Art of loneliness

Chapter thirteen

"Dei-chan..." A voice whispered softly "Deidara-chan.."

When the lump didn't respond, his kind and loving cousin took it upon herself to wake him in anyway that seemed appropriate at that particular point in time.

She jumped on him and landed on his back. Earning a loud groan and jolt from the rapidly awaking body of the blond.

"What was that for, un!?" he yelled unhappily as he pushed her away from him, failing to do so because he lacked strength at the time.

"You have company dear cousin," Kaori began to explain as she stood and dusted her thick laced skirt from obscure pieces of dust "But if you would rather go back to sleep I can send him away"

'Him..? Sasori!?' he thought instantly, proceeding to jump to his sock covered feet and rush to the bathroom.

A wicked grin overtook the younger females delicate face, "I wonder what he'll do when he sees that it isn't Sasori-sama downstairs."


The blond quickly but thoroughly brushed his teeth and ran a hairbrush through his locks, styling it in it's normal style.

Once finished he returned to his room to get dressed, noticing that Kaori wasn't there anymore he figured that she'd probably be downstairs asking Sasori more questions than he could handle. Sure he was hyper and quite curious about others, but Kaori was a lot worse.

Deciding on a pair of skinny jeans, a black short sleeved shirt covered by a light grey jacket with a hood and small explosions and Boom's printed on, as well as his favourite black converses.

Once fully dressed, he departed from his room and walked down the stairs, heading towards the living room.

"Ah, good morning Dei-chan. Good to see you're finally up," his mother smiled brightly as he entered the room "It seems.."

She was tuned out as the small boy haired boy gazed upon his company. It wasn't Sasori. Hell, he was very unsure of why he was here.

"Itachi-san, why are you here, yeah?" he asked somewhat skittishly. All the more nervous when the raven haired teen looked his way. His crimson red eyes were piercing and could be perceived as murderous, which didn't help when Deidara knew that the Uchiha was in fact a murderer.

"I can't come to a friends house to bear some news?" he did nothing but stare back. Itachi thought of them as friends? Or could that possibly be because Deidara's mother was there and didn't want to seem rude. Most likely the latter. The two barely spoke, he figured that Itachi must dislike him as he is more.. energetic than some of the people he knows. Wait.. what was this about news?

"Isn't that sweet Kaori?" Akane beamed at her sister's only daughter. Receiving a curt nod and a similar smile back.

"Could we go somewhere more.. private?" Itachi broke the silence, as well as bringing the blond from his deep thought as to what this news could be.

"Uh, yeah sure" he answered dumbly, leading the older teen from the room.

"Oh. Deidara," Kaori called out, when his head appeared back at the door frame she continued, "Sasori-sama called your phone earlier while you were asleep, he said call him back when you can"

"Why didn't you just wake me up, un?" he was fuming. One, because she had touched his mobile, he hated anyone doing so. He found it rude although it was completely different if it was someone else's phone. Two, because it didn't wake him up. Either it was early in the morning or he was in too deep a sleep.

"I felt like letting you sleep longer. You seemed to have had a long day yesterday" she made herself purposely sound sickly sweet. It scared Deidara when she did that, more so because she used it at random times and he had no idea how she even did it.

"Er thanks…" he paused, signalling to the raven "Come on then Itachi-san, yeah"

He nodded, following Deidara obediently. But not before turning quickly and bowing in thanks to the boy's relatives.

Once they reached the blond's room, Deidara closed the door after his guest entered then inquired him about this news.

"It's nothing too special but Kisame gave Leader an idea," the dark haired teen sighed, seating himself on the chair beside the others bed "Well he made a deal with him"

"And? What is it, un?" the younger of the two was so thrilled, he would be on the edge of his seat if he was sat down, Kisame seemed nice and the idea could mean fun. And he was all for fun.

"No wonder Sasori calls you a brat," he breathed quietly before continuing, "They have agreed that if you can prove your worth, then Kisame can throw a party in your honour"

Deidara's cerulean eyes widened happily and fearfully. He had never been to a party before, well not one throw by his friends anyway and defiantly not one especially for him. He was scared but was going to turn down the invitation.

"Calm down. Don't get too excited just yet" Itachi forewarned him.

"Why not? It's a party," he squirmed joyfully, like a small child being told they were going to Disney Land after which adding dramatically, "For me, yeah!"

"Because in order to prove yourself," taking a deep breath he regretfully continued, "You have to.. kill someone"

This time his eyes widened for a different reason, "Wha-- What?" he spoke slowly.

"We've all had to do it so it's only fair. The only difference being you might get a party. The rest of us didn't want one," seeing as Deidara was still silent he had time to remember something quite important, "Also you have freedom of choice. You may kill anyone you wish but if you fail to think of anyone within a few days Leader will choose someone randomly for you"

The teen gulped. This was too sudden.. or rather very unexpected as he didn't think he would have to do this, at least not yet.

"Do I have a time limit?" he asked without thinking. He felt his body going numb.

"One week starting today.." Itachi jumped slightly when his phone vibrated against his leg. Removing it from his pocket and reading the text messages contains, he turned back to Deidara, "I've got to get going. If you have anymore questions ask Sasori"

As the older teen made his way to the door he suddenly stopped, remembering that he was suppose to give the blond something. Itachi pulled a small box out of his pocket, placing it on the other's desk soon after, "This is a gift, if you will, from Leader. There's instructions inside so be sure to read them"

And with that the raven left the rather perplexed teen alone in his bedroom.

Deidara wasn't quite sure what he was feeling. This was his chance to be accepted within Akatsuki and gain more friends as well as getting rid of Daisuke once and for all. But on the other hand he didn't feel ready and wanted to avoid murder, even though he did feel mentally prepared a few days ago.

This was going to take a lot of thought. 'Hey, wait what did Itachi say?'

"Instructions.. un?" Deidara thought aloud. It looked like a jewellery box, what jewellery needed directions... Unless they thought he was that stupid.. Oh he felt very insulted now.

As he opened the dark blue box he frowned. Inside there was a ring, one that was to be used in an ear piercing, and it was striped. Light blue and purple, the ball being purple as well. He grinned happily 'I being wanting to change my bar for ages!'

As quickly as possible he took out the bar, putting it safely in the box before removing the ball of the ring with a dull click. He slowly pushed the ring through the small hole until he could reach the gap and put the ball back in securely.

"See I didn't need instructions, yeah!" he insultingly stuck his tongue out as if Itachi could still see him.

"Deidara? Can you hear me?"

The blond jumped up from his bed in a panic, "Who's there!?"

The voice certainly sounded familiar but it defiantly wasn't anyone in the house.

There was an almost inaudible sigh from the voice, "You're freaking out now aren't you? You didn't listen to Itachi did you? Read the damn directions!"

He did as the person advised, quickly skimming through the small booklet. Once he finished he experimentally pushed down on the ball of his new ear ring.

"Hello.. un?"

"Finally! Took you long enough!" Both were silent for a moment, giving Deidara enough time to gradually figure out the owner of the mysterious voice.

"..Konan? Is that you?"

"Of course it is! Does Pein sound this sweet and loving? Hell no!" she took some time to laugh at what she just said, for many different reasons.

"Anywho, this was just a test. To see if the ear piece works and get you used to it. Oh and keep in mind, only you can hear me, seeing as it's so close to your ear. So be careful when your around your parents and stuff, okay?"

"Okay. I got you, un!"

"I take it Itachi told you about the whole party thing and what you have to do. Anyone in mind?"

"Sort of but not too sure yet" 'Why'd I say that? I've been wanting to kill him for years.. ugh I need more sleep'

"Well you have a couple of days to think it over.. Oh crap. I got to get going, I'm gonna be late for work again. See you round Deidara!"

He didn't have a chance to say goodbye as she signed off so abruptly. Sighing he sat back down on his bed, sprawling his body out as he lay down. This sure was going to take some getting used to.

'Maybe I'll call Sasori later..' he thought emotionlessly until happiness at seeing his significant other took over, 'I need a hug! So I shall call him, yeah!'

Picking his phone up from it's previous spot on his bedside table, he dialled the elder teen's number.

"Danna!" he yelled cheerfully into the phone once he heard it had been picked up.

"Brat? Heh. So your finally up?"

Pouting he argued back, "So? I like my sleep, is that a problem?" he didn't allow Sasori to reply before asking, "Oh Itachi gave me a walkie-talkie ear ring thing, do you have one too, un?"

"Unfortunately" a sigh followed soon after.

"Why so unhappy about it? I think it's cool, yeah!"

"I wouldn't have minded it so much if Konan didn't have to be the one to pierce my ear. That being one of the reasons why I hate her"

Deidara's eyebrow twitched, 'It can't have been that bad... could it?'

A small gasp like noise escaped the blond's throat, "Now I remember why I called! Kaori said you needed to talk to me or something, un"

"Not really. I just wanted to ask if you wanted to meet up and ..stuff" he sounded quite nervous but Deidara failed to notice.

"Of course I do Danna! I miss you sooo much, yeah!" he grinned as he spoke, which was harder to do than it seemed.

"Is now alright?"

Deidara looked down at his clothing; he was all dressed up. Why not?

"Yep! Where do you want me to meet you?"

"I'll come pick you up, is that okay with you?"

"Sure is"

"Okay then. I'll be there in about ten minutes, see you then"

"Bye bye Danna, un!" he didn't receive a reply, just the sound of a dull beep that meant he had hung up.

The teen pocketed his phone and skipped over to his desk.

"Hmm.. Where are you..?" he asked his wallet, expecting it to actually answer back, "Ah there you are!"

After putting it beneath his phone he walked to the door and headed down the stairs. He poked his head into the front room, smiling when he say his mother and aunt talking with wide smiles on their faces while Kaori was playing on his PS2. He loved that they were still so close, they both had told him that they had never once had a serious fight. Only joke ones about nothing at all. The way people do.

"Mum?" once he had her attention he continued, "I'm going out with Da- Sasori and I'm not sure when I'll be back, un"

"Okay sweetheart," she beckoned him to come closer, hugging him lightly when he did, "Have fun!"

"Yes, have fun my favourite nephew!" Akemi grinned, embracing him as well.

"Thanks" he smiled back, closing his eyes briefly "I'll will, yeah"

"See you later blondie" the brunette turned, beaming as well. The light playing on her glasses.

"Piercing freak" he commented jokingly. Knowing that she was very obsessed with getting more and with people that had some. Well, expect for belly button piercings. He was unsure why but they freaked her out.

She stuck her tongue out, exposing one of her many piercings, and commenced with playing Kingdom Hearts II.

Deidara took a seat next to her and watched her move the character around the screen. He was pretty sure the character was called Roxas, he had seen him quite a lot when she played this game, 'Does she just repeated this bit over and over to see him..? Well he does look quite cute.. AH! What am I thinking!? I have Sasori! ..But that doesn't change the fact that-'

"I thought you were going out?" Akane seemed puzzled by her son's actions.

"I am.." He started, watching the blond on the screen as if in a trance, "He's coming to pick me up in a bit, un"

Giggling Kaori turned to her older cousin, whispering, "Like what you see? Tsk tsk what's Sasori-sama going to say?"

"You wouldn't.." he breathed, glad the two elder twins were talking and laughing loudly again, "Besides he's just a character from a role playing game, I doubt Danna would care, yeah"

"Maybe, maybe not" she smiled cunningly, un-pausing the game to finish fighting with some sliver beings. He could never remember their names; he could always recall the Heartless because he found the small black ones incredibly cute.

Some time passed until the door bell sounded, announcing Sasori's arrival.

"Bye everybody, un!" Deidara said eagerly, bouncing up from his previous seat on the floor.

They too exchanged their words of parting as he skipped, for the second time that day, towards the front door. Proceeding to.. glomp, for lack of a better word, the male on the other side.

"Hello to you too" the auburn teen smiled happily, placing a delicate butterfly kiss on the other's nose as a more loving greeting.

"I missed you.." Deidara stated in a sad tone.

"It's not even been twelve hours, you can't have missed me that much," he said logically, almost doubting the blond.

"But.. I missed you as soon as you left, un" he tried to reason to the smaller teen.

'And here I was thinking he might not love me.. guess it's real, I shouldn't have doubted him. But everyone thinks that at one point in a relationship right?' Sasori looked up lovingly at his other, feeling truly happy inside, 'He sounds a bit clingy but I can understand why and couldn't give a damn. That's one of the things that make him adorable'

"Is something wrong Danna? You haven't spoke in a minute, un!" Deidara said dramatically, tilting his head to the side.

"Everything's fine," a light smile taking over his lips, "Shall we get going now?"

"Where are we going?" the taller male asked as Sasori lead him to his car and opened the passenger door for him.

"Nowhere special" he answered truthfully, closing the door before going to the driver's side to get in as well.

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