me to include some naughty Icha Icha style marital play.

And finally, Scattered Logic's story "A Necessary Deception" from the Labyrinth fandom inspired the idea for one of Kakashi's romantic gestures to Sakura in Chapter 3.

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