I step across the Holy Ground of Kharlan, my eyes surveying the area. The Tower of Salvation has been completely destroyed. The only thing left of Tethe'alla's beacon of hope is a low wall surrounding the altar and many rocks that lie scattered in a fifty mile radius. It is a sad state of affairs, yet I have no other choice but to 'believe' in Lloyd and his friends.

Lloyd Irving… The son of lord Kratos Aurion, Seraph of Cruxis. It is nearly impossible to tell that this compassionate boy is a relative of Yggdrasill's cold subordinate. The ones traveling with him are a strange group as well. Half-elves and humans alike, both male and female. Amongst these seven companions are the two Chosen Ones of this time. Those born in the Mana lineage, selected to become Martel's vessel, as I had been. These are the people who have set out to defy Mithos Yggdrasill.

Mithos… How could I have known? That the kind boy who had saved my life, the one who had kept me company for such a long time, was actually a demon in disguise? I had never received information on lord Yggdrasill's first name. I had never seen his younger form, nor did I know it existed. There was no way I could have foreseen this. Yet I still blame myself for what has happened to master Altessa.

After resetting my program, the damage Mithos caused to my system had repaired itself. I know that, along with it, the glitch that lord Yuan had created so long ago has disappeared as well. Once again, I am that vessel created to accept Martel.

Judging from the beautiful light that had enveloped the entire planet not too long ago, the worlds must have been reunited. Lloyd and his friends have succeeded. But even now, I can sense that everything is still not as it should be. The Mana levels are dropping harshly, causing this grand new world to die before it could fully prosper.

I cast my gaze upwards to meet a gorgeous sight. The Great Seed, bathed in the light of Derris-Kharlan's Mana, is falling towards the earth. The Great Tree will live again if it sprouts on this holy ground. Yet, the souls within it would remain trapped, lacking a physical form to guard the world's new symbol of hope.

Knowing what I must do, I raise my hands to the sky, welcoming the seed. I will always remain Martel's vessel. It is my purpose for being, and only when I accept the goddess' soul will my life be complete. I am grateful for the life that master Altessa has granted me, as I am grateful for the freedom lord Yuan has provided. It is time I repay my debt.

This has always been my purpose.

To become lady Martel, the goddess who watches over this world.