Sorry guys, I had to cut off and stop after my comp deleted this thing a couple times. Plus I've been working at more and more RPs and school work… anyway, my twin helped with this, she wrote parts and yeah I'm thankful. ^^ Sorry for the lack of updates!

Primus! Ratchet was trying to kill me with the way he fondled Soundwave's chest plate, making the decepticon moan and whimper and writhe… it was so hot! Leaning back on the counter behind me I moaned myself, hands gripping the countertop and almost crushing it. "R-ratchet…" I ground out, knees buckling when a wave of pleasure hit me over our bond.

Ratchet grinned evilly and I groaned, I'd pushed him and now primus was I going to get it! Under him Soundwave didn't stop his cries, optics wide and pleading for more.

"Do you realize how charging you are touching him?" I asked my bonded, almost whimpering when he answered with a predatory grin…. Oh yeah I had definitely started something that he was going to finish.

Forcing myself to move I tried to walk over, only to be growled at, making me pause. "Raaaaatch?" I begged openly, not caring that he'd use it against me later. "No. You started this, you stay were you are."


"Stay." I whimpered, when my medic got into one of these moods he wouldn't stop, not until his goal was accomplished and he wouldn't hesitate to force me away either… I wasn't looking forward to being tied up on a berth with Soundwave, not that moment anyway… the poor mech looked so tempting as he was… I pulled back, leaning against the counter again.

Watching wasn't enough though, couldn't ever be when Ratchet started grinding his body against Soundwave's once more. The former decepticon cried out at the pleasure my bond mate created within his systems and I felt something rising within me. It wasn't jealousy, it was something inner urge to set him straight just whose the medic was to claim. Not that he was claiming Ratchet, quite the other way around, but that got me thinking. What was I doing here standing around and just watching Ratchet having his fun?

Internally I chuckled and went with what I could do best, tease my bond mate into madness. I was quite good at that, poor Ratchet always tells me in a fury when he works.... Lifting my right hand I let it rest on my neck, head thrown back for better access and I felt the startling of my medic through our bond once he glanced over quickly.

No matter how Ratchet intended to get back at me, this surely wasn't the right approach! I gathered from the desire that shortly afterwards flared through our bond… and then becoming bolder I brought my left hand into play, slowly sliding it up and down my thigh before dragging it ever closer to my chest plating. Just like my right hand, which was tracing the edges of my chest plates.

Distractedly I realized that I was indeed charging myself up… but I knew that Soundwave's unabashed moans and Ratchets almost constantly flaring desire wasn't innocent in my own arousal.

"Still don't want me to come over?" I questioned over our bond and received an exasperated groan in return… I grinned evilly and started to drag my left hand horizontally over my chest plates, starting at the lowest edge and dragging my hand ever higher again to get more friction.

Ratchet moaned at the same time as I did, voice almost melodic… but not nearly as much as Soundwave's as the mech keened, begging for some type of release. "Let me help… please Ratchet I need to…" Touching myself had made me want to touch the navy armor that was so decadently moving right in front of me, held down by my lover's binds. "Hmm… maybe."

I watched in both amazement and clouded lust as he bent down, licking Soundwave's audio before whispering what I could only imagine were tantalizing words at the decepticon. He kept our bond blocked but I could feel the way saying them made Ratchet want us both more and more. And oh Soundwave obviously wanted it too, crying out 'yes' and 'affirmative' more times then I could count.

"Then beg." The two words spoken out loud by my love broke the last 'fear' that I had of keeping back and I stepped forward, jerkily moving behind Ratchet while listening to the melodic cries that echoed through the room.

Of course my hand never left where it was rubbing my own armor, until I grasped Ratchet and while holding him there started whispering just as he had done to Soundwave. "How would you like it if I let him go? If we got you back? tied you down and played with you until you screamed… screamed until your vocalizer burnt out…" He knew I wasn't joking, knew that I would do it if and when given the chance, and with the look on his captive's face… oh, I'd have plenty of help.

"You… fragging-"

I cut him off easily, hands straying down to rub at his sides with as much force as I dared to, I didn't want him to seriously slag me after all, not until I had my fun. "Please Ratchet? I'll even give you a head start when we come after you…" My 'pleading' worked, he didn't hit me upside the head and attack… which really would have been fun too, but I needed him, needed him so much!


Cutting him off with a small kiss I smirked, "yes Ratch'?"

"Go get my shining kit and my other… 'tools' I'll finish my captive first and then you can help me wax him up."

My smirk turned into an all out smile at the look Soundwave gave me, pausing to kiss him too before I moved away. He had no clue what was in store!