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"Kuwabara!" Jun screeched loudly.

Kurama, Yurika and Hiei, with their advanced hearing, winced. The boys had gathered in the living room of Genkai's temple, Yusuke and Kuwabara needing Kurama's help with homework. Hiei stayed simply because he had taken up residency in the quiet house, and Yurika… well she could not stand the guilt of being in the same room as the sleeping and obviously in pain Kato.

"Ye… Yes?" Kuwabara asked timidly, obviously off put from Jun's shrill tone.

"I want you to beat them up," she pointed to Hiei and Kurama expectantly.

A small flash of fear crossed Kuwabara's face. Yusuke started laughing hysterically, Kurama chuckled and even Hiei cracked a smile. To ask Kuwabara to beat up Hiei and Kurama was like asking a gazelle to take down a lion.

Kurama, hiding his smile politely behind a hand, asked Jun, "And may I ask what we did to warrant this displeasure?"

Jun wrinkled her nose at him, fury flashing across her face. "You two are always blowing me off and pushing me away! Last week I wanted to go back to the demon world to try to find some of my things and you," she pointed at Hiei, "wouldn't even hear me out! Then both this week and last week you," her finger now pointed to Kurama, "kept disappearing and wouldn't tell me why. You're all supposed to be my body guards, which means you work for me."

Her diatribe finished, Jun spun back around. Her voce dripping with sugar, "So now I want you to hurt them, to let them know they should listen to me like you do."

"I… er… I can't…"

"What?" Jun said dangerously, her face darkening. She took a step towards Kuwabara, her hands clenched. "I want you to do this for me."

"Shut up, will you?" Yurika suddenly piped up.

Jun laughed superiorly as she rounded on Yurika. "So now you talk?"

Jun took two steps closer to her dark cousin, hips swaying. The boys tensed. This could end very badly. As Jun advanced, Yurika looked at her blankly; only Hiei and Kurama noticed the brief twitch in her arm.

"You haven't said more than two words to me this entire time! I'm your cousin, you should like me." Jun crossed her arms under her amply breasts and smiled smugly. "Besides, all of my other cousins always were very nice to me because I'm supposed to be the future leader of our family."

Silently, Yurika stood. Surreptitiously, the boys prepared to pounce on her should she decide to attack Jun. However, all she wished to do is talk.

"You want to be the leader of your family of one? Fine." Cold crept into Yurika's voice, "But you should know, had I been a part of the family, those would have been fighting words."

"wh… What?" asked Jun, her lower lip trembling slightly.

Yurika smiled cruelly. "Oh yes, people have died for less than that. And not just any people. Your own cousins have murdered each other to gain that title." Yurika drew back and sighed heavily. "And look at what it led to."

She spread her arms and did a three-hundred and sixty circle. As she spoke, she stared at the floor. "The only two remaining of the family left stranded in the human world without powers, one can't fend for herself and one doesn't want to."

That being said, Yurika gathered up her double swords and left the room. Jun was quiet for a long time after that.


Three days later, as the boys were walking out of the school, they noticed Jun talking to one of their classmates. Surprisingly enough, when they walked closer, they were able to see that it was Taki, a boy that had bothered them the first day they brought Jun and Yurika to school, nearly two weeks ago. Jun smiled and touched her white hair often. Every once and awhile, she would lightly push Taki and laugh. She was flirting.

Before the boys managed to get to Jun, Taki noticed them coming and gave her a small piece of paper and stalked away. Kuwabara, Yusuke and Kurama exchanged a glance. Jun seemed to notice them out of the corner of her eye, and beamed at them.

"Hi guys!"

"Uh… Jun… what was with that?"

"What?" Jun asked innocently, something in her tone hinting that she knew exactly what he was talking about.

Kuwabara hung his head in defeat, sighing. There was suddenly a ripple of realization through the boys; where was Yurika? Was she in trouble? With who? With these thoughts moving slightly more frantically across Kurama's mind he stepped forward, in front of Kuwabara.

"Jun, have you seen Yurika?" he asked politely, but urgently.

Jun seemed thoughtful for a moment, and then flippantly waved her hand. "No."

As she drew her wrist back towards her, Kurama reached out and took a firm hold of it, glaring at her intensely and ignoring the startled gasp and the wince of pain she gave. "Jun, we are not here to be your calling boys. We are not here to entertain you. We are here to protect you and Yurika," he tightened his grip, "where is she?"

Jun continued to try to pull away as she replied crossly, "She ran out to where we always go." When Kurama released her, Jun backed away, rubbing her wrist. She muttered, "I don't see why; the pain isn't even there anymore."

The boys looked at each other, having one of those rare moments of having the ability to be thinking the same thing: we'll talk to Koenma later. Then they ran off to find Yurika.

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