Hey guys, guess what? I'm alive!! And so is this fic, though I have to admit I'm not too proud of this chapter. I've never been good at writing fight scenes, they are too intricate for me. Plus, I've lost my writings for this chapter twice, and I lost inspiration as well. But, after almost 6 whole months with no updates, I give you chapter 12.

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Chapter 12

…And with that, the black hedgehog charged at her older brother, with every intention to kill.

There was no sign of hesitation in her moves as she ran into the room, her punch landing on Shadow's cheek and pushing him into a large empty room along with her. Shadow stood up, relatively unharmed unless you counted the throbbing of his now heavily bruised face, which he didn't. Something was off about this scene; the girl in front of him was not the same one that he'd met up with earlier, and she certainly wasn't the same one from his memories. This girl was angry, no, fuming with so much raw emotion that you could practically see smoke come off of her. Actually…

Silhouette was hunched over the ground, 2 feet and a palm pressed hard against the floor, it looked as though she was trying to push through the floor and, at the same time, Shadow had a feeling that she was trying to keep her balance. And it was no wonder why; a sickly purple-black colored fog was pushing itself out of her pores, and the feel and thickness of it was making Shadow feel… blood lusty. It didn't take him long to recognize the feeling, it was so reminiscent of the Chaos energy that Doom was giving him… negative Chaos energy. He was at a loss as to why there was so much of it in her; she hadn't been like this a few hours ago, but he made sure to stay on guard. Negative Chaos energy was powerful, and in the hands of an insane hedgehog who knew what could happen.

After a bought of heavy breathing, the girl stood up straight again and quickly bolted down the room to where Shadow had moved. This time he was too quick for her, and her kick missed. Shadow seized the opportunity when she was regaining her footing to slam her into a wall. He wanted some answers, and he was going to get them now.

"What the hell's you're problem! What have I ever done to you that you feel I need to repent with my life!"

And for a second the air in the room stopped moving. Silhouette's eyes, which still lacked their whites and pupils, betrayed no emotion, but for a moment they widened as though she was… surprised. It was brief moment, though, and a second later they were narrowed in anger again.

"What… what did you do?" Her voice had 2 tones now, the one that sounded like her, and one that sounded… malevolent. Her own voice was louder now, though, and she sounded like she thought his question was ludicrous. She inhaled sharply, before repeating,

"What did you do!?" This time her voice was greatly overshadowed by the darker one, and that, paired with her look, would be enough to intimidate a normal person. But Shadow wasn't normal, and so he stared her down as his patience wore thinner.

"You've made my life a living hell, that's what you did. You used to be a real brother, and as much as having me around annoyed the hell out of you you still helped me when I needed it! And then all of a sudden you just snapped and started acting like the pompous king of the whole damn Earth and A.R.K! You treated me like I was gum stuck to the sole of your damn shoes, never once did you ask me if I was alright when I clearly wasn't, and you used to freakin drag me to the test room even though they came close to murdering me in there and you wouldn't have cared because you were such an arrogant bighead around anyone who wasn't Gerald or Maria and especially around me! I almost died and you never gave a damn about it! And now I'm going to give you what you had coming 50 years ago!" And without another word, Silhouette charged faster then she had before and thrusted her fist into Shadow's stomach.

And it hurt, a lot. She took the opportunity while he was collecting himself to strike again, and within seconds the two were enlocked in a fist fight moving almost at the speed of sound. Silhouette had already proven she wasn't willing to hold back, and Shadow, of course, never held back, and so as the punches continued to fly the speed of the fight began to slow down.

It wasn't until the fight was moving at a normal pace again that the sound of sneakers pounding against metal could be heard echoing from the hallways, and a moment later Sonic stood at the door of the room, Tails and Amy trailing not too far behind. Silhouette looked up and gave an annoyed sigh, her tone implying that she saw this intrusion as nothing more than a waste of time, before turning back to her own fight and ignoring the newcomers.

No one liked being ignored, especially not Amy Rose, so once Silhouette had turned away Amy quickly drew out her hammer, and got ready to charge. But before she could move, Sonic stuck his hand out to halt her and dashed ahead instead.

Once he got next to the two fighters, a fleeting glance was all he got. Annoyed and unsure of what to do, he just stood there in confusion.

"Get… out of the way." Silhouette managed to grunt when she felt he was interfering. But when Sonic saw this as an opening and didn't move, the girl didn't hesitate to sock him in the stomach and send him flying backwards.

Amy wasn't going to stand for that, of course, and immediately she moved forward to launch a hammer swing with everything she had. And she made contact too… with Silhouette's palm. The black hedgehog grabbed the hammer out of Amy's hand and the blackish energy surrounding her spread over the weapon. When it had covered it completely, Silhouette smirked and muttered:

"Chaos Manipulate."

The hammer in her hands slowly, but surely, began to change in shape, getting longer and thinner as time passed. When the energy had cleared up for the weapon to be seen again, it was obvious that this was no longer a hammer, but a very long, thin sword.

And right then, in that instant, Silhouette spun the sword so that the handle would be farthest from her, and smashed the pink hedgehog straight on the head. Amy promptly lost consciousness, and Silhouette seemed satisfied.

"Hey, what'd you do that for?" Sonic asked, annoyed now.

"You are a waste of time, better to get rid of you sooner." And quickly she turned the sword's hilt to strike Sonic, but he managed to run out of it's path. Annoyed, Silhouette turned the sword back around in her hand so that the hilt was back in her grasp and quickly slashed the sword in a large circle, managing to cut into his side. She then went over to the now bleeding and speed impaired hedgie, who had a hand pressed to his stomach. She noticed, the closer she got to him, the more sickly looking he became, and soon a grin grew on her face.

"What, negative Chaos energy making the hero sick? That's just too bad." And that she smashed his head as well, with remorse or hesitation.

She then looked up to where Tails had been, only to find that he had vanished from his spot, but before she got the chance to scan the room for him she felt a jolt of pain come from her side. Shadow wanted this fight to end, and it was really starting to get on his nerves. So again the duo found themselves in a fistfight, and with no interruptions it continued on like this for a while.

Like I said, not my best work. But now that this chapter's out of the way, maybe 13'll be better. 13 is my lucky number…