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Prologue: Betrayal

"I don't understand what you see in that girl." Laughed his partner, still gloating over their recent stash of treasure.

"Heh, I like her mind. And at least I don't go after every woman from the village we just stole from." Yoko Kurama said pointedly, watching his partner checking his appearance in a golden vase. If Yoko were one to roll eyes, he would have done so.

Since he was not, he moved from their hideout and cut across the fields and up a small mountain. As he stood at its pointed peak, he frowned when he saw the deserted valley. 'The girl' as his partner so eloquently put it, was not there. It was strange; she always came when he sent a falcon to her. Shrugging it off, he went down and waited in the valley himself.


Yoko turned around to see a still-vibrating dagger at his feet. He looked up to see a young demon standing in front of him, dressed completely in black. Her features were placid and unreadable. He frowned. Her long black hair had been cut and was billowing behind her in a short cloud. Her eyes were steely and cold.


"Leave this place with your life while you still can." She hissed.

The demon was surprised. This girl didn't hiss. This girl didn't have short hair. This girl didn't have cold eyes. This girl smiled and laughed at everything. This girl was supposed to wear the bright red colors of her clan. This girl was smart and strong. This girl… wasn't supposed to hate the thief demon.


"Demon, I have given you your warning. If I ever see you again, I will kill you." Venom drenched her voice.

It didn't get much clearer than that. The fox demon turned his back and stalked out of the clearing. As he entered the forest, a poorly aimed dagger thudded into a tree a few feet away from him.


Yurika didn't return home that night. The demon disguised himself and knocked on her clan's front door. An old, graying man received him but did not allow him inside.

"I am looking for your daughter, Yurika."

The man's eyes widened. "I… know nobody by that name." he said shakily.

"You lie."

The demon slid a glance around. He stepped outside and closed the door behind him. "Yurika is dead to us. To speak of her is forbidden. Leave our village." The man ran inside the house a moment later.


"Last chance, fox. Leave here or die." The new woman's, voice came from above.

Yoko stayed where he was. A moment later she was flying at him. Her sword was pointed to his chest. She stabbed at him a few times, but missed. Her sword sliced through the air and caught his arm.

He didn't need another warning. He turned around and ran out of the village, back to his hideout. Never to return.

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