Man I hate Gold Digger, but I can't stop reading it! Aargh! This is just a parody. Maybe I should have rated it M, but if you read Gold Digger, I guess this isn't that bad.

Gina was on her Gina-Computer. She was also wearing her Gina-hat. Certainly not egocentric! Nope, not at all! She sighed and pushed her roly-chair away from the computer.

"Sigh… Boy, I sure love sex! Even more than shopping! I wish I could have sex while shopping! Sex, sex, sex!"

Cheeta walked in. "I'm going to use my super speed to run to El Dorado to try and have sex with Stripe." Gina nodded. "I'll have Brianna call you on our satellite if I find some ancient, secret place where we can without consequence steal another country's ancient treasures, somehow causing a chain reaction of events that threatens the safety of the entire free world just so we can pay off our credit cards!"

Cheeta nodded. "Okay. Bye-Bye!" She accidentally ran into the steel wall and got knocked out. Gina sighed. "Jinkies, why does that always happen? Brianna, please drag Cheeta out of here so I can concentrate."

Brianna did as she was told.

After finding nothing she got off of her computer and started looking around for something to have sex with.

She found Séance hiding in a flower vase. "Zoinks, Séance, why are you here?"

He shivered. "In between your boyfriend Ryan beating me up and you and Genn's disturbing sexual fantasies you keep on thinking about, I just didn't know where else to go." She nodded, and walked off, hoping to find someone to talk with, she was so desperate for attention.

She opened a door and accidentally walked in on her parents having sex. She slammed the door shut, mentally scarred.

She finally tracked Genn down. "OoooOOOoooOOOoooh, Genn…" Genn dropped the book s(he) was reading and ran away, already knowing what Gina wanted to do. She sighed, and walked out of the house to the mall.

She saw Penny walking towards her. She and Penny started having a wedgie fight in the middle of the mall. A guy shouted "CATFIGHT!" A bunch of people crowded around them chanting 'Cat fight, cat fight.' They eventually collapsed from pain, causing everyone to walk away, instantly bored.

Suddenly Cheeta showed up with a purse full of credit cards. "Let's go shopping!" she said. Gina jumped up and asked "Why aren't you at stripe's?"

Cheeta sighed. "I dunno. Let's shop!" They went to an over-priced boutique. "I tire of this, let's go back home and try and have sex with Genn before we sell evil, ancient, priceless artifacts never meant to be used by human hands on the black market." Gina said.

"Okay." Said Cheeta. And they did just that. (What else is new?)

The end.

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