It was night time in a city called Konoha. The night sky was lit up with the twinkling stars, and the light of the crescent moon. A light wind swept across the city. Practically the whole village was asleep except for one person.

On the roof of a house sat a figure. Upon closer inspection the person turned out to be a young beauty named Hyuga Hinata who just happened to be gazing up at the moon.

Hinata looked serene. The beams of the moon hit her just at the right angles, making her look like an angel. Hinata had long waist-length hair that was a dark bluish color. She also had captivating lilac eyes, a cute bunny nose, and a pair of pink kissable lips that did well with her pale complexion. And her curvaceous body looked stunning in her thin-light blue nightgown that left little for imagination. It was just at this moment that the wind picked up and blew Hinata's hair slightly into her face.

With gentle hands Hinata brushed the hair out of her face. She then looked up at the moon and sighed.

Hinata: "Okasan"

-Flashback Begins-

Hyuga Hinami and her young daughter were in a beautiful garden collecting flowers so they could later press and preserve them. Hinata was a spitting image of her mother. "Okasan" said Hinata holding up a lily "Can we get this one?" "Sure Hinata" replied Hinami. Later on at night they lay on the grass outside gazing up at the moon. "Okasan I can see the big dipper!"Hinata said pointing up at the big constellation. Hinami nodded and then pointed to a constellation that she had spotted.

: Time Skip:

Hinata lay beside her mother's bed. Hyuga Hinami had just given birth to her second daughter Hanabi. But afterwards she was struck with a sickness. Hinata lay holding her mother's hand whispering comforting words about how she was going to recover and how she was going to make it through the illness. Hinami turned to Hinata and said that she must be strong and that she will always watch over her. With that Hinami's hand turned cold and stiff. Hinata started crying and kept yelling "Okasan, Okasan!" Hinata's face was covered in tears.

:Time Skip:

Hiashi Hinata's father then started ignoring Hinata. Saying that it was her fault that Hinami had died. He then verbally abused her and shunned her when ever she tried to get his attention. Even her cousin Neji started ignoring her. Hinata only found comfort in looking at the moon because it reminded her so much of her mother.

-Flashback Ends-

So here we are now Hinata was now 16. Her cousin Neji was 17 and sometime later in their childhood he started talking to Hinata again. Even her little sister Hanabi was kind to her. Hiashi was cold as ever and choose to lock himself away from the rest of the family.

Hinata wiped away a few tears that dared to run down her face. Realizing how late it is Hinata took a final glance at the moon and stood up. Sighing she carefully made her way to the edge of the roof where her balcony was located. She was just about to climb down when a shingle slipped from under her foot and she was sent flying backwards off the roof.

She could hear the whooshing sound of air around her as she fell. And was blinded by all her hair flying into her face. Frantically Hinata tried to grab hold of something but unfortunately she was only grasping air. Meanwhile the stars and the moon hovered over her figure as she fell.

Then all of a sudden at the last minute a hand grabbed Hinata's wrist. With a yank she was pulled into a hug. Her body pressed against a well-toned muscular chest. While a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist. In an instant their feet touched the ground. Miraculously they had landed safely.

At first Hinata thought she was dreaming. But when she realized that she was actually living she sighed with relief. Brushing her hair out of her face she lifted her head.

Looking into her rescuers face her lilac eyes locked with a pair of bright-twinkling mischievous blue eyes.

Finally noticing the situation that she was in, Hinata did the only thing she knew how to. She blushed a deep cherry red and then fainted.

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