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Bella: Hi Edward.

Edward: Hello Bella.

Bella: So, you got a minute online? I didn't think you would...

Edward: I have as long as I'd like.

Bella: Ooh, that's good. I miss you.

Edward: I miss you too Bella. So what did you do today?

Bella: Nothing interesting.

Edward: I disagree. Most things you do are interesting.

Bella: Like what?!

Edward: Everything.

Bella: Uh huh... If you say so.

Edward: So are you going to tell me?

Bella: What?

Edward: What you did today, Bella.

Bella: I went shopping.

Edward: Bella! I am disappointed. Why on earth did you not wait for Alice...

Bella: Grocery shopping Edward. Geez.

Edward: Oh. Oops.

Bella: Ha ha.

Edward: That's all you did today?

Bella: Yes.

Edward: No. I'm not stupid.

Bella: I never said you were...

Edward: Bella? What else did you do today?

Bella: Ha! You can't dazzle me over the computer!!!

Edward: I think I'll have to get a webcam...

Bella: NO!

Edward: Haha. We'll see.

Bella: Whatever Edward.

Edward: Bella, I'm going to ask you one more time. What happened today? It can't be anything really bad.

Edward: Bella?

Edward: BELLA?!

Bella: Okay! Okay!

Edward: So?

Bella: So I had an incident in the grocery store...

Edward: Uh huh...

Bella: Well┘ I was pushing my cart and then I kind of went to turn around, and I knocked over a pile of canned soup. And then I tripped over the wheel, and fell right on top of the pile... It wasn't a good expirience.

Bella: Edward!

Bella: Edward stop laughing, it isn't funny!


Edward: No Bella! Relax. I wasn't laughing.

Bella: Mmm...

Edward: Okay, so maybe I was a little... Be happy Emmett isn't here.

Bella: Edward!!!

Edward: Sorry Bella. But only you could find trouble in a grocery store.

Bella: Yeah, well... Mike Newton was there too.

Edward: Oh?

Bella: Yeah. He found it quite amusing. But he helped me put all the soup back.

Edward: Great.

Bella: Edward, no need to be jealous ;) He just took me to dinner and a movie after and then drove me home.

Edward: He what?!

Bella: I'm joking! Hahahaha!!!!

Edward: Hmph.

Bella: Oh Edward... As IF.

Edward: Yeah. But I believed you for a minute.

Bella: Good. Payback.

Edward: Hmm...

Bella: So you'll be home tomorrow? In the morning?

Edward: Yes, love. I'll be there when you wake up.

Bella: Okay. I have to write an email back to Renee now. Before she freaks out too much.

Edward: Okay. I'll let you do that. Don't knock over any more cans of soup while I'm away. I want to rescue you next time.

Bella: Shut up Edward.

Edward: I love you too Bella...

Bella: Hmph. Fine.

Edward: Goodbye Bella. I miss you. See you tomorrow.

Bella: Kay. Love you.

Edward: Bye.

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