Ahhh.. new CVD story...

heehee, i adore him.

Shall I summarize?!

Mind: Shut up and tell them precious.


Summary: Terra Gowen, otherwise known by her 'cover name' Nadia Sharpe is a notorious love fanatic, but unfortunately, runs at the first sign of being tied down to someone. Hence the nickname 'roadrunner', from her friends. She is a professional dancer, adept in all forms of ballroom dances, jazz, hiphop, and puts her skills towards her living costs. Of course, no amazing dancer goes unnoticed for long, and she finds this out in one of the most terrifying and glorious experiences in her life.

Can one person show her that love is freedom, no matter how binding it feels?

Read and find out.


Rating: M for language and sexual content, violence, etc...