Chapter 1

Through the Veil

Harry Potter sat upon his bed, peering with brilliant green eyes at the sword lying on his lap.

It was a beautiful thing; the blade was a shining color of silver, the edges slightly tainted with crimson. Words were etched upon the blade, from its cruel tip to its hilt, the words 'Godric Gryffindor'. A bright ruby lay engraved in the silver hilt of the shining blade. Around the pommel snaked an intricate carving of a roaring lion. Its sheath lay by its side, sporting an ebony black color, with silver fastenings. This blade had spilled much blood, and Harry knew that well, for he was the one who wielded it in the Second Wizarding War.

No one from either side was unaffected. Loved ones died, on the dark and on the light. Those neutral could not stay neutral for long, for the Dark Lord thought that if you were not his friends, then you were his enemies.

The Department of Mysteries and the Order of the Phoenix had formed an alliance; right after Harry had taken leadership of the Order. He had at first hunted down the Horcruxes and destroyed them, but along the way Ron and Hermione had died, and so had Ginny, who had come with them despite Harry's reservations. But Harry was a long way from giving up then. After he had trained extensively, he returned to the Order, and finding it crumbling without a leader, had taken it upon himself to revive it, as its leader. The members of the Order slowly increased, until the Order of the Phoenix was a standard figure of society and the elite of Light side. That was not to say they wouldn't kill; they were each given an extensive training regime, produced by Harry, which made them into ruthless killers of their enemies.

They were not the only ones who were in on the fight with Voldemort. Soon after war escalated after the death of Dumbledore, the Department revealed its true colors and revealed the countless Unspeakables that it had trained. They were particularly versed in intelligence, and did not have many people to fight the war. They preferred fighting like guerillas, just like the Death Eaters.

The Order of the Phoenix, four years after Dumbledore's death, was in shambles when Harry fixed it. It soon turned into a largely offensive army, five hundred strong. They lacked the intelligence, however, and so the Department and the Order decided they were better off joining forces, as since the Ministry was busy trying to keep up public morale rather than fight Voldemort.

When Voldemort realized this, and was slowly losing the war, he launched a desperate attack against the Department of Mysteries, which had quickly called upon the Order of the Phoenix. Arriving upon the scene, the Order launched as much as of its numbers as it could against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The duel between Harry and Tom would soon be remembered as the greatest duel of the century. The magic they pitted against each other was so strong that none dared to walk closer to the pair.

The duel came into an end, when Voldemort, trying to avoid a curse sent by Harry, fell into the Veil. The battle was won soon thereafter.

The rest of the Death Eaters were soon hunted down and locked up in Azkaban, where the Ministry had again foolishly stationed the Dementors. That was the end of Voldemort's reign.

But Harry, unlike the rest of the Wizarding World, was not so sure that Voldemort was gone. The Veil had unknown side effects, but people always found that those who passed through it never came back. The problem was that Harry just couldn't shake off the feeling of foreboding when he felt pain at his scar or when he had alien feelings.

Slowly, Harry rose from his bed, observing the room. It was a small apartment in the Muggle world that he lived in; he didn't think he needed a lot more than that. His bedroom was neat and tidy, nothing littering the ground like his old room in Privet Drive. Maybe then he had actually kept it messy as an act of defiance against his aunt, who was a neat freak. But this was home and Harry was not about to mess it up. Weaving past his desk he stared for a few seconds at the mirror pasted upon his cupboard. He was twenty-eight now, with a good 5'12" of height. He was wearing a black trench coat of dragon hide, and underneath that a green dragon hide tight battle suit, which worked pretty much as armor. Muscles were clearly visible underneath all of the dragon hide.

His hair was looking much better than before now. It was still messy, but it was stylishly so. His brilliant green eyes were no longer hindered by his glasses, as he had gotten an operation done. The baby fat had disappeared, revealing an aristocratic nose and high cheekbones and a firm jaw. A green headband was wrapped around his forehead, covering his scar. Rather than push his hair out of the way, it let the ebony locks fall across them unperturbed.

Sighing, he strapped the sword in its sheath to his hip and checked for his other weapons; an assortment of knives and daggers hidden under his trench coat. When everything was apparently secure, he grinned a feral grin and popped out of the building.


Harry apparated into a dark alley in some town in Germany, cocking his head and listening to the old street that the alley led into. He crouched low to the ground, wrapping his black cloak around him, allowing himself to melt into the shadows. He observed the ruined and cobbled street, looking out for his new target. His left hand strayed to the hilt of his sword, gripping it tightly in anticipation. Suddenly, he heard the sounds of quiet voices from one end of the street. It was night time and if Harry had not preformed a ritual allowing him to see in the dark he would not have spotted the black forms walking swiftly to the other end of the street.

He cursed to himself when he saw that they were peering into ever alley they passed and were slowly approaching him.

Thinking fast, Harry looked around at his surroundings. Spotting a large dumpster, Harry walked quietly and nimbly to it and climbed deftly upon it. Seeing that the roof of the house next to the dumpster was not all that high, Harry quickly jumped up to the roof, using his gloved hands to grab the top of the house and scramble upon it, and not a moment too soon as one of the dark forms peered into his alley. The dark form pause.

"What is it?" said the voice of the other form impatiently, with a thick German accent.

"I thought I saw something..." muttered the other man, with the same accent. "Lumos!"

Light shone from the man's wand, illuminating the alley. Once the man was satisfied that there was nothing, he left the alley. Harry, who had been lying flat on his stomach during the check, crawled over to the edge of the house, observing the dark forms where they stopped at the end of the street. Another dark form materialized from the shadows on the other side of the street. This one looked more menacing and Harry could feel the power emanating from the man.

"Did you find the item?" inquired the new man, his tone hard and unforgiving, giving them the idea that if they had failed he would not tolerate it.

The others shifted uncomfortably under his hard stare, but one gathered the courage to say, "Yes, sir, we have it here, sir."

The powerful man held out his hand and beckoned for whatever the item was. The trembling men gave him the package and that was when Harry knew he had to make his move. Casting quick anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards, Harry jumped nimbly into the shadows beside the house. He quickly walked towards them, sticking to the shadows.

This was the moment when he would rid himself of this Dark Lord Newbie. He was an English wizard who had formed an alliance with some German dark wizards. He needed to get rid of this man and had wanted to find him for a few months now.

He walked towards the men and quickly flicked his right hand. The shrunken staff leapt from its holster at the bottom f his forearm to his hand, getting bigger the closer it approached his hand. When he finally gripped it, it was a meter and a half long. It was of an ebony color, with an emerald cut at one end, with yellow lightening streaking down its smooth sides. He pointed his staff at the three and flames erupted out of no where attacking the two German men, burning them into a crisp. The other man tried to Apparate but the wards did not allow him. Panicked, the man looked around the streets and finally spotted Harry.

Harry walked purposely towards the man, who took a step back when he saw who it was. "P-Potter!" stammered the man, obviously in fear. For all his power, he certainly could not match up against the Chosen One, the leader of the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry smirked at the man as he approached, drawing his sword with his left hand. "You're lucky I'm not going to kill you, Primoris Urimb."

The man took another step back.

"W-what do you want from me?" he stammered again, drawing his wand.

"Oh, nothing," Harry said, waving his staff, and shouting, "Siliciso!" A long stone spear burst from his staff and flew at Urimb's leg. The man quickly fired a Reducto at the spear, thereby destroying it.

Urimb flicked his wand and the ground beneath Harry suddenly exploded in a flurry of flying debris. Harry quickly waved his staff and a golden shield protected him from the rubble. Behind the shield he raised his staff and a lightening bolt struck Urimb, so that he slumped to the ground unconscious.

"Tch. Too easy," Harry muttered. He took one look at the burned carcasses of the other men. He was not here for them, but he could use them to his advantage. Firing the mark of Urimb to light the skies, Harry looked for the package that Urimb had received and grabbed it, along with Urimb. Releasing the wards he had put up, Harry apparated from the alley, just as police sirens homed in on the scene.


Harry stalked across the Ministry, Urimb's unconscious body floating behind him, invisible. He had already interrogated Urimb and filed his report, and was heading to the Department of Ministry.

Harry was the official leader of the Order of the Phoenix, but he had left his second in command, Denu Fidisel. The original members of the Order had either retired or died. The Weasleys were all dead, so were Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Alastor Moody was the only one alive that Harry knew very well. The man was simply amazing, having lived through two wars. He now trained members of the Order in Harry's stead. Still, he git lonely, which was why he and Harry had started a strange friendship.

The Atrium of the Ministry was full to the brim with busy Ministry workers, traveling to the elevators that descended to the other levels. Harry was a typical sight at the Ministry and usually kept to himself, so no one really spared much of a glance at him, the way he liked it. Yes, occasionally a reporter would pester him for where he lived, but that was the end of it. After all, six years since the war was enough for the publicity to die down a bit, like it did with Dumbledore.

Soon, Harry found himself at the Department of Mysteries. He walked into the moving room and expertly, he moved to one of the doors and through hallway after hallway, until he found himself at the real Department of Mysteries.

The twisting room was only part of the Phoenix Department and it led into rooms where research was conducted. The Phoenix Department researched everything that was a mystery of magic; time, space, prophecy, and so on. The other departments were the Dragon Department, the Serpent Department, and the Leana Department.

The Dragon Department consisted of operatives that fought on the front lines. The Serpent Department consisted of spies that dug out all the information they could get and it was the largest Department. As for the Leana Department, it tested their strengths and trained them according to that, and so it was decided which department each trainee would end up in, whether Dragon, Phoenix, or Serpent. It was quite a lot of work but nonetheless it was a rewarding job. Living quarters were all over the Department of Mysteries and so only a few Unspeakables traveled through the front door, thus hiding the Department's real numbers.

The Serpent Department had spies everywhere, internationally. They watched over both dark and light wizards, making sure nothing goes out of hand. However, Dunkle Kraft, the German dark force was still void of spies and Urimb was just what they needed to gain access to intelligence.

Harry soon found himself in the Head Unspeakable's office. The wizened man smiled behind his desk when he saw Harry.

"Ah, Viridus," the man said warmly, calling Harry by his code name. "I suspect everything went fine..?" Suddenly Urimb's body appeared behind Harry and the man clapped heartily.

"As you can see, Nicolas," Harry said, waving at the unconscious form of the man, "he wasn't anything to worry about. Yet I suppose I could say the same about Tom Riddle when he was younger..."

Nicolas Flamel shook his head slowly. "For you, maybe, but for the rest of Britain he has been causing problems. And how many times have I asked you to call me Nick?"

Harry smirked at the man. "Because such a name doesn't fit on someone as old as you." Nicolas looked affronted. Harry just shook his head, mimicking Nicolas' movements. He threw a scroll of parchment upon the desk. "Here's the entire interrogation and what I did to capture him. Oh, and I think you'd want this."

Harry held out the mysterious item that Urimb had held. It was a beautiful sword. "My!" Nicolas said, looking alarmed. "That, it's Grindelwald's!"

Harry nodded. "Yes Grindelwald's sword; it is supposed to be a weapon of great power. Apparently it absorbs the power of those that it kills and lends it to its user. If you killed someone with great power with it, you supposedly get that power."

"Hmm," said the old man, observing the sword. "Yes, it is good you got, else it'll be used like Grindelwald used it, killing countless wizards just so he could get their power. It was a good thing Albus killed him."

Nicolas peered with brown eyes at him. "Yet, why would they give him that sword?" Nicolas muttered under his breath. Harry simply shrugged.

"Ask him yourself."

The old man nodded slowly and stood from his seat. "I suppose today is the day?" Harry looked back at him impassively, giving him a look that told him that no matter what he said, he wouldn't change his mind. Nicolas sighed. "Yes, I suppose you are adamant. If you're so sure that Voldemort is not yet dead, I cannot say otherwise." He walked around the desk and through the door and Harry followed him, leaving Urimb on the floor. They walked in silence through the halls, until they reached the spinning room. The door shut tight behind them and they watch as the walls spun and slowed down. Nicolas opened a door and walked through it, Harry at his heels.

They had arrived at the Death Chamber, the site of the final battle.

Harry fixed his eyes upon the Veil as it fluttered with some unknown wind. As always, he could hear voices on the other side, but he had yet to find the source.

He had spent much time researching the Veil, but he did not find anything to prove that Voldemort was still alive. But neither did he find any proof that Voldemort was not alive. Soon, he came to realize that there was only one way to figure out what happened and that was to throw himself into the Veil. After all, he had no one in this world, his friends and family had all died and Harry did not mind taking the risk that he may die as well.

Harry checked if he had everything. A bag of food was at his hip and his sword was as well. His weapons were still there and so was his staff. A book was tucked into his trench coat and he knew that he would need that book soon enough.

Harry then turned to Nicolas, who had a weary look about him. Surprising the old man, Harry reached out and gave a one armed hug to Nicolas. "This is most likely the last time you see me," Harry whispered. "Give my regards to Alastor." Harry withdrew and walked the stairs to the Veil.

Nicolas fixed him with a look. "Never has a man walked willingly into the Veil," he murmured concernedly. "I suppose I can do nothing about it." Here he gave Harry a formal bow. "Good luck and farewell, Harry Potter."

With one final look at his world, Harry Potter walked into the Veil, his green eyes locking with Flamel's as he disappeared into the arch.


Bright, bright light.

He was surrounded by such bright light that he soon had to shut his eyelids and even then the light still hurt. He could feel himself spinning and jerking in space, much like he would when he was riding a portkey. Finally, he landed with a thump and the light dimmed down so he could open his eyes. And what he saw surprised him.

He was in a long great white hall, filled with people talking with each other jovially and others sitting against the wall looking sullen and lonely. Their cloths looked slightly weird and old.

The noise in the room turned down as everyone spotted him as he blinked in confusion. "Where the hell am I?" Harry said, frowning.

One man stepped up. He was wearing old-fashioned robes and his hair was styled strangely. "You are in the Passers' Realm. Not many join us anymore as the Veil has stopped being used."

Harry simply blinked again. "And what exactly is the Passers' Realm?"

The man smiled at him. "Why this is the pathway between worlds! But not all off us can reach the other worlds. Only those with enough power." Here the man shook his head sadly. "The rest of us are stuck here for eternity, as our punishment for our doings in life." The man then went back to his place and Harry observed the hall. The walls were all white, emanating a slight glow into the otherwise unlit room. Tables were all over the place, with chairs placed haphazardly against them. But what intrigued Harry was part of the wall next to him.

Letters were etched upon the walls, but it was in Latin, which he had already learned. It said:

"Those who wish to travel the stars,

Those who wish to reach the skies,

Those who wish to travel the worlds,

Pass through our doors,

Enter our Worlds."

And beneath them were countless doors, which probably led to these other worlds.

Harry understood then. The Veil was a gateway to other worlds! But before he could travel, he needed to find someone and ask about Sirius and Voldemort. Harry was excited about Sirius. Sirius was still alive! Harry walked over to the man that had introduced him to the Passers' Realm. The man looked at him questioningly.

"Did anyone come before me?"

The man nodded. "There were only two recent men. I say recent, because we neither live nor die here so we cannot age and so time passes here unnoticed. In any case, the first man had long black hair and looked slightly haunted. He was stuck in a coma for quite a lot of time, in fact he only awoke a few ... days (I think) ago." Harry nodded excitedly. Yes, this was Sirius. "But, the man passed to the other worlds when he awoke and discovered the entry of the other man. He called himself Lord Voldemort and walked straight through one of the doors."

Harry nodded. Well, that pretty much does it. I have to follow them, no use staying here. But I wonder why Sirius was under a coma. A side effect from the stunning curse, maybe?

"Alright then, which doors did they go through?" asked Harry looking to each door. The man pointed to the door on the far right.

"They both went through that one," the man said and then turned away from Harry and went to talk to someone else.

Steeling himself, he walked to the door, and realizing every eye was on him, wrenched it open. He could bright white light in there as well. Shrugging, Hair leaped into the light, feeling the same as he did when he walked into the Veil.


Harry really wasn't surprised when he had found out that the Veil was a gateway into other worlds, as he suspected something of that caliber. He didn't really feel anything but excitement at the prospect of finding Sirius and dread at fighting Voldemort, even though he was the one hunting him down. Another world be damned, he wasn't about to let Voldemort kill more innocent lives.

He idly wondered what sort of creatures would be awaiting him at this new world. This gave him an image of Oompah Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

When the bright light abated, he opened his eyes to find himself in a forest clearing, staring at two men who looked at him in shock. Harry raised an eyebrow slightly at their strange attire, although they were obviously thinking his black and green dragon hide clothing was strange too, by the way their eyes seemed to roam to his attire.

Harry folded his arms and said, "And exactly what's the name of this place?"

One of the men, an old man with grey hair and beard stared at him, his eyes hardening. Harry thought he looked a lot like Dumbledore. The other man had long dark hair with black eyes and a weary face. The dark haired man spoke, "You do not realize you are in Gondor?"

He shrugged. "Not really, obviously. Good, good, you speak my language. And what is this world called?"

The grey bearded man suddenly decided to talk. "This is Middle-Earth, man! I have never known a man who did not realize which world he was in," the man said, his bushy eyebrows joining together in a frown.

"Ever met someone with amnesia?" Harry said, laughing at the man, who's beard twitched.

"What are you talking about? And where did you come from?" the old man said, turning hostel drawing his sword and revealing a grey staff, while the other man drew his sword as well.

Harry flicked his right hand almost casually, and the men were amazed as they found him carry a staff out of no where. "A Wizard, eh?" Harry said, looking at the staff in the hand of the old man, who looked shocked again.

"And so are you! But I have never seen you before..." the old man said.

Harry shrugged. "That's because I'm from another world."

The man lowered his staff slightly but didn't release it. Harry then said quite hastily, "I mean no harm! I have a task to fulfill in this world."

The old man sniffed. "A task?"

Harry nodded. "A task set by Fate ..." And he returned the staff back to its holster. He felt that he could trust these men, as he could feel no ill intention from them. The other two men relaxed and put away their weapons.

"Your name?" asked the black haired man.

Harry thought for a second, tilting his head and running a finger where his scar lay underneath his headband. He could feel Voldemort's presence in this world and he knew he had to be extra careful that Voldemort did not find that he was around and after him. And spies were everyone so he didn't ant Voldemort to hear about someone called Harry Potter. So he smiled and said, "My name is Viridus."


Gandalf, the old wizard, and Aragorn, the other man, as they introduced themselves, lit a fire and the three of them sat next to it on a few logs from a dead tree.

Viridus looked at Gandalf as he said, "What is this Task you speak of?" Viridus could simply feel the capital 'T'.

"Would you believe me if I said a Dark Lord traveled from my world to yours?" The other two widened their eyes.

"You cannot mean Sauron!" Gandalf exclaimed. Viridus shook his head, smiling. He scratched his chin and said, "No, this one goes by the name of Voldemort. Flight from Death, as the name describes. And truly he was immortal until I took it from him in order to kill him."

Gandalf and Aragorn listened sharply as Viridus proceeded to explain that Voldemort had accidentally found the gateway to this world when they had been fighting and that he had still sensed that Voldemort was alive despite the fact that everyone thought that Voldemort had died when he had passed through the Death Veil.

"I came here to find him and get rid of him. I was Prophesized to defeat him and defeat him I shall."

Gandalf was frowning again. "This is indeed bad news. If another Dark lord is around here then we are in trouble."


This is another story to go along with my other story, 'The Emerald Lord'. Hope everyone likes this one as well.

Anyways, I need to explain a few things.

Primoris Urimb: His name was solved quickly enough. Primoris means 'first' so I took it to mean first-born. He's supposed to be an heir to a pure-blood family, then. Urimb is simply derived from umbra, Latin for shadow. I placed him so I could show what Harry, or now, Viridus, would be doing after the war. Harry didn't want another Dark lord, so he kept getting rid of those he seemed like they wanted to take up that mantle. He became a Dark Wizard assassin.

Siliciso: Latin for 'sharp stone'.

Leana Department: Leana is Latin for 'lioness'. I thought about how the lioness teaches her cubs how to hunt so thereby I decided to call it the Leana Department. The Department of Mysteries is just something on the side, nothing too serious in this fic.

Dunkle Kraft: German for 'Dark Force'.

Grindelwald's Sword: Thought I might give you a little back story on Dumbledore's original nemesis. Must have been powerful with all those people he killed with that sword, which was a way of explaining how he was as strong as Dumbledore.

Viridus: This will be Harry's new name for this fic. Comes from the Latin word "Viridis" which means 'green', in honor of Harry's eyes.

Anyway, this is going to be a full series, each fic having an HP crossover with something. This is HPxLotR obviously, but the next two will be different. I'm testing the waters now, so to speak, so I'll see the general response and then will update this fic.

And this was written before Deathly Hallows so ignore everything that happens in that book, though I loved it utterly and completely.

Next Chapter:

Aragorn and Gandalf ask Viridus to hunt down Gollum with them, after explaining everything about Middle earth, Sauron, and the Ring.