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Angles in Command

And so it begins


"Risa!" Her mother called from the foyer.

"Risa, hurry or we are going to be late!" Her mother repeated, cupping her hand around her mouth to project her voice.

"Coming, Mother!" Risa yells as she hurriedly stomps down the stairs.

"Sorry for making you wait." Risa says as she walks across the room to the front door.

"Oh no, don't bother we are just thankful you were able to come on such short notice, with Riku at practice and everything." She mother says making a pish- posh motion with her hands.

"Yes, Riku usually comes with us, but Risa my darling I am so glad you could come; and might I add that you look absolutely wonderful." He stated glee in his voice as he wrapped an arm around his daughter's shoulders and led her to the limo awaiting them in the drive.

Once inside the vehicle Risa spoke a hint of question in her voice, "So Father, Mother, who are we dining with tonight?"

"Oh yes I almost forget, silly me." Her mother said giggling to herself.

"We are meeting with the well know artifact collectors of the city, you know about buying that statue for the garden." She paused for a moment as if thinking then continued, "Risa honey we will be dining on a yatch, it will be a bit cold, do you have a warm cover up to go over your dress?" She asks a look of concern in her eyes.

"Yes, Mother I do" Risa said pulling out a black shall, "But thank you for being concerned." She said giving her mom a smile.


"Woah" Risa gaped as she exited from the side limo door.

"I know" her father stated, "We are dealing with some very wealthy people…"

"Not that we aren't any ourselves," her mother cut in, again giggling to herself.

"…just be on your best behavior, Risa." He finished after glancing at her mother.

"Of course, Father" she said following her parents up the ramp and into the yatch.


It did not take long for Risa's parents to find their reservations. They were seated by the waiter, and given menus.

Risa quickly glanced over the menu; finding nothing but French style foods, and delectables chosen from around the world, like snails that she would never dare to put in her mouth, let alone eat.

She was scanning the menu for the kids section when she heard cheerful greets coming from her parents so she looked up.

She gazed in aw as the prestigious man seated himself across from her father. He looked so wealthy that she almost felt under dressed in the small black dress that hugged her curves and a swoop neck lined with sparkles.

But she snapped out of her daze when she heard her name being called, "Yes this is my wife and my daughter Risa." Her father said gesturing first to his wife and then to her.

"It is very nice to meet you both," the wealthy man said nodding to Risa and her mother.

"This is my agent" he spoke again, gesturing to the man beside him, "I believe you to spoke over the phone?" he said turning his attention to Risa's father.

"Ah yes, nice talking to you again" he said extending his hand to the man.

"And this is my son Satoshi" the man said setting his hands on the shoulders of the boy in front of him, as if acknowledging the fact that he had been introduced to the table he nodded.

She nodded as well confirming to her parents that she was still listening.

She was surprised that she had not noticed the son before. He was tall, lengthy, with blue haired and a stern face, but to Risa he still seemed to have an air of friendliness about him.

He sat down across from her; the seats being across from her parents were taken by the agent and Satoshi's father.

"Hello," Risa said direction her words to the boy across from her.

He gave a nod and replied, "It is very nice to meet you, Risa Harada."

"It is very nice to meet you too," she said giving a smile, but in all his politeness that was the one thing he did not return, a smile.

He looked sternly at his menu now, his eyes moving from left to right reading the dishes.


She listened in on her parent's conversation, saying a thing or two, she even tried to focus on what they were saying but she kept finding herself stealing glances back at the blue haired teen.

But not once did he look back, she always found him staring into his menu as if the fate of the word was written some where in it words.

The waiter came to take orders; Risa sat quietly listen and patiently waiting for her turn to order, and when it finally got around to her, she did not even get a chance to speak before he father budded in, "She will have water with a squeeze of lemon with the squid and asparagus dish." He fished then smiled sweetly at his daughter.

At that moment Risa was more exasperated at her father for taking the action or ordering for her as if she were a little child, more than what he had actually ordered as her meal.

But when the dishes came, a plate of cooked squid and a side or buttered asparagus was placed in front of her; she could not help but make a slight gagging noise and stick out her tongue.

Then she heard the slightest bit of laughter.

In fear that her parents were glaring at her for what she had done; she lifted her head slowly.

To her surprise what she saw were not her parents but the young man sitting across from him laughing; it was not to the point that he was laughing hysterically but he was chuckling a bit.

"What!?" She spat, her voice low enough so that her mother sitting next to her could not hear her rude remark.

"Oh it's nothing, just your reaction to the food," he said twirling a piece of spaghetti around his fork.

"So, I don't see you with a fried octopus in front of your face, what you have is nearly edible." She said getting a little frustrated with his comments.

"Well if it makes you that mad, we can just switch meals," he said lifting the bowl but just an inch from the table so she could see it contents.

She licked her lips, but pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

"No, I think my parents will get upset if I don't eat the meal I ordered or what they ordered." Risa said returning her gaze to the cooked fish.

It was silent for a moment but then he spoke up, "Well we can't have you starving now can we," he said a slight smirk on his face.

She looked from him to her food and then felt her stomach growl.

"Well I suppose I am a bit hungry, but what…" but he had already risen to his feet.

"Satoshi! What are you doing?" she hissed leaning over the table some, but apparently he did not hear her, or ignored her for that matter, because he went on speaking.

"Father," he said getting the owner's attention.

"Ms. Harada and I enjoyed the meal but have had our fill, may we please be excused."

Risa's mother seemed to glance from Satoshi to Risa then smiled.

"Yes of course you can," his father replied.

"Thank you, Father," he said in a very polite manner.

Satoshi then turned her attention to Risa's father, "If that is alright with you, Sir." He said in more of a statement than a question.

He seemed to stare for a moment as if the question was so unexpected that it struck a blow to him mental thinking, but then he quickly answered, "Yes of course, its probably boring listening to us anyway," he said smiling and making a 'whatever' motion with his hands.

"Shall we then," Satoshi the said extending his arm to Risa.

She rose slowly; shooting glances at her parents, then took him arm.

As they walked away from the table in the center of the room Risa could hear the voice of her parents, "You have a very fine son, Sir"

"Yes he is indeed" Satoshi's father replied happily, although he seemed as if he was forcing the smile.


As they exited the restaurant gates and into the yatch's hallways Risa whispered "Thank you" as they slipped their arms back down to their sides.

"No problem," he said walking straight ahead.

"I could tell you weren't used to eating that type of food, plus I needed to get out of that dining hall." He said throwing an arm over his shoulder.

It was silent for a few moments as Risa followed Satoshi down the hall, but as they got into the elevator Satoshi said one word, "Pizza" and glanced over in Risa's direction.

"Yes, that sounds delicious" she replied, clicking the close door button.


They both waited in line at the Pirates Pizza Parlor located directly below the dining hall, it was a bit childish, or in other words it was the day care center for the parents who wanted to dine without children in the dining hall above.

"Next!" the cashier called, both Satoshi and Risa moving forward at once.

"Hello," Risa said giving the older woman a smile, but instead of smiling back she replied quite duly.

"What can I get you to kids?" She said pulling out her pad and pen.

"I will have water," Satoshi said, but then he fell silent.

It was silent for a couple of moments until the older women repeated her question, "What do you want?"

Risa looked over at Satoshi and wrinkled her nose, but he only shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't you want to order for yourself, I mean after what happened upstairs I figured…" But before he could finish his sentence he was cut off by Risa.

"Fine! Then," she said putting a hand out in front of Satoshi.

"I will like a slice of cheese and a coke, oh and a slice of pepperoni, for this one over here." She said pointing over her shoulder at Satoshi.

The women wrote down the order and rung it up on the machine.

"That will be $10.55," before Risa could even reach for her purse Satoshi was already standing in front of her paying for the meal.

Then he retreated the pizza slices and waited for Risa to pick out a table.

She sat down at a booth furthest away from the arcade section of the store, Satoshi in tow.

He sat down across from her after placing her slice and coke in front of her.

It was silent for a moment until Satoshi spoke up, "You know, I don't like pepperoni" he said smirking at Risa.

"Well that is what you get for making me order!" she said sending a smirk right back at him.

"I thought that is what you wanted to do, order for yourself," he said, trying to make his face portray confusion, but all it did was make him look funny.

Risa almost laughed at his expression, but held herself back, reminding herself that she was still angry.

"Well yeah, but you made me look like a child, which I am not, 17 soon to be a Senior, far from being a child!" she nearly yelled, but it sounded normal in the small cramped room buzzing with kids.

"Well Ms. Harada, I did not know you felt so strongly about…um…your age, and I formally apologize." He said not even trying to hide the smirk on his face.

"Yeah, whatever" she said under her breath.

"I am sorry, what was that," he said cupping a hand around his right ear and leaning over the table a bit.

"Gosh, you can drop the formalities you know." She said look up at him, "It's not like we are around my parents anymore." She gritted through her teeth.

"Oh, I am sorry I honestly did not realize I was doing it, or that it was bothering you for that matter." He said his smirk whipped clean off his face.

"You're doing it again," she said giggling a bit, realizing that she might have hurt his feeling so she lightened up.

It was silent again, both just staring down at their pizza, occasionally taking a sip of their drinks.

But then Risa broke the silence, "You know I can give you my pizza if you want," she suggesting pointing to the slice of cheese on her red, green and white plate.

He looked up from the table only to smile at her, "No that is fine, if my father finds out that I did not eat what I ordered, or well what you ordered, I don't know what would happen."

Realizing that he was making fun of her she spoke quite loudly, "Hey look Mr. Smarty pants I had…" but she was cut off in mid sentence by the ring of her cell phone.

She quickly dropped what she was saying and fumbled through her purse to answer it.

"Hello?" she questioned into the ear piece.

"Oh, hi Father" she said a slight smile on her lips.

It shocked Satoshi a bit to she Risa voice change back to a formal tone so quickly but shrugged it off and looked out towards the mess of kids.

"Yes, we will be right there."

"Love you to, bye"

With that she clicked off the phone, and places it back into her purse.

Looking up at Satoshi she said, "They are ready to go and want to meet us out on deck," she said standing up.

Satoshi again following in tow.

They got to the elevator only this time Satoshi pressing the close door button, as Risa leaned against the wall railing.

"Are you alright?" Satoshi said to Risa from the elevator wall.

"Yes, I am fine, but it always feels like my stomach does a loop on these things." She said still holding firm to the wall bar.

The elevator door opened and they both walked out, Satoshi taking the lead as Risa followed him to the deck.

They exited through the double door, in which Risa had entered in earlier with her family, out onto the deck. It was darker now, and a bit of a chill ran down her spin. She quickly pulled out her shall in fear of getting goose bumps, and walked over to her parents.

"Hello, Risa" Satoshi's wealthy father said paused then stated Satoshi's name, "Satoshi" he said his voice lowering a bit, but no one seemed to take notice.

"Honey is that little thing keeping you warm?" Risa's mother asked as Risa approached the group.

"Just barley" she said clutching the sides of her shall.

"Well, it is the autumn, it's not like we expected a light summer breeze" her father stated.

It was silent for some moments, as they all stood on the deck glance in different directions.

"Well we best get going," Risa's mother said leaning into her father a bit.

"Oh yes, well thank you for the good business, Sir," he said extending his had to Satoshi's father.

"It was my pleasure" he said smiling.

It was then that the group continued walking down the deck to the ramp.

Risa had been walking alone just barley with the group when she heard her name called.

"Excuse me Miss. Harada" Satoshi's father said now walking next to Risa.

"Yes, Sir" she said looking over to her right in his direction.

"Well you see my son…" he said but paused, rubbing his chin, "…he will be attending your school; um the name slips my mind…"

"Clow Academy, Sir" she said cutting in.

"Yes, that's it, Clow Academy" he said it as if he was trying to convince himself.

"…anyway as I was saying, Satoshi, my son will be attending your school, starting next Monday, and I was wonder if could well…how do I say this…show him around his first couple of days?"

"Sir, it would be an honor" She said after pausing for a moment.

"Well that is great then" he said smiling, "So he will see you Monday morning sharp." And with those words he walked off.

Hmm, Satoshi going to school with me, I wonder if he is in the same age category, she thought.

She was going to say good bye to Satoshi, but her thoughts escaped her, and before she knew it she was climbing into her families black limo, she glanced upward, but frowned, when she saw no sight of Satoshi anywhere in the parking lot.


In the limo on the ride home her mother was quite giddy and kept asking Risa questions about Satoshi, "So, do you think you will see him again?"

"He is quite a fine you man you know," her father said cutting into the conversation.

Risa paused for a long moment trying to find the right way to word her answer, the last thing she wanted was her parents thinking she had a boyfriend; her life would be so restricted after that, that using the phone would probably cost money.

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts so that she could answer her mother's question.

"Yes, actually I think I will be seeing a lot of him," she said looking up at her parents and smiling, "Turns out, he goes to my school"


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