Taken Place

The meeting of the Autobots was finally over. Bumblebee was free like a wind, and he drove home, to Sam.

It was a beautiful day. Sun in the sky, birds in the trees, and…

…Trent's truck in Bee's usual parking place.

Bumblebee suppressed an instant fit of anger and tuned his audio sensors towards the house. No sounds of a fight. Sam was in the hall, arguing with Trent about something in a not very friendly manner, but there seemed to be no signs of danger.

And that meant he had time to teach Trent a lesson the boy wouldn't forget soon.

The Autobot glanced around in search of curious eyes. The street was empty, so his transformation wouldn't be noticed. He acted fast and quiet. All the while smirking inwardly and anticipating the results of his actions.

Satisfied, he folded into his Camaro form and activated his hologram. Whistling a catchy tune, he headed to the house and opened the door.

"Guess what, Sam?" he called out loud, invisible to the two boys yet. Not waiting for an answer, he continued. "Some guy parked his truck outside. Upside down." Bee laughed merrily, entering the hall. Two sets of eyes stared at the newcomer in confusion. Bee's gaze met Trent's, and the holo's smile widened. "It's yours, huh?" He motioned behind his back with his thumb. "Will you teach me that?"

Trent just glared at Bumblebee in stupor that was quickly turning into panic and then rage. 5.68 seconds later he exploded into motion, rushing to the exit and muttering the curses that could put Ironhide to shame.

Sam gave Bumblebee a questioning look. The holo shrugged. "He took my usual place."

Sam's understanding smile was brilliant. Giggling like mad, he ran after the football player. "Uh… Trent? Stay on the path, if you please!"