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Sun was leaking into the bedroom.

Ginny's eyes started to flicker open; she turned to look at Harry. Seeing him in the light just about broke her heart. His chest and arms were covered in welts, bruises, cuts, you name it, his hair was messier than usual, and one of his cheeks was a sort of reddish purple color.

She hesitated slightly, than placed her hand very lightly on the side of his face.

His eyes started to open and he gazed at her warmly. She lay back down slowly as he fallowed her movements with his green eyes.

He rolled on his side and leaned over her slightly on his arm. With his other arm he played with her long red hair.

"Good morning" Ginny said her voice cracked.

He moved his face down closer to hers and looked at her for a few seconds.

He face was serious, but there was an undeniable longing in his expression, like he was genuinely appreciative of her presence.

He kissed her softly at first and stopped to look at her again. Than kissed her for a second time more deeply. Moving from her lips to her neck, then along her collar bone, he closed his eyes and brushed his cheek across her chest.

"Ginny.." His voice was exceedingly unsteady and he broke into a brief sob he was unable to keep to himself.

Ginny held his face steady, running one of her hands over his cheek and through his thick messy hair.

He rolled onto his back, holding her hand tightly and pulled himself together.

"…So it's over?" he asked her, turning his head to get a better look at her, already knowing the answer.

"mmhm" she replied, smiling at him timidly yet confidently giving his hand a squeeze.

Harry placed his lips on hers once again for what seemed like time without end.

She giggled into his mouth.

"mmwhat" he replied into her lips smiling.

She started to reply when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She pulled away and the doorknob started to turn.

Mrs. Weasley creaked open the door enough to stick her head in. Her face was all blotchy and red like she had been crying just moments before.

At first she looked enraged to see Ginny and Harry lying there, but then her face softened a great deal.

Ginny pleaded with her mother using her eyes.

She sighed at the look on her daughters face. "Very well" she said quietly, mostly to herself.

She abruptly switched back into mom-mode "behave yourselves" she said eying the two. She took a last glance at them and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

They remained in a comfortable silence for a while.

Harry rubbed his stomach and made a face like he was debating something with himself.

"I'm hungry" he finally said, blushing faintly.

Ginny laughed at this remark "I'm not sure if mum will be up for cooking right now, but lets go see what we can find downstairs."

"Sounds good to me" Harry replied.

They got up slowly, both a tad reluctant to move from the comfort of Ron's little attic bedroom and the company of one another being so close.

When they reached the kitchen Mrs. Weasley was, to both to Harry and Ginny's surprise, in the kitchen making breakfast while Mr. Weasley sat at the table reading the paper looking up at the two coming downstairs.

He stood up to give Harry a hug. He obliged and hugged him back. They remained there for a moment or two.

"Well" Mr. Weasley said releasing him and looking down at Harry's disheveled appearance. "Hungry?"

"Course" came a voice from the bottom of the stairs.

Ron was entering the kitchen holding Hermione's hand, whose pink cheeks gave her a definite glow as she took the sleeve of Ron's robe with her other hand.

The four of them sat down at the table as Mrs. Weasley put food on their plates.

People eventually started to pile into the kitchen, some happily, some miserably.

Everyone ate their meal in silence, except for George who didn't eat anything at all. The grief would pass though, with time. Everyone knew that. But they were together, and they were safe, and without speaking, they consoled each other, just by being there sharing the morning as a family.

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