Art of loneliness

Chapter one

"But mom..." a blond haired boy whined, long and loudly.

"No but's young man your going and your going to have a fun time" the taller and older blond of the two put her lightly tanned fingers on her slender hips.

"But I don't know anyone, un! I've barely been outside this house!" he crossed his arms over his chest, almost glaring at his mother but held a begging pout. Ruining the affect of the dark glare.

"That's why Dei-chan. Me and your father what you to start going to school, that way you'll be happier" she finished it with a large soft grin.

Deidara sighed deeply and uncrossed his arms "Fine, when is it?"


When the blond finished his talk with his mother, he retreated upstairs to take a quick shower and get ready.

He grinned when a brilliant, in his eyes, idea occurred to him.

As he was fine with having no friends, he was going to scare the crap out of everyone. It's not that he didn't want friends, he longed for a friend for years but when he finally got close to someone they found out his secret, whether on purpose or by accident, they were still freaked out and choose never to utter a word to him ever again other than the occasional insult. Such as "freak" or "pathetic loser", it all depended if their 'real' friends where around.

Shaking his head Deidara wandered over to his dresser looking for the perfect outfit.

His eyes lit up when he found said outfit. Oh he was gonna scare everyone. Not just with his outfit, he planned to have a badass attitude too.


"Come on Deidara! Were going to be late if you don't hurry up!" his father bellowed up the stairs.

The blond smirked at his appearance and scowled at the man shouting up to him, 'As if I'm going take orders from you! You stuck up jackass, un'

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming!" he shouted back just as loud before stomping carefully but angrily down into the front room.

"Are you all ready Dei-chan?" his mother asked him as she emerged from the kitchen with her hands searching through her purse.

"As I'll ever be, un" he mumbled and pressed his back against the wall.

"Good," she said, still not looking up "Oh there they are, okay let's go" she exclaimed happily, pulling out the car keys then for the first time her eyes fell upon her son and his outfit.

"Um.. Deidara, honey, what are you wearing?" she barely managed to speak so she forced it out.

He smirked inwardly. His mother wasn't easy to shock but this did it. He was sure gonna have fun.

The youngest blond was currently wearing black petal pushers with a crimson dragon embroider on his left leg, fishnets covering both his legs, ankle leather boots with spikes around the heels. His torso was covered with a short sleeved black top and the words "Art is a bang, yeah!" were spread across it in blood red writing. From his elbow down he wore red striped fingerless gloves with a black skull printed where both of his wrists were. Finally he wore black lipstick; eye shadow and thick eyeliner under his crystal blue eye, making his face look unnaturally pale. His bangs still covering his left eye and some tied up at the back of his head, like always.

"Why is something wrong mother, yeah?" he asked in the most innocent voice he could muster.

"Er.. no of course not Dei-chan," she smiled brightly covering her confusion. Deidara figured his mum wouldn't say anything she just wants him to be happy. What ever that meant.

"Okay then let's get going, un" his voice was laced with fake enthusiasm.

"Okay then" since no one looked like they were going to move, Deidara pushed himself forward and walked calmly to the front door. Leaving it open as he went to the blue car parked outside.


Deidara cranked up one of his CD's that he left in the car a while ago and sang along quietly. Other than that the drive was quiet and uneventfully.

"Were here" his mother announced over the rather loud pounding beats of the music.

"Whatever" her son murmured, unbuckling his seat beat and exiting the car.

As the three walked down a small path towards a wooden door, Deidara found his fingernails very interesting. The sound of music that was seriously outdated and the small chorus of adults laughing caught his attention.

"Who lives here, un?" he asked quietly, almost whispering it.

"Some old friends, they just moved back Konoha. So I thought we should pay them a visit"

"Do I know them?" he asked again but louder.

"You were too young to remember but you got along with their son. Expect when you bit him," she frowned at the memory, though the blond chuckled.

"Go baby me, un!" he exclaimed in a cheery tone.

"His parents weren't very impressed," she tried to sound a little angry but failed and giggled softly "but he didn't care. He threw his dummy at you and continued playing with the Lego blocks"

"Still.." the two smiled at each other for a while and jumped when the wooden door opened in front of them.

"Oh I knew it was you! I've never met anyone louder than you lot!" Deidara was puzzled from the moment the lady appeared. She was not as young as his mother made her out to be. She had grey-purplish hair with a bun on top of her head and a dark headband over some of her forehead. She was also wearing a dark, probably thin, dress type of robe.

"Oh hey Chiyo-sama! Where is everyone?" she asked. She knew of the incident that had taken place a year after they moved.

"Their out back," the old woman lay her dark eyed gaze upon Deidara "And who's this little guy? Akane he's so handsome. You do good work" the adults shared a laugh where as "the little guy" frowned and glared at nothing in particular.

"Why thank you," she giggled, more to herself, then faced her husband "Oh and this is Daisuke, my newest and hopefully last husband"

"I've heard so much about you over the phone you sound like a wonderful young man" Chiyo complimented and shook his hand.

"Well shall we get inside and get this party started?" again the adults laughed at Daisuke's joke.

Deidara growled softly at the mans back 'It wasn't even funny you... tengu! Un!'

He reluctantly followed the adults out to what he assumed to be a back garden.

He's eyes widened when he saw a pool. Why would an old lady need or want a pool? Then he remembered that there was a son, grandson or something living here as well. 'God,' he thought bitterly 'Must be a spoiled brat, great'

"Where's your little grandson Chiyo-sama?" Deidara's mother asked as they approached some tables "I think someone's lonely" she laughed and poked her son with her elbow.

"I think he's upstairs. I'll call him down in a moment; let me show you around first. It's a stunning house" she chimed happily.

"You coming Dei-chan?" said blond shook his head.

"As exciting as it sounds I'm going to stay out here, yeah" he crossed his arms.

"Okay sweetheart see you in a bit," she moved to kiss her sons forehead but he moved back "Oh sorry "No kissing me in public" right?" she smiled and patted his head instead before wandering off with the old woman and tengu. 'It does sort of suit him, un'

He chuckled to himself and decided to sit on the opposite side of the pool on the steps.

A deep sigh escaped as he leaned back, earning a few cracks from his back, he relaxed and let the warm summer sun beat down on him.

"Why didn't I bring something to do, un? It's so boring here! And I've only been here for five minutes yeah!" he mumbled angrily and proceeded to lie down on the concrete.

"Hey give that back!" his thoughts were abruptly broken when he heard a feminine voice scream.

"Nu uh! You've got to get it back!" Deidara jerked his head towards a gate near him, where there was apparently a car park.

"Calm down you two or I'll call up your parents and get them to take you home" another female voice threatened.

"Fine" the masculine voice mumbled slightly then a dull thud was heard.

"That wasn't nice Naruto!"

Deidara watched as six people walked through the gate. Two females and four males.

The two adults of the group scanned the area but spotted no one. Only Deidara.

"Hi there!" the only blond in the bunch cried out happily "I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Who are you? You one of Sasuke or Itachi's emo friends?" the one called Naruto laughed loudly at his joke.

"Shut it Naruto!" the pink haired girl pushed his arm rather hard before looking back at the now sitting blond "Isn't it obvious that you're making her uncomfortable"

Deidara's eyebrow twitched. However he calmly stood to his feet and dusted invisible dirt from his knees then cleared his throat.

"I. am. guy. un!" his voice getting louder with each word.

He made sure to mumble "Bitch" before walking over to a wall beside the pool.

"Oh my god! You got told Sakura!" the loud mouth blond yelled.

'He sounds a bit like I used to be when I was younger, yeah' Deidara mused as he gazed into the blue water.

"Chiyo-baa? Where the hell are you?!" a frustrated looking red head asked as he walked through the wooden door Deidara came through earlier.

"Have any of you seen her?" he directed his question to either the strange group now by the tables or Deidara. Probably both.

When the parents of the group shook their heads Deidara sighed.

"Inside, giving my mum a tour or something, yeah" he spoke barely above a whisper but the red head still heard him and nodded in thanks before disappearing back through the door, only to come back moments later with a few plastic bags then disappeared into the house.

"Wonder what he's up too, un?" he pondered for a while but his thoughts drifted to anything and everything.

"Ne, Dei-chan. You hungry?" he looked up at his mother and shook his head. He noticed that Chiyo was greeting the new arrivals, and more that appeared shortly after.

"Na, I'm okay"

"You sure? There's a lot of food, looks tasty" his mother knew how much he liked food, and trying new kinds. But still he resisted.

"Okay but there just through there if you change your mind, honey" she pointed to an open glass door leading into what looked like a dining room where a table was set up. Why didn't he notice before?

"Oh and Chiyo-sama found her grandson. He was out but he's back now and Chiyo-sama said he's eager to met you" he rolled his eyes at his mothers grinning face.

"I'll just go get him okay? Then you can finally make a trustworthy friend" her smile never faltered as she turned and started to go over to the growing group in the corner.

"Fan-bloody-tasic, un" he really just wanted to go home and play some random games on his computer. And there was no chance that it was going to happen any time soon.

He sighed when his mother returned with a boy, though he couldn't see much as he was right behind her.

"Okay this is my son Deidara, Deidara this is Chiyo-sama's grandson," she paused to move out of the way so he could see a handsome teenager with a dark aura surrounding him and flaming red hair adoring his face, much like the guy from earlier. Wait it was the guy from earlier. He mentally slapped his head, man he could be dense at times.

Before I forget tengu means long-nosed goblin. It's the best thing I could come up with.

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