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Chapter 1

The weather was icy; the bright blue sky with its shining sun covered up by gray clouds. No one was out; everyone was at home, bundled up in front of their fireplaces. Everyone, that is, except for a lone hedgehog. His fur was jet black, his eyes were blood red, and his name was Shadow.

Shadow didn't mind the cold, it hadn't bothered him and it emptied streets, meaning he wouldn't be disturbed. Right now he needed the quiet; his mind was racing with thoughts. He had recovered his memories and beat the amnesia, but for some strange reason he felt like there was something… missing. Surely this was normal; after all, he could never be sure that he'd remembered everything, especially since he lived 50 years ago, before anyone else he knew was born. He should be grateful that'd he'd at least solved the mystery of Maria's identity. Even if there was more he hadn't remembered, it really shouldn't matter now.

Suddenly, a blast of wind rushed past the hedgehog, brushing against his uncovered arm and causing him to pause.

'That wind… it's not natural.' He thought. He looked up and found a small trail in the dust, most likely left by whatever had just rushed by. Shadow immediately picked up speed, he was curious to know what had caused the draft. But he didn't have far to go, because 10 yards away a large cloud of dust formed, the shadow of a figure visible in it.

Shadow watched as the dust settled, the image of the person now much clearer. It was a hedgehog, only maybe 2-3 inches shorter than Shadow himself. She looked a lot like him too, with ebony quills with crimson streaks, the same blood red eyes. Her quills, though, were slightly longer, or maybe they just looked that way because they stuck out a lot more than his own. She was wearing large, slightly baggy black jeans, a red long sleeved shirt with a very large black t-shirt over it, and her sneakers were exactly the same as Shadow's.

"Hello Shadow," she said, her voice was calm, but it was also slightly icy, as though she was mad. But what struck Shadow as strange was the way she'd said it, it made him feel like she'd said it so often it was like a reflect.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" Shadow asked, the anger in his voice reflecting the confusion he felt.

"You mean you don't remember me? I thought you'd gotten you're memory back? Oh, great, now what am I supposed to do?" She said the last part in a much lower voice, obviously to herself.

"No, I do not know you, and yes, I do have my memory back."

"You mean, you thought you did, because if you actually had it back, you'd know me." The girl pressed, but Shadow had absolutely no clue who she was. And her attitude was really starting to annoy him.

"You can't expect me to remember everything, so you could just tell me who you are." He said; the anger much more apparent now.

"You won't believe me, but because I need your help I'll tell you. My name is Silhouette, and I am your younger sister." The girl, Silhouette, answered, hurriedly. She made sure she had her eyes on Shadow though, because she wanted to see his reaction. Shadow didn't disappoint, a look of bewilderment was evident on his face. But as quickly as it appeared it was replaced with one of disbelief and, maybe, anger.

"Here, read this since you don't believe me." The girl said as she threw something at Shadow. It was a sheet of paper, folded up a few times and worn from age.

'Project: Silhouette is continuing to excel as is Project: Shadow. We have finally perfected the enhancement serum and the researchers are planning to inject it into Project: Silhouette soon. If it works, her strength and power will be enhanced 100 fold and she should be as strong, if not stronger than Shadow.'

"Where did you get this?" Shadow asked, completely in awe at what he'd read. Silhouette merely shrugged and answered "Photocopied it from the Professor's diary back on ARK."

"But, you know, this doesn't prove that you're my sister." Shadow pointed out. Unfortunately, Shadow hadn't counted on the girl having such a short temper, so he wasn't expecting her to yell.

"Believe what you want, but I've come all this way to ask for your help. Apparently, you don't care, so I'll be going." Silhouette said, turning around to leave. But before she took a single step, her body began to glow red.

"Damn it…" Shadow heard her mutter before she took off.

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