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Renei Motakaru

Age: 14

Weight: 112 lbs.

Height: 5'1"

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: R: Hazel L: Blue

Nickname: Ren

Crest: Sun

Digimon: Torimon, Ocelemon, Ferugamon, WereFerugamon, MetalFerugamon, WarFerugamon

Nika Motakaru

Age: 10

Weight: 98 lbs.

Height: 4' 9"

Hair Color: Light Blue

Eye Color: Green

Nickname: Nikki

Crest: Love

Digimon: Meriimon, Tekorimon, Geramanomon, MetalGeramanomon, MegaGeramanomon, WarGeramanomon

Kane Ishida

Age: 14

Weight: 125 lbs.

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Nickname: Ookami

Crest: Friendship

Digimon: Tsunamon, Gabumon, Garurumon, WereGarurumon, MetalGarurumon, WarGarurumon

Miyamo Nakatsu

Age: 13

Weight: 106 lbs.

Height: 4'11"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Gray

Nickname: Azarashi

Crest: Sincerity

Digimon: Budmon, Klerimon, Serafamon, Deridimon, MegaDeridimon, UltaDeridimon

Haru Mizuki

Age: 15

Weight: 135 lbs.

Height: 5' 7"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Nickname: Nasubi

Crest: Knowledge

Digimon: Yelumon, Geragamon, Fletzumon, MetalFletzumon, MegaFletzumon, WarFletzumon

Eriko Iruka

Age: 14

Weight: 124 lbs.

Height: 5' 3"

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Hazel/ Green

Nickname: Tanuki

Crest: Reliability

Digimon: Kakemon, Tsugatomon, Beetlemon, MetalBeetlemon, MegaBeetlemon, UltaBeetlemon

Lila Kamiya

Age: 14

Weight: 115 lbs.

Height: 5' 0"

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Nickname: Lily

Crest: Hope

Digimon: Lilimon, Kergamon, Merionemon, MetalMerionemon, MegaMerionemon, UltaMerionemon

Chapter One

The New Digidestineds

"So what… you're just going to go away like it was nothing?" came a male voice. The blue haired girl stopped and turned to her childhood friend, "Kane… listen… I'm just going to go away for a while to get away from all this insanity that has been caused…" She shook her hair out of her face and then stuffed her hands into the pockets of her blue and black striped jacket.

"Renei… what it something happens to your sister while you're away… what then?!" Kane's voice drew more harsh as he talked about her sister, Nika. It was true that he'd known then since he was five years of age… but when it was for Nika's well being that he was consulting Renei about, that's when his anger rose.

"Kane… there are some things that fate has us do and there are things that happen to us due to that same factor… if I remember correctly, you're the one who told me that…" Renei told Kane, her voice also becoming sharp and harsh. What she had told him had brought him to be quiet for a few seconds then he talked once more, gentler this time, "so then… are you just telling me that you don't care?"

Renei turned to her best friend and dropped her gaze to the ground, "it's not that… it's just that I get that I have to go away… just for the time being… I promise I'll be back." she took her pendant from her neck that she had gotten from her mother before she had passed away and gave it to Kane. One of her more precious treasures that she kept with her wherever she went.

"This only guarantees that I'll be back." Renei reassured Kane, smiling at him. He looked up at her then sighed, "I guess you're leaving the babysitting to me, then?" The female laughed and turned away then simply replied, "I guess you can say that… anyways… I hope you and the others have fun at camp. Remember to take care of Nika while you guys are there."

"Don't worry, you know me." Kane told the blue-haired girl, waving to her. Renei waved back at Kane and continued to walk down the road to where the train station was. She was going to her grandmother's house for the time being… at least till everything back at home settled down a bit.

'… so are you telling me you don't care?' Those words hung in Renei's head like a damp towel that was put on a clothesline hung out to dry. She stuffed her hands back into her pockets for warmth and thought about it, 'of course I care, Kane… I just don't know how to deal with it at the time being…' She hung her head and looked at the ground as she continued to walk to the train station.

"Renei!!" Came a familiar, chirpy voice. Renei turned around to see Lila Kamiya running towards her with her arms open wide for an embrace.

"How are you, I haven't seen you since school ended!" Lila continued, drawing nearer and nearer. At the last second, Renei got out of the way and watched the brown-haired girl run straight into a pole that was behind her.

"Ouch…" Lila groaned, turning away from the pole and back to Renei, "that was mean, Ren!" the blue-haired girl had a smirk on her face and then put an innocent look on it, "whatever do you mean? I was just standing here…" Renei replied as sweetly as she could. Lila got up and dusted herself off then walked up to her friend.

"Anyways… I just came to see you off… I know that the others won't… but I want to make sure you have a nice journey." Lila told Renei sincerely. The blue-haired girl smiled and turned back over to the train station, "come if you want, then." The brown-eyed girl smiled then raced up beside her friend.

"Where are you going?" Lila asked, hands behind her back and her face expressing a happy mood. The blue-haired girl looked over to one of her best friends and then back to where her destination was.

"My grandmother's…" Renei replied, adjusting the backpack that she carried into a more comfortable position. Lila looked thoughtful for a moment then shook her head, "hey, you know… Kane really is worried about you doing this…" Renei stopped in her tracks and looked over to her friend.

"I know… I was just talking to him a few moments ago before I started to walk over to the train station." Renei replied, casting her gaze once more to the ground and beginning to walk to the station once more. Lila walked alongside Renei again and looking up at the gray clouds that hovered above them. Lila watched the clouds slowly move across the sky. Renei looked up as well and asked. "what are you looking at?"

"Nothing in particular… wondering if it'll snow this winter…" Lila responded, putting her hands behind her back and continuing to walk with her friend. Renei looked back in front of her and noticed a car speeding towards them. At the last few seconds, it started blaring its horn at them and Renei grabbed Lila by the arm and jumped out of the way. The car continued past them and the driver stuck his head out the window, "watch where yer goin' you stupid kids!"

"Watch where you're driving, asshole!" Renei muttered as she got back up and helped Lila back onto her feet. Both girls dusted themselves off and continued to walk towards where they were supposed to be going, not knowing that they were secretly being watched.

"Is she one of them?" a little imp-like creature asked, looking up at the woman that hovered above him. She cracked a smile and turned her icy gaze down to the imp and replied to it, "they both are… they both have what it takes to be what fate is going to lead them to be…" the imp gave a snort and they both went on their way, not turning to look back at the two girls that they were inspecting.

As Renei rode the train by herself, she started to get this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach and she grabbed at her head, clutching locks of blue hair that she could grab as she clenched her eyes shut. People started getting up from their seats to see what was going on with her as she sat in obvious pain from what was going on. Her sinuses throbbed and her head burned.

"Hey… are you alright?" Came a male's voice as he approached the young girl. Renei was in too much pain to answer the question; her body became numb and she felt something appear in the grip of her right hand. The pain immediately ceased and she looked up, feeling a little dizzy. The guy in front of her repeated his question, "are you alright?" the girl shook her head a little and withdrew her hand from her head, having no idea what had happened. A woman reached into her handbag and pulled a bottle of aspirin, she then handed it to Renei and told her, "here, take these to help you out…"

"Um… thank you…" the blue-haired girl replied, still clutching whatever she had in her hand. She took two of the white pills and handed the bottle back to the lady while saying another 'thank you.' She sat back as soon as everything settled down and look out the window, noticing that her vision was a little blurry. Ren looked down to what she had in her hands. A small black device that was lined in red. It also had a weird marking on it that kind of resembled the sun. Renei looked at it for a long time, seeing what it may be. As soon as she pressed a small button on it, the device beeped loudly and then an egg flashed on the screen. Renei tilted her head to the side as this happened and looked at the device quizzically then stuffed it into her pocket, not knowing what to make of it.

The train had finally lurched to a stop and Renei got up to go, sort of in a rush. She didn't want to have what happened on the train happen to her again. Ren walked the road to her grandmother's and then she felt the same panging sensation in her stomach as her sinuses throbbed once more and her nerves seared in white-hot pain. She clutched at her head once more and saw images flow freely into her mind.

Screaming… strange looking creatures… being hurt or taken captive by a huge black creature that looked like it was made of a mixture of animals. Renei gritted her teeth, unable to bear the images. As the images started to fade, a small ocelot-tiger hybrid with horns appeared and said, "help us…" Her eyes shot open and then device that was in her pocket started beeping like crazy while also burning her thighs through the material of her pant legs. The next thing she knew, everything went black and she was no longer part of her world.

A few hours had gone by and Renei's eyes had fluttered open to see a red… bubble? With yellow eyes? Renei rubbed her face and told herself, "I must be dreaming… yeah… that's it, this is all just some weird dream that feels so real…" The bubble of a creature hopped around happily and said, "you heard our call, you heard our call!" Renei looked down at the creature, startled that it could talk…

"I heard your call? What call?" the blue-haired girl asked, looking down at the red creature, now noticing that it had white stripes and jagged, floppy ears. The weird looking bubble hopped up and down happily.

"The calling cry for the digital world! We're in danger!" the creature exclaimed, looking around, wondering if anything bad was going to jump out at them. The girl looked down at the creature and asked, "so… are there others like me… humans I mean…?" the creature looked up at her with curious, red eyes.

"I don't know what a human is, nope!" the creature replied, "though I'm Torimon!" it beamed and hopped around happily once more, happy to have someone around to help her out in the digital world. Renei sighed and placed her hand to her head, not knowing what to do at all. She was confused, didn't know where in the world she was… and was all alone except for this little creature that found her. She slumped on the ground, almost shuddering to the fact that she may be in grave danger.

"Torimon… that is your name, right?" Renei started, then continued without the creature giving her the okay, "if you can help me find a way out of here… I'll help you… save your world…" The creature bounced excitedly and was issuing loud whooping noises of joy. She then bounced into Renei's arms and said, "yay! I'll be your friend forever!" The human girl smiled at this and then started walking, not really knowing where to go, though doing her best to follow her instincts.

Maybe an hour passed and Renei sat on the ground with a thud. She sighed heavily and looked up to the sky, now really knowing that she was lost. Renei looked down at the creature beside her and asked, "so what are you anyways…?" the creature looked back up at Renei with vibrant, golden eyes and replied, "I'm a Digimon, short for Digital Monster!" Renei nodded her head in acknowledgment and looked at the ground, "so then… are there more of you around, or…" she left it hanging and then Torimon replied, "there at least over five hundred types of Digimon here, there are… perhaps even more! Anyways, I hope that you can find other humans, such as yourself, I do!" The girl smiled at this and placed her hand on top of the creature's head.

"Well… let's move on then…" Renei sighed, scooping up the Digimon and starting to walk ahead. She stopped as soon as she heard a crack and some footsteps. She turned around abruptly and scanned the area with her unnatural hazel and blue eyes. She heard it again, something was there around her and wasn't showing him or herself. Torimon looked up at Renei, confused, "what's the matter, Renei?" it asked. The blue-haired girl turned towards the creature she had in her arms and whispered back, "there's something or someone here…" The crack was now behind her and Renei turned to see a… an oversized bunny-looking head with pastel markings? Then a fuzzy brown looking creature that had a mean looking fin protruding form it's head.

"… Wh… wha… what kind of Digimon are those, huh?" Renei asked, not breaking the line of sight with the two creatures. Torimon looked up with a confused look on her face and then replied, "they won't hurt you! They're just Meriimon and Tsunamon! Two baby Digimon such as myself, uh-huh!" Just after Torimon had explained that to her new friend, two others came from the foliage, startling Renei onto her butt. She looked up and saw the familiar olive green beanie cap with long blue hair protruding from underneath it and the emerald green eyes of her sister, Nika.

"Ren!" Nika shouted, flinging herself onto her sister. Renei smiled and replied, "hey, nice to see you so soon…" The older of the two looked up into the blue eyes of one of her best friends, Kane Ishida. A thought just occurred to Renei as she saw the two familiar people. She sat up and looked from her sister to her best friend, "hey… how'd you two get here?" Nika stuck out her tongue and replied, "we don't know much ourselves… other than we found these little things…" Nika held up black device of her own, very much resembling Renei's, only that this one was rimmed in a pinkish color. Kane continued from there, pulling out his own device, which was also black and rimmed in blue, "I remember getting a picture image when walking to your father's home to help take care of Nika there… I don't really know how to explain this… though… I think that maybe we were sent here for a reason…"

Renei nodded and replied to the two, "I don't think we were sent for no reason either… what you described to me, it sounds like what was happening to me at the train station." Kane looked alarmed at this and exclaimed, "I should have gone with you!" Nika laughed and told the dirty-blond haired guy, "you're such a ditz, Kane… we're still all together here!" Renei sniggered at this and turned to Torimon.

"Well… now I'm here with my friends, we'll be able to help out a little more actively." Renei smiled down at the red bubble looking creature and Torimon smiled brightly. Nika turned to Meriimon and Kane to Tsunamon. Renei didn't really know what to do, it shocked her that Kane and her little sister, Nika were there with her. She looked up at her two human friends and asked, "so… do you think that there are others like us around?"

"Maybe…" Kane admitted, he didn't know too much himself other than what Tsunamon had told him. Renei's little sister looked up from Meriimon and replied to her older sister, "Meriimon and Tsunamon told us that we're DigiDestineds!" The older of the two sisters looked at Torimon and asked, "DigiDestineds? Is that some kind of name you have for us?" Torimon giggled and bounced up while replying, "DigiDestineds are the ones who come from their world to help ours, yep!"

"So then… what if we aren't DigiDestineds?" Kane questioned, looking around at the other Digimon. Tsunamon rubbed up against his leg and replied, "not possible! Our Digivices got attracted to you and then you came here! Only a person with a pure heart can become DigiDestined!" Nika exchanged looks with Meriimon and then looked back at her older sister, not knowing what to say.

"You three are DigiDestineds! You came here to help us out, that you did!" Torimon told the three humans. Renei scooped the small red Digimon into her arms and stood up to face her little sister and her best friend. She smiled at the two and told them, "well… the sooner we help them out, the sooner we can go home, right?" Kane nodded at this, though he was also thinking about the fact of what if they couldn't get out? Renei started to walk with Nika trailing behind her.

"Kane, c'mon!" Renei called back to her friend. Kane snapped out of his thoughts and looked to where the two girls were. He then picked up Tsunamon and rushed over to where they stood. Nika was giggling up at Kane and said, "you're slow, Kane!"

"No… I just like to think…" he replied, walking past her while pushing her beanie cap over her eyes. He was next to Renei and looked ahead of them in the forest, " I don't know what's going on… but I do know one thing for sure… this isn't a dream…"

"If it was… I'm sure I would've woken up on the side of the street by now…" Renei replied to her friend. Kane laughed at this, he knew that Ren had to walk to her grandmother's house on a dirt road. He figured that that was the place she must've been before she was transferred to the world that they were currently in now. They all continued on, not really talking to one another… everything was happening all too fast… they get taken out of their world and into the Digital World… and now they discover that they're DigiDestined…

"Ren… I'm hungry…" Nika said after walking with Kane and her older sister for a while. Renei looked back to her younger sister and pulled the light blue pack off her back and set it on the ground, "we'll rest up for now then…" Torimon, Tsunamon and Meriimon bounced onto the ground as well and looked up to their respective masters. Renei pulled a bag of apple slices for her little sister. She looked up to Kane and asked, "you want something?"

"Haha, no, I'm fine…" Kane replied, smirking to his childhood friend. Nika took one of the apple slices and gave it to Meriimon. Then Renei looked down to Torimon and Tsunamon, "are you guys hungry too?" she asked, keeping the flap of her bag open. Torimon bounced over to the blue-haired girl and peeked into her bag, asking, "what is it that you have?"

"Most likely sweets… Renei's always been a sweet tooth…" Kane laughed looking over to Renei. She looked back up at him and replied, "like you have the authority to talk, Mr. 'hey-do-you-still-have-that-round-chocolate-candy…'" The blond pursed his lips together, being careful not to say a smart-ass reply to what his friend had said to him.

A rustling noise came from behind the group and all turned to see a light colored Digimon that looked like it had a small magenta bud on it's head. Behind the Digimon, a girl wearing her school uniform with pink leg and arm warmers came out. She looked at the six that were there; a mix of happiness and confusion flashed on her face as she looked at her old schoolmates.

"M-Miyamo!" Renei stuttered, not expecting to see another one of her classmates there. Quite honestly, she didn't want her to be there. Back at school, the two would verbally fight all the time. Miyamo glanced down at Kane, Nika and Renei… she scoffed and placed her hands on her hips, "I knew that this would be bad! Now I'm stuck with you three… this really couldn't get any worse…"

"Stop your complaining, you're stuck here, and so are we. Deal with it!" Renei snapped back to the black-haired girl. The small, light-green, plant-like creature that was at Miyamo's side edged away from the three, becoming a little nervous. Miyamo turned away from the three that sat before her and crossed her arms.

"I hope we get out of here soon...!" Miyamo muttered angrily.

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