I haven't written in months! I had to write a simple fic that's been nagging at me for a while :3

Title: Truth or Dare!

Time: About an hour, I'm guessing.

Words: I'll get the word count later, lol!
Pairings: Many. Let's just say that the main ones will be XemSai and XigDem.

Rating: T, for colorful language and other stuff.

Disclaimer: I don't own KH, because if I did, you wouldn't imagine the things I'd make them do in that castle xD

Now, there were many things Saïx absolutely wanted to hear. And for some reason, they always consisted of three words.

One such phrase was "Saïx, dinner's ready."

Another was "Good job, Saïx."
One he secretly wanted to hear from a certain someone was "My office, tonight."

Maybe, if he was even lucky, one day he could hear "I love you."

And then came the three-worded sentences that he didn't want to hear. There were too many to count. However, Saïx hadn't expected three very innocent words to get up there on the hate list.

"Truth or dare!!"

Damn Demyx and his damn foolish games.

It had all started at the week's first meeting. It was an early start of the week and a lot of the members were bored out of their minds, not to mention tired. Xemnas had been rambling about the week's schedule and where to send the unoccupied members and whatnot. It seemed that the only ones who were actually listening to the Superior speak were Xigbar [who didn't really seem that interested either and Saïx, no surprise there.

Demyx's aqua-colored eyes had been intently focused on Xigbar, watching every movement he made and listening to every comment that he happened to blurt out every few seconds. The nocturne hadn't really listened at all that well, though, he had just really wanted to hear his voice. He did, however, catch the last few words.

"…and besides, Xem-dude, this is boring! We need to liven up things a lil' bit sometime, hm?"

Cue Demyx's random outburst of said suggested game.

Now everyone was sitting around, actually paying attention not to the Superior, but the ninth member who had been so brave as to yell out those three words.

"Truth or dare, Demy?" Axel smirked as he rested his elbow on a white armrest, then settled his chin upon his tilted palm. His emerald green eyes seemed to twinkle with a malicious gleam. "Don'tcha remember what happened last time you and I did that?"

"I sure do…" Roxas suddenly muttered, folding his arms and looking down. "Had to come and give me a swirlie, now didn't you. Fucked up my hair for the rest of my nobody life!"

The room went silent for a while. Not one of the members had really expected the young anybody to curse.

"But this time, we can all do it! And, and it'll be fun!" Demyx held on to the armrests as he leaned forward on the edge of his seat. "Now that we're all here! It'll be fun, I promise!"

"Your definition of 'fun' is not like the others'." Zexion grumbled, leaning back in his chair. "I personally hate this idea." He tilted his head, letting his silver hair flop down and ripple slightly as he turned to look over at one of his comrades. "What's your opinion, Lex?"


Of course, everybody had expected a reply like that.

"I say we vote." Came Xigbar's curt reply, up all the way near the highest chairs. He liked being second in the organization- he got the second-highest chair! He could just look down at pretty much everyone and mock them for looking like ants from that view.

"I mean, I 'dunno, the kid's got a pretty interesting idea."

Demyx couldn't have smiled wider. It was awesome enough that someone agreed to go with his idea, but for that someone to be Xigbar. The Freeshooter. The one that Demyx had made his personal idol. Xigbar.

"Very well." Finally came Xemnas's own reply. He looked around at his members, only noticing that very few were looking back up at him. Some were either just about to really fall asleep [cough Vexen cough and some seemed like they really just didn't want to be there that day [cough Larxene cough.

"Who says we not play this little game?" the gray-haired man looked around the white room. He only saw four hands raised. Four? It would have come to him that more than that would have wanted to go to their rooms and do something else. Guess not.

After a while, III, VI, VII, and XIII let their black coated arms fall slowly towards them and rest on their laps.

"So…" orange eyes flickered around the meeting room one last time. Xemnas began to think, to only deepen the silence and add more suspense. If only four members had raised their hands to not play the game…it was pretty obvious that more would raise their hands in agreement to play it, and they would end up finding themselves in a few rounds of Truth or Dare.

"All who think should play-"
"ME!!" Demyx frantically waved his arm high, making it almost a black blur since he swung it around so wildly.

Reluctantly, five other members raised their hands. Xigbar, Axel, Luxord, Marluxia, and finally, Larxene.

Xemnas looked at each of them questionably, as if expecting to hear a reason for agreeing to play this little game.

Xigbar looked up with a fanged grin. "Sounds fun."

Xemnas's gaze wandered over to Axel next, who snickered. "It was fun last time!"

Luxord merely shrugged. "Why not?"

Marluxia flicked his hand, summoning a rose. He pressed the petals softly to his nose and smirked. "Might as well."

Larxene just folded her arms and almost seemed to cackle evilly. "I can't wait to see the poor bastard that get my dare."

The corner of Xemnas's lips twitched upwards into a small smile. He hadn't really expected that such a simple yet dumb idea would get voted so positively. However, it wasn't like he had a choice anymore. "Then by overall count, we're going to play."

Demyx did an out-of-character "Squee!" and pumped his fist in the air, obviously showing how excited he was. Only three people dared chuckle, and that was Axel, Roxas, and Xigbar. The others simply stared with an odd intent to jump up and strangle the nocturne. Saïx seemed just about ready to leap up and do it, too, when Xemnas's voice rose again, quickly calming the beast.

"Dismissed…we'll meet each other at Havoc's Divide. Be there in approximately an hour- I need to shower." Xemnas sighed and closed his eyes, tapping his forehead with his fingers slightly as he waited for the others to go. He'd always wait for them to go first, then he would make his grant exit.

"Heh, Xemmy's a poet." Axel smirked and folded his arms, letting the darkness swallow him into another portal. The other members soon followed, leaving their seats in a completely random order. The only one who stayed behind was Saïx, and he was not amused.

"Sir, I'm going to have to talk to you about-"
"I said dismissed, didn't I?"

Saïx seemed slightly taken aback and slumped back in his chair a little, then nodded. "Yes, Xemnas, but really-"

"Then why are you still here?"

"Listen to me, for once in your damn life!!!"

Vivid sunset eyes shot open at the loud and clear remark. Said owner of those eyes tilted his head slightly, letting those gray bangs sway slightly above his tanned face as he examined Saïx curiously. What made him think he had the right to raise his voice like that?

It took a while for Saïx to realize just how loudly he had shouted. Meekly he coughed and looked down, letting his azure-colored hair cover up his face in order to hide the oncoming blush. "I- sorry, sir, I didn't mean to-"

"You have my attention now, use it wisely, Saïx."

Said diviner looked up at the mentioning of his name.

"Sir, this idea is truly idiotic. And all of the members didn't even vote!"

"You would have still been truly outnumbered." Xemnas chuckled as he leapt off the chair, leaving Saïx to watch with his mouth dangling open as he descended towards the bottom of the large room. He eventually reached the bottom, steadying himself in a crouching position so he didn't break anything as he made compact with the ground. Finally, he stood straight up and looked towards the ceiling, spotting Saïx. A small smirk danced across his face as he watched him make a portal and reappear next to him.

Figures. He was brave enough to try and kill everything in his path during his berserk mode, and yet he wasn't brave enough to jump off of his chair.

"Besides…" Xemnas paced in a full circle around the diviner, his gloved hands clasped firmly behind his coated back as he walked along. "Don't you think it'll be fun?"

Saïx's right eyebrow lifted. He seemed a little bit surprised. His Superior had just used 'fun' in a sentence. "You can't be serious, sir."

"Ah, I see." Xemnas stopped in front of the seventh member and grinned widely. "You're frightened."

"Scared? Heh, I'm incapable of that."

"Doesn't seem like it."

Saïx looked down, thinking of some witty comeback to use against the man he couldn't even look at straight in the face without his own cheeks heating up.

"See ya at Havoc's Divide, Saïx." Xemnas patted his sub-ordinate's shoulder gently as he threw his other arm to the side, creating a dark portal. With a small smile he walked through and disappeared, leaving the diviner to think alone for a while.

"Who knows…perhaps it will be…fun."

Cliffhanger 3

I'll start writing Chapter 2 of this when I get amused enough. I have yet to think of some lively dares. If you have any suggestions, PM me!