I hope you all enjoy this I wrote it while my two brothers and 'cousin' were playin' Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on our PS2. It was quite fun watching them yell at each other over who got to be which character. I'm surprised that they didn't destroy our rec room, when I had my 13th birthday party it took us two weeks to clean up but with his it didn't even take two hours. laughs I bet my moms happy that we didn't have to re-paint the walls this time! 3

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I was astonished when my son brought home a brand new 2009 Camaro and instantly asked him about it. Wide-eyed he responded with a half-assed drivel about it being a replacement from the government which I knew was a total lie but let him go when I noticed how beat up he was. Later on I heard talking in his room and stopped to listen my ear pressed to the door the first voice I recognized as my son while the second was new to me.

"I'm ok Bumblebee just a little beat up, you were hurt worse than me."

"Ratchet says you should go to a doctor even though you'll be able to heal with out a medic."

"No if I do that my parents will find out and my mom will have a fit."

"At least let me have a look ok?"

"I guess"

I heard the sound of cloths rustling and a curse from the voice of 'Bumblebee.'

"Sam please let me take you to a hospital."


"Why not? You are injured is it really so horrible for your creators to know? They will take care of you will they not?"

"If they find out about you…. I don't know they might find a way to keep us apart you're my friend and you saved my life, but they might not see it that way."

His voice had a slight whisper in it and I resisted the urge to throw open the door and check on him.


He didn't answer for a few seconds "its ok 'Bee I'm still here."

"Go ahead and recharge I will watch over you."

"Thanks 'Bee."

I waited and then opened the door slightly peaking in.

There was no other person in the room just my son on his bed leaned against the wall eyes closed; he had apparently pulled his shirt back on.

Sighing I eased my way out and closed the door before heading to bed, I knew that my son would tell me eventually, after all I couldn't think of anything immensely dangerous he would do figuring that this 'Bee person was over reacting about something small like bruises or a broken rib lord knows I had those when I was a teenager and I did stupid stunts.

Judy's voice snapped me out of my thoughts "….. And we need to fix the fountain too those dang government people destroyed it!…. Ron are you listening?"

"Huh? Oh yes dear" I winced resigned to my fate of listening to my wife rant about her roses.


"You did what?" I hissed "you broke up with Mikeala? Why?! She was a keeper!"

He looked at me hard. "We both decided it and we both agreed that we were better off as friends so please don't make a big deal out of it."

Before I could respond he turned around and slipped out the door a gapped openly, when had he gotten so mature? Worrying about how much he had in common with some one instead of looks surprised me immensely. I looked out the window and saw him get into his car and drive off while I assumed grumbling about me.

As soon as he was out of view I sat down and grabbed one of my gardening magazines to read until he came back.


When Sam finally brought forth his 'friend' Bumblebee I knew why he had broken up with that sweet girl Mikeala, My son was in love with the blonde whose insanely bright blue eyes watched him in a loving way showing that 'Bee adored him too.

That added with the secret glances, half hidden smiles and meaningful touches it was pretty obvious and not surprising really after two months of Sam disappearing to nowhere and back. It was also comforting knowing that a new boyfriend was the reason and that it wasn't stupid stunts like I first thought.

When it was apparent that the two boys had had enough of my wife's torture and questions I helped them escape by leading them into the kitchen under the pretense that I was going to give them "the talk."

As soon as Judy disappeared up the stairs no doubt to get embarrassing photos I practically pushed them out the door and told them I would make a excuse. Sam gave me a quick hug and thank you before running out the door dragging Bumblebee with him.

I laughed at the two and looked at my watch knowing that I wouldn't be seeing Sam for five hours at least.


Judy was the one who had reminded me that Sam was late for curfew again. With a sigh I grabbed my jacket and went searching.

My first place was the local teen hangout a place they called 'make-out hill' I searched hi and low but the only person I found was Miles who directed me towards the lookout a place that was almost never visited by teens, or anybody for that matter.

When I finally got up that blasted hill I almost instantly spotted Sam and Bumblebee they were sitting next to the Camaro talking seriously. I sneaked closer and listened my curiosity getting the better of me.

"So Barricades gone to our side?"

"Apparently so Optimus is letting him stay at the base and Ironhide's not happy."

Sam laughed "No I imagine not…… you can transform if you want I know you must be stiff."

It set off some alarms hearing that but I bit my tongue and was silent. The boy sitting next to my son suddenly disappeared and the car shifted, stood up becoming a tall yellow robot with blue eyes. He sat back down and lifted Sam carefully setting him on his shoulder.

My son didn't even blink instead he shifted his gaze slightly "better?"


My son laughed and began rubbing the metal he was sitting on. "So when is construction of the upper decks going to be done? I can't wait to see your room."

The robot laughed "in a couple of days actually but the twins, Jazz, and Prowl are made things difficult." Sam gapped "Prowl? The same Prowl that chewed you out for spending too much time with me and not enough time working?"

"Yep apparently he wants to disturb a minimal amount of wildlife as possible and then he attacked Jazz when he wouldn't stop talking in sound bytes and radio songs."

"Dude he stole your trick!... pretty good use of it too…."

I stepped out and called up to my son having heard enough.

"Samuel Witwicky get your ass down here now!" he jumped and instantly they turned as one the robot lifted him up and set him down. "Thanks 'Bee" my son turned to me and stared "dad? What are you doing here?!"

"Looking for you, your moms worried sick and here you are joking around with that thing." I snapped gesturing to the robot. Sam bristled "he is not a thing dad he is my best friend and I love him."

I frowned and felt my blood boil "how long has this been going on? Eh? You said you loved him he's a robot and–"

"Bumblebee saved my life; he has feelings just like you or me."

I didn't respond I was pulled into my own thoughts still trying to wrap me brain around the idea of giant robots that turned into cars and the fact that my son was in love with one.

My thoughts finally settled and when I noticed that Sam had stepped in front of his friend and steeled himself as if expecting attack. While the yellow robot stepped back allowing my son to defend himself out of respect.

I stepped forward and before he could do anything embraced him in a bone crushing hug while feeling tears roll down my face.

"I'm proud of you for defending your boyfriend it reminds me of when I went to marry your mother." I chuckled slightly "now I'm going home I'll tell your mom that you fell asleep at Miles house… and next time let me know when you meet a new friend ok?"

I turned to Bumblebee "as for you, I look forward to getting to know you later, but for now I leave my son in your care ok?" he brightened and began dancing around in circles while Kiss's 'I was made for loving you' came out of speakers somewhere.

Sam laughed at him "I love you too 'Bee…. Thanks dad."

"Your welcome when you get home you have explaining to do though ok?"

"I look forward to it……" his eyes went wide and I frowned. "What's wrong?"

"…….. Mom……"

"Don't worry she'll probably just lock you both in the garage until–"

My voice was drowned out by the rumbling of 'Bees engine.

"Aw great dad now you gave him ideas!"

I'm pretty sure the town next to ours heard my laughter.


Well what do you think? I'm not very happy with it but as most of my work goes I think I did ok. Now I'm off to lurk the SamxBee community on LJ……