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"Stop your complaining, you're stuck here, and so are we. Deal with it!" Renei snapped back to the black-haired girl. The small, light-green, plant-like creature that was at Miyamo's side edged away from the three, becoming a little nervous. Miyamo turned away from the three that sat before her and crossed her arms.

"I hope we get out of here soon...!" Miyamo muttered angrily.

Chapter Two


Renei, Kane, Nika and Miyamo sat there in the clearing without saying a word to one another for easily fifteen minutes till the small Digimon began to tense and then look behind them quickly. Torimon sniffed the air, her eyes dilated and then she quickly turned to Renei and her friends and shouted, "run!"

"What? Why!?" Renei suddenly asked, getting up as her younger sister picked up Meriimon and looked over to Kane. Torimon looked up at Renei and then started to bounce into the bushes while replying with, "There's an unfamiliar scent in the air, just run!" All the teens and their Digimon partners began to run, pushing branches and large leaves out of their way. The team snapped all kinds of twigs and even got caught in thick spider webs before Kane ran into someone.

"Hey, watch it!" came the voice. Miyamo looked towards the voice and then asked, "Eriko? Is that you?" She inched up a bit with Budmon following behind her. The person that Kane had run into walked into view, a small, yellowish ghost Digimon with bright, ghostly blue eyes was behind him.

"Yeah, I'm Eriko… what are you three doing here as well? Nika? I thought…" He had started, looking around at the people that were there. Nika looked up at him and said, "I was staying with my dad… but then I ended up here after getting knocked out for whatever reason…"

"Sounds like how I got here…" Eriko replied, looking a little thoughtful. Renei looked at her other classmate and responded, "I think that's how we all got here…" The blue haired female looked around and let out a sigh. She then looked back from where she and the others came and turned back to her friends then to the small, ghost-like Digimon that hovered by Eriko's side. It smiled back at Renei and then hovered closer to her.

"I'm Kakemon!" it introduced and cackled. Kakemon then twirled in place and quickly hovered back over to Eriko. Kane hid a smile to the Digimon's reaction and then also looked to where Renei was looking a moment earlier. He saw big leaves rustling in the distance and quickly turned to the others.

"Um… I don't think we should just be standing here." Kane said, glancing back for a split second and then scooping Tsunamon into his arms.

"What, you see or hear something?" Miyamo scoffed, again, placing her hands on her hips. Her cynical expression quickly fell as a roar uttered loudly from behind them and a large black creature showed itself. It easily towered over the teens that stood there and it had three different heads, each with crimson red eyes glaring down at them. The middle head resembled that of a dragon with curved horns on the side of it's head; the one on the right looked like a lion's, it's mane was mangled and messy; the last head on the left looked like a giant eagle's head, it's glossy black beak shone in what little sunlight was there. The rest of the creature's body looked like a mixture of animal parts, all mixed together in an orderly fashion so that the creature could do what it had to.

"I-it's Ch-Ch-Chimeramon…" Budmon stuttered, creeping herself behind Miyamo to hide from the large black Digimon that stood before them. Chimeramon ignored the smaller Digimon and the dragon head bent down to be face to face with Renei. She held her ground, but Chimeramon did intimidate her with those unforgiving red eyes and malevolent expression.

"You humans aren't welcome here…" Chimeramon said loudly, it's rancid breath making tears come to Renei's eyes as she endured all of what the Digimon had said. She coughed momentarily and then turned her gaze back up to meet Cimeramon's and then replied, "well, sorry to be a bother, but we can't seem to get out."

"Lies!" the eagle head screamed, one of the large cloven hooves rose and Chimeramon slammed it on the ground next to Renei. She lost her balance and fell, though her fall was quickly broken by Kane's arms as he rushed over to prevent her from hitting the ground.

"Don't do that to Renei! She didn't do anything to you!! Bubble Blow!" Torimon shouted, opening her mouth wide and issuing forth a fast stream of bubbles. The red eyes of the dragon head looked over to Torimon and one of the five tails that Chimeramon had lashed out and hit her. She sailed back into a tree and then hit the ground, obviously she was too weak to fight anything.

"Silence, annoyance." The dragon head hissed and then turned it's attention back to Renei, "explain yourself… and those around you…"

Renei looked around, kind of shrugged and replied, "I don't really know how I can… one minute, we were in our world and now we're here in your world… We can't really say how it happened because we all became unconscious before we got here."

"She lies! She lies!!" the eagle squalled again, Chimeramon rose it's foot again and slammed on the ground once more in anger. This time both Kane and Renei lost their balance and fell to the ground, watching as Chimeramon slammed it's hoof again.

"I say we just destroy them and get it over with… Humans are no longer allowed here in the first place…" the lion reasoned, hunger was clear in his face and his red eyes shone with malice. The dragon head chuckled in agreement and the eagle head squawked in delight.

"Electro Claw!" came a somewhat different voice as three streaks of yellow light slammed into one of the heads of Chimeramon. An orange cat-like creature came into view. It came up to Renei's calves and very small, yellowish horns protruded from it's forehead. This new creature also topaz yellow eyes and had a blue fire symbol between the horns and a jagged stripe across it's snout. There were also three jagged stripes down it's back and horseshoe looking marks that were on the shoulders and thighs. Lastly, the cat-like creature had two ribbon-like tails.

"I told you not to do that to Renei." The orange creature growled, narrowing her eyes at Chimeramon and walking around to where she was in front of the small group that Renei was with.

"To… Torimon…?" Renei asked, unsure of what happened. The cat-like Digimon looked back for a moment and replied, "I am now Ocelemon…" Chimeramon laughed at this and then said, "yes… and what is a rookie level Digimon like you going to do to a champion level Digimon like me?"

Ocelemon kind of grinned and then replied, "run." The teens and the other Digimon quickly got the message and began to run in the opposite direction of Chimeramon, once again having to push branches and leaves out of their way. Nika tripped on an upturned root and Meriimon fell from her grasp.

"Renei, help!" Nika shouted to her sister, quickly looking behind her and seeing that Chimeramon was coming after them. Meriimon's light green gaze turned up to the black Digimon and she quickly began to change. The small ears on her head began to elongate and so did the rest of her body till she looked like a rabbit. Pastel markings were all over her body and her eyes were a darker shade of green.

"Power Kick!" the new creature shouted, jumping into the air and landing a solid kick on the lion's snout. It roared in anger and the bunny Digimon went back to Nika as quickly as she could and got her back up on her feet. Nika started to run to the rest of the group that she was with while the new rabbit-like Digimon hopped on all fours beside her.

"Keep running, Nika! Don't look back!" the Digimon next to her said, a few paces ahead of her. Nika looked down to the bunny-like Digimon and nodded in agreement as she caught up with her sister and the others. The heads of Chimeramon howled with anger which echoed throughout the forest. Though the eagle's head squalls pierced through the air louder than both the dragon or lion's head, making the teenagers stop and clasp their hands over their ears and making the Digimon shudder.

"We still have to run away!" Miyamo shouted, starting forward once again. The others mentally agreed and started forward as well. The roars and squalling stopped and the Digimon and teens felt the ground beneath them start to shake as a loud, galloping sound was heard from behind them.

Kane looked back and then shouted to the others, "it's after us again!" As soon as he said this, Ocelemon, Tekorimon and Tsunamon stopped and did an about face so that they were turned towards Chimeramon.

Renei stopped and said, "Ocelemon… what are you guys doing?! That thing is after us!" Ocelemon looked back then faced Chimeramon once more while replying with, "We'll hold him off for the time being… we're being what you would call a decoy. Get ahead of us, we'll catch up!" The blue-haired girl hesitated, though started to catch up with the others.

Chimeramon stopped as soon as it reached the three smaller Digimon. All of the heads started to laugh, "is this some kind of joke!?" the lion's head roared. Ocelemon too this opportunity to attack, "Electro Claw!" she shouted once more, swiping her paw forward and issuing another series of electrical surges towards Chimeramon. It hit the lion's head in the neck, but made no abrasions.

"Rookie Digimon like you need to learn their place…" the dragon's head sneered, ceasing his laughter and blowing a stream of black fire towards Ocelemon. She was enveloped and she roared in pain. Tekorimon decided that she could stand around no longer, jumping up, she aimed herself towards an open spot near Chimeramon's dragon head and then did a flurry of kicks on it's cheek. The eagle head noticed this and was about to attack the small bunny-like Digimon as the dragon's head ceased blowing fire.

"Oh no you don't! Tsunamon, Digivolve to…" the smaller of four Digimon started, jumping up towards the eagle head and starting to change in shape. The blade on it's head turned into a yellow horn and it gained six limbs; two sets of arms and a pair of legs. He was covered in blue fur, except for on the stomach, where there were red markings.

"Garurumon! Water Blaster!" The Digivolved Digimon finished, spitting out a strong stream of water towards the eagle's head. With all of the attacks combined, it made Chimeramon stagger back, a little shocked of the rookie Digimon's teamwork. The lion and dragon's heads snarled and the eagle's head squawked in anger. Chimeramon reared up and then brought all of it's weight down, making a small earthquake in the area that they were in.

"Fine… you win… for now, tell your other Digimon and human friends that you haven't seen the last of us… Be warned, the Followers of Chimeramon are everywhere…" Chimeramon warned before spreading out it's large, leathery wings and becoming air born. Ocelemon, Tekorimon and Garurumon watched as Chimeramon flew away and then disappeared out of sight.

"Ocelemon… are you okay?" Tekorimon asked, a look of worry on her bunny face as Ocelemon staggered towards where the other Digimon and the teens ran. The orange cat-like Digimon had burn marks on her and on her fur.

"They still hurt…" Ocelemon replied, still walking forward with a limp. Tsunamon ran forward and stood on one side of his friend for balance support while Tekorimon took the other side. Ocelemon smiled at her friends help and weakly thanked them. The three of them walked slowly for about thirty minutes till they reached another clearing where the human teens and the other Digimon were.

"Ocelemon!!" Renei gasped as the three rookie Digimon approached, "God… Ocelemon, are you okay?" The blue-haired girl placed her hands on her cat-like companion and observed the burns that marked her body. Eriko and Miyamo ran over to wee what Renei was talking about. Renei then took her backpack off and then opened it, rummaging around in it for her first-aid kit. She found it and pulled it out, quickly opening it and pulling out gauze bandages and alcohol wipes.

"You brought that with you even though you were going to visit your Grandma?" Kane asked, a little shocked that Renei had it. Renei was wiping at the burns with the alcohol wipes and then quickly bandaged the wounds while replying to Kane, "yeah… My grandma is so old fashioned, she uses herbs…. Anyways, Ocelemon's like this and that's all you can say?"

"Sorry… I was just a little surprised… happily surprised, that you had it…" Kane responded, looking over to Garurumon and then asking, "are you… a different form of Tsunamon?" The blue-furred creature nodded and said, "I'm Garurumon."

Tekorimon hopped over to Nika and was quickly embraced, "I'm glad that you came back unhurt!" Nika told her Digimon companion, "by the way… what's your new name?" The bunny-like Digimon looked up and said, "It's Tekorimon!" Both Nika and Tekorimon looked over to Renei and Ocelemon.

"I shall be okay…" Ocelemon said to everyone, "Chimeramon's Black Flame that he used was only to 'teach me a lesson.' It wasn't the full power Black Flame." Ocelemon rested her head on the ground and closed her eyes, exhausted from the chase, battle and her wounds. Eriko looked from Ocelemon to the others, "it's starting to get dark and the Digimon are obviously exhausted… I say we should set up camp…"

"I agree with Eriko…" Renei said, getting up and carrying Ocelemon with her to a different spot. Kane followed after his childhood friend and Miyamo asked Eriko, "so what? Are we going to set up a campfire, or what?"

"Well... yeah," Eriko replied, looking towards the forest. He started into it, Kakemon following him. Miyamo stepped forward and stopped Eriko by grabbing onto his arm, "you're not going in there by yourself are you? Think about reasonably, that creature seems really strong and demanding… it may have minions scattered all over this, this world that we're in…"

"You're right…" Eriko said, "I didn't think about that till you mentioned it. Why don't you come with me?" A look of fear quickly flashed on Miyamo's face and she let go of the red-head.

"Uhh… me? Are… are there bugs in there?" Miyamo shakily asked, smiling to hide her fear. Budmon looked up to Miyamo and laughed, "There are bug-like Digimon… a lot of them are poisonous too." This made up Miyamo's mind.

"Hey Kane!" Miyamo yelled to the dirty blond. Kane got up and walked over to Miyamo and Eriko, "yeah, what do you guys want?" Miyamo pushed Kane towards Eriko and quickly told him, "ha, ha… You and Eriko have to go and gather firewood… while me and… Uhh, Budmon, Nika and Tekorimon go gather edible plants and stuff, yeah, that's what we'll do."

"Well this is a little abrupt, Miyamo…" Kane replied as Garurumon broke away from Ocelemon and followed after him. Miyamo laughed nervously and then started to push both boys in the forest, "a ha, ha… well, you might wanna gather that firewood so we can make a fire… keep those nasty buggies away! A ha, ha…" As soon as both boys were in the forest, Miyamo ran back to the safety of the clearing and looked towards Renei.

"Hey… Nika…" Miyamo called over to the younger of the blue-haired girls. Nika walked over with Tekorimon hopping by her side. The black-haired girl looked up at Renei's younger sister and asked, "why don't you, me, Budmon and Tekorimon go and gather edible plants here in this world according to the Digimon?" Nika looked to her older sister and then nodded to Miyamo. The two of them with their Digimon friends walked to a nearby tree that Tekorimon led them to and picked the fruit growing on it.

Renei was still nursing the rest of Ocelemon's wounds and sat there stroking her head when she finished. The blue-haired girl whispered, " I should have stopped you and the others from fighting with Chimeramon… but if I did… who knows how long we would have been chased. It's just… I can't stand seeing my friends getting hurt at all…" Renei continued stroking Ocelemon's head. Before she knew it, fifteen minutes has passed. Kane, Eriko, Garurumon and Kakemon had come back from gathering firewood and Miyamo, Nika, Budmon and Tekorimon had finished gathering the fruit from the tree.

Renei hesitantly left Ocelemon and got her bag from where she set it and then helped Kane set up campfire. When they finished, Kane stood up and crossed his arms, "now… the question is… how do we get a decent fire out of this…?"

"I can help with that…" said Ocelemon as she weakly made her way to the campfire. Renei quickly said, "but your wounds, you need to rest!" The orange cat-like Digimon ignored Renei's protests and silently said, " Blue Sparks…" she blew three small blue fire balls onto the campfire and backed up as the flames engulfed the wood and started to spread on the campfire.

"Don't worry about me Renei… the pain has ceased…" Ocelemon told her human partner, "the thing about Ocelemon… is that we heal fast. When we Digivolve into Ferugamon, we can heal others with the ability Healing Breath."

"It is getting late though…" Renei started, "all of us shall have to rest up so we have strength for tomorrow."


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