Ginny lay in bed thinking.

It was over, the war was over, Voldemort was dead, she lost members of her family and friends, but the person that mattered most, was lying next to her. His breath touching the back of her neck, she could feel is warm hand on her lower belly getting a chill every time he stirred and gently ran his fingers across her sensitive skin.

She wasn't even sure he knew she was there. Ron had switched rooms with her after Harry had fallen asleep. She knew he would want someone there with him, even if he couldn't admit it, so she crawled into bed next to him while Ron went to see Hermione.

She turned around to face him, moving her head close to his, lightly brushing his dry lips, but not quite kissing them. His lips parted slightly but he continued to sleep soundly. Watching him sleeping made her feel like she was going to cry, it wasn't like her to get weepy, but she figured it was only natural to feel this way, she felt so cheerless, and yet so content all at once, but totally at peace.

She had to keep telling herself the same thing over and over again to make sure it was real. He did it, he defeated 'He Who Must Not Be Named', the wizarding world is safe and we can be together again.

She laid her hand on his collar bone, tracing it with her fingers, and ran slowly down his bare chest making him breathe out heavily but still hardly made any noise. She watched his sleeping face, and longed to look into his green eyes, but knew better then to wake him just then.

Harry's fingertips touched her hand lightly as if making sure she was real, and moved slowly up her arm and neck then touched her face. She closed her eyes; she could feel the weight he had to carry, knowing that at that moment she needed to carry him. Then his hand fell back to the blankets. She opened her eyes and laced her fingers with his over the top of his hand and she rolled over, draping his arm over her body and pulling his hand up to her heart. He nuzzled his head in the back of her neck and breathed deeply in and out of his nose, she could feel the breath graze her back and his slow steady heartbeat.

She looked up at the clock; it was almost 5 in the morning. She knew she had to go downstairs to her own room and fetch Ron, so her mother wouldn't have a heart attack. Plus, who knows what Ron and Hermione could be doing. It took everything in her power to get up. She didn't want to leave him there. She slowly tried to sit up but Harry reached out and touched the small her back.

"Stay here" he breathed, barley able to open his mouth to get the words out. His eyes were still closed. She thought about it for a moment. Not even mum would try to separate us now, when we need each other so badly.

She sighed and lay back down "of course I'll stay" she said in his ear, he shuddered at the sound of her voice.

She closed her eyes and smiled to herself. At that moment, she felt nothing but happiness throughout her whole body. She snuggled up to Harry as close as she could get, almost like he could disappear at any moment, he moaned almost inaudibly. She felt warm and comfortable next to him; she pulled the blankets over them both, and slowly closed her eyes, unable to stay awake any longer.

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