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Chapter 35: Trust

Terra sighed, sinking into the bath. Below, in his study (or library, as she had dubbed it upon seeing the vast ammount of books he kept), Terra could feel the subtle rising anger from him, and through her bond. Tentatively, she touched it, and jerked at the sudden lust she felt. Even when he was pissed, he still wanted her.

She pulled back, a blush mentally covering her, but unseen.

(A/N thanks to her vampireness. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. I hate becoming a tomato. Ahem. back to the story.)

Almost an hour later, she pulled her thin body from the still hot water, and stared nakedly at her self in the mirror set above the sink. Although she couldn't truly see herself in the mirror, she envisioned it in her mind. She glared at the pale skin, the long hair, the curve of her slender neck. She opened her mouth and snarled at herself, then jumped as a pair of large, icy hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush against a solid chest.

"Count," she yelped, mentally bashing herself for sounding like a shot puppy in front of him.

"Admiring yourself, my dear?" He asked softly, his face buried in her hair, questing across her bare shoulders and resting in the crook of her neck.

"You do that enough for the both of us," she replied tartly, gathering the dark around her into a thick bathrobe.

"You're no fun," he sniffed pointedly, looking her up an down.

"Have you found anything?" Terra interjected, wincing inwardly at the glare he gave her.

"Yes. I can cure you," he hesitated at the sudden joy in her eyes. Happiness. He hadn't seen it since she had danced on stage that first night he'd met her. "But you'll have to give up your heart."

"Well that's alright, I don't need it to live."

"That's where this ritual gets hugely complicated, my dear. You are going to need a new heart, to flush out the last of his remains from you. The heart you have now will be eaten, by myself, or you, whichever you prefer. The data within the poison now inside the heart will then be yours to look into, as you would a file."

"Technical," she snorted, ignoring the warning in his eyes.

"This could still kill you Terra. Why do you think vampires avoid getting staked in the heart? Oh, it KILLS THEM." He snarled, claws buried in the thick folds of her robe, his face inches from her own.

She stared back, unperturbed. Taking her chances, she lifted her mouth and kissed him lightly. "I know. That's why I'm trusting you, and only you to do this. I know you can do it."

He sighed, his anger abating as he looked at her pleading face. "Terra... I don't want you to kill yourself. Please... I .. need you." He grumbled the last bit out and she hid a smirk at his embarrassment.

Becoming serious once again, she gently stroked his pale cheek. "This is something I'm doing for myself, Count. I'm still his vampire. His underling. When I say I want it for myself, it's because...." She paused, once again grateful her new body didn't blush. He pulled her closer to him, realizing her discomfort. She mumbled against his black shirt, "I want to say goodbye to the sun, properly. I want one last day in the light. And then," She pulled back, cupping his face in her hands, a wry smile on her face. "I want you to turn me."

"You destroy me," he breathed, a look of joy on his face as he grabbed her throat, pulling her into his kiss. She returned it, equally hungry to taste him. She ran her tongue over his teeth, shredding the pale flesh. He swallowed her blood, convulsively, almost instinctively, revelling in the intoxicating taste.

Finally, Terra pulled back, determined. "So. When can we perform the ritual?"

"We will need Ati's help," he started.

"Wait," she interrupted, ignoring his irritated huff. "what use will a shifter be if we're removing my heart?"

"She has silver. Silver fangs. That is how we will be removing your heart." He glanced at her, obviously searching to see if she was now unwilling to go through with the ritual.

Terra shuddered inwardly, but a part of her trusted Ati, and she knew that removing her heart would have been gory without Ati. "Alright. And then?"

"Ati is going to bring us a mortal from the village, a woman, preferably, and give you her heart. I'm going to make sure it's a damn strong one, too." He glowered at her once again. "Then I will bind you to me, which will 'heal' your new heart, attach it to all the right places, and you will reawaken as a vampire again."

"But not of your line," she hedged.

"No. Still Eleric's." She could sense the pure jealousy at those words, and was glad she had told him she would gladly bind herself to him once again.

"And then either I or yourself will eat the heart, obtaining the information."

"And then we'll make the unShine, right?"

"I don't know. I don't know yet if we have the tools to go that far."

"Count! You promised!"

"I know. Don't you see that I'm trying to make this work as much as you want it too? I don't want to see you shrivel in the sun if we mess up the formula accidentally."

"Well, that's why we're both going to eat the heart then, won't we?" She said, glaring up at him.

"Fine," he snapped.

"Fine," she growled at him, turning and flinging her wet hair over her shoulder, in his face.

"Tonight, Terra." He called after her as she walked into her bedroom. He followed her out into the room, watching beneath hooded lids as she pulled off the robe and dressed in jeans and a black wife beater tank top. She sat on the bed, and he went to her, pulling her almost onto his lap. He kissed her neck softly, then looked up at her.

Terra knew he was afraid to lose her, again. "I trust you," she whispered, not knowing whether that would help him, or make him wish he had never agreed to this in the first place.


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