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'Hinata's Thoughts' - Italics

The time was around 10:45 p.m. when Hinata left her house, and she found it surprisingly easy. All she had to do was wait until she heard the silence of Hanabi's room and the constant rumbled snoring of Hiashi. Neji was out and spending the night at a supposedly close friend's house.

Hinata caught a subway to a street near Konoha Memorial and walked the rest of the way there.

Along the way, Hinata marveled at the darkness of her surroundings.

Tall street lights showered light on vacant park benches and desolate corners. The bright light was a big contrast to the impending darkness.

When Hinata finally reached Naruto's meeting place, she exhaled with relief when she didn't spot him in her vision.

She shuffled herself to a nearby park bench and plopped herself down. When a cold breeze blew by, tousling Hinata's hair and caressing her skin, Hinata shivered and quickly pulled up the hood of her jacket over her head. Hinata started twiddling her fingers while inwardly cursing herself for still possessing the habit, but she stopped when sudden realization dawned on her.

Here she was a 16 year old girl, outside late at night in an empty park with nothing more than her own hands and feet to protect herself, waiting for a vampire no less.

A truly sane person wouldn't be here. They would be at home in bed trying to forget that they ever meet a vampire. They would try in vain to not remember the vampire requesting to met them late at night in an empty park.

The things a person could do to her were numerous. Rape, kill, mug, assault, may the list go on? Shaking her head, Hinata distracted herself from such negative thoughts by glancing down a path at a street light on a corner. Hinata blanched and only sat stiff as a marble statue as all of her blood instantly drained from her face.

There standing on the top of the street light was Naruto. He was clad in a pair of black cargo pants, a black t-shirt with a variety of different colored skulls on it. On Naruto's wrist was an orange wrist band and a pair of black designer tennis shoes were on his feet. His right ear had two tiny silver hoops on it. Naruto's spiky blonde hair waved in the breeze while his piercing blue eyes glowed against the dark contrast of the night sky around him.

Hinata stumble to her feet and trudged toward the corner and eventually stopped five feet from the light pole where she slide off her hood. Naruto glanced down at her while flashing her a cocky grin. Hinata's heart speed up a few paces while color flooded back to her cheeks. Her eyes were filled with awe as she saw Naruto take a step off the light pole. Naruto's movement was so fast that Hinata's eyes weren't able to follow in the millisecond it took for him to land. He was standing in a laid back stance with his arms crossed behind his head.

"Glad that you could make it ,Hinata-san."

Hinata shyly nodded as she started twiddling her fingers again and whispered, "So am I."

At this point Hinata was anxious and confused. Anxious because she wanted to know why exactly Naruto had called her out so late at night and confused because it seemed to her as if Naruto, in a way, had multiple personalities. As Hinata got lost in her thoughts, she failed to see Naruto's eyes as they roamed over her body.

It wasn't until Naruto said, "That's an interesting choice in an outfit," that Hinata came out of her dream escapade.

"Huh?" Hinata said as she glanced down at her clothes. Her outfit consisted of some form fitting blue jeans, a purple t-shirt, a tie dye jacket, and some white sneakers. She thought she was dressed O.K.

Shoving that aside, Hinata questioned nervously, "So what is the reason for you asking for me to meet you here?"

Naruto shrugged and then winked at Hinata. "We're are going out to have some fun."

Hinata blushed, throwing around random thoughts about what Naruto meant by fun, but Naruto gave her no explanation.

He simply began walking while bringing up his right hand, signaling Hinata to follow him. Hinata jogged up to where he was. She kept to his right side while making sure to keep 3 feet away from him.

That distance dwindled down soon enough. Naruto startled her when he started whistling cheerfully as he walked, twisting and turning through various streets. He payed little if any attention to Hinata. Hinata followed him while glancing around, and by judging her surrounds, Hinata made a plausible discovery. She had no idea where she was.

Every now and then she would see a person. The first time was a lone man in his early thirties. He was drunk. The drunkard smile suggestively at Hinata and suggested that he and Hinata have a couple of drinks at a nearby bar and then go back to his place. Naruto paid the man no mind while Hinata stuttered a rejection to his offer as she slid closer to Naruto. Only 2 feet separated them.

They met a gang next. They were just walking by an alley when Hinata's eyes drifted to the right where a group of rowdy teenage boys were sitting on empty boxes and crates while smoking and drinking. Hinata jumped when they looked in Naruto's and hers direction. She scurried by the alley while sliding even closure to Naruto.

Some kind of wicked creature was their third encounter. One minute Naruto was calmly walking around, lost in his own world, and in the next minute, Naruto was crouched with his knees bent while baring his fangs. From the shadows of an alley came a dark figure. Their attire was shrouded with black shadows and fog. Hinata couldn't tell what the creature was exactly, she knew one thing. It wanted her. It wasn't too hard to tell either. From the darkness came a pair of blood red eyes that became fixated on her. She shivered and closed the distance between Naruto and her by clutching Naruto's arm. Naruto took a daring step towards the dark figure snarling. The eyes flickered from Hinata to Naruto and then to Hinata again. Hissing low, Naruto clenched his muscles. Evidently the creature didn't want a confrontation because it slowly started creeping back into the shadows from which it came. Its red eyes were the last thing Hinata saw before they disappeared.

Hinata gingerly stepped away from Naruto. "Naruto-san, what was that?" For someone whose life had been threatened, Hinata's voice was surprisingly calm.

It took Naruto a couple of moments to calm down. Shaking his head, Naruto glanced at Hinata from out of the corner of his eye and grinned. "It was nothing important. Someday, I might tell you, and what did I tell you about adding a san to my name? Just Naruto, O.K.?"

Hinata nodded while staying rooted to the spot. Naruto sighed and began walking on. Hinata quickly caught up to where Naruto was. She now walked right beside him, and every now and then, their arms would touch.

'Naruto's hiding something for sure. Only thing is I wonder what it is?'

Naruto suddenly stopped causing Hinata to stop on the back of her front foot. She tripped and then regained her balance.

Glancing at Naruto, Hinata found herself enthralled at his facial expression which was glowing with some kind of hidden excitement. "We're finally here," he stated.

Hinata followed his line of sight to a big abandoned warehouse with blackened windows, charred walls, and crumbling tile. 'Where in the world has this vampire taken me,' thought Hinata.

Evidently Naruto saw her expression on her face because once again, Naruto smiled his fox grin while making the whisker marks on his cheeks to become more prominent. "This here is something like a gym or dojo,"Naruto stated as he beckoned Hinata to go before him towards the building. " Our fun for tonight will be that of a late night training session.

Hinata stood rooted to the spot gaping both at Naruto and the building. Somewhere in her conscious the words, 'What the hell,' were forever being said.

Hinata stared at Naruto. Their late night fun was supposed to be training? Whatever for, Hinata could not fathom. Looking around at her surroundings, Hinata couldn't help but shiver.

Out of the eight lights in the abandoned warehouse's ceiling, only three worked (barely), and they cast gloomy shadows to areas where their light couldn't reach. A broken window on Hinata's right whistled as the wind blew through the cracks, and the floor was hideous. Tons of bugs crawled on the floor over broken bottles, dusty machines, and rotten debris.

Hinata watched as Naruto sat down on a creaky wooden box. Glancing around, Hinata decided to lean against a railing beam. Her arms were folded against her chest.

"Yosh," stated Naruto. "We have to start your training immediately, but before that, we must go over some things, so listen well." His eyes soon found Hinata's face and he stared at her with critical eyes. "Do you want a seat or are you planning to stand there for the rest of the night. Hinata glanced at Naruto and the crate he was sitting on. She shook her head and replied, "No, I find this more comfortable." Naruto shrugged his shoulders and said, "Whatever floats your boat, huh?"

He suddenly sat upright and turned hard, serious as if he were telling someone they had only less than a month to live. (Which in a way is somewhat true.) Naruto gazed once again into Hinata's eyes.

"Before we start, I'll give you some background on vampires and the world you might soon come into."

"Ever since humans came to be, there have been vampires to hunt them. Like most legends, vampires are faster, smarter, and more attractive than humans. And like most legends, vampires are immortal; we never age. The age at which a vampire is created is the age at which they will stay forever."

Hinata absentmindedly thought, 'What?! That means I'll be forever 16.' She idly wondered if that would be good or bad, and Naruto continued on with his information.

"Vampires never sleep. Seeming as that we have all of eternity, why would we need time to sleep?"

Naruto grinned at a secret joke and then continued.


Eventually Hinata became bored, so she toned Naruto out while faintly hearing him. She heard clips of what he was saying about the ancients and covenant, and some of the laws of being a vampire.

Some of them were:

1.) Never expose the secret or existence of vampires to the world

2.) Watch over all new vampires that are created

3.) Avoid sunlight at all cost

Hinata processed them into her mind as Naruto went over even more.

One thing that Naruto said that interested Hinata was,"Each and every vampire has a unique ability. Each one. The ability can be that of what a human has but only strengthened with vampire blood, or it can be outright supernatural.

Hinata couldn't help but fantasize about , if she became a vampire, what kind of ability or power she would have.

Some time after when Hinata's legs were starting to get numb from standing and when she was regretting not taking a seat, Naruto jumped unto his feet without making a sound. He clapped his hands and began walking towards the corner where Hinata was standing.

"Now that that is out of the way, we can finally start." Hinata slid father back onto the railing beam while quizzically asking, "Start what," Naruto chuckled and grabbed Hinata by her wrist, and in half of a millisecond he pulled her to her feet. Hinata's eyes widened at his quickness when she found herself standing in an upright position while no longer leaning against the beam.

Naruto grinned and disappeared from Hinata's sight in another half a millisecond. Hinata instantly jumped when what little light there was in the abandoned warehouse was turned off, leaving her in total darkness as the darkness pressed heavily on her. Her breathe was caught in her throat when she felt Naruto's breath tickle against the back of her neck. The sensations that she was receiving were overwhelming.

"Midnight training, Hi-na-ta-chan," Naruto whispered to Hinata before she heard a sudden whoosh and total silence ensued.

For a second, Hinata thought she was all alone. All she could hear was hear own shallow breathing. Furrowing her eyebrows and closing her eyes, she tried to concentrate, but all she could hear was her own breathing. Suddenly she felt someone's breath tickling her throat. Hinata's eyes flashed open and widened. Naruto was standing in front of her with his head in the crook of her neck. Hinata gazed warily down at Naruto while his eyes twinkled mischievously back up at her. Naruto slid away while keeping his gaze locked on Hinata.

"Vampires have more heightened senses than humans, therefore, it is more easy to track prey and enemies alike." Hinata blinked. Did Naruto want her to sense his presence? If so, Hinata doubted that she would be able to. Refocusing her gaze on Naruto, Hinata was surprised to find that he was gone.

From the shadows she heard him, "Every second that your heart pumps blood, the vampire venom is spreading in your body and slowly converting you. Draw out the vampire that you are becoming and see if you can sense me approaching."

Hinata nodded her head and said, "Understood." She closed her eyes and began listening.

Hours later, Hinata yelped when she felt a pebble hit her backside. The impact was not soft. "Ow," Hinata exclaimed as she shot open her eyes. She gently massaged her backside while trying to ignore Naruto's chuckle. All the while she was thinking,'What did he do, put all of his strength into that one throw?'

Speaking of Naruto, where was he? Hinata gazed around her, yet she couldn't see him anywhere. All of a sudden Naruto dropped down from the ceiling of the warehouse and landed on his feet. Hinata jumped back and screamed as she fell on her butt, "Aah!!" She was panting as Naruto walked at a human pace towards her. He yanked her gently unto her feet.

"Ano thank y––," Hinata was interrupted when Naruto flicked her nose with his right hand. Before she could protest, Naruto explained.

"You're listening and thinking too hard. Stop concentrating on hearing me, and let your vampire senses take over and guide you. O.K.?"

Hinata nodded and watched as Naruto backed away from her , and then in less than a millisecond, he jumped into the shadows of the warehouse. Seconds later, his voice broke through the darkness.

"I'm going all out this time, so prepare yourself."

Hinata huffed in exasperation and then closed her eyes. She felt her body idly relax as she searched for the inner vampire that she was slowly becoming. It took her some time, but she finally grasped it. Hinata felt her senses in a way evolve

Her nose was all of a sudden hit by tons of scents that she wouldn't be able to smell with her human senses. In the warehouse she smelt the musty air and rust of the equipment and she could smell faint food spices. One word popped in her mind. 'Ramen' If she was right, Hinata thought she could smell not only the warehouse but beyond it. She swore she could smell the town's dump. Wrinkling her nose, Hinata focused on another sense.

Hinata idly wiggled her toes. She marveled at the feelings she experienced. Her skin sent shocks back to her brain. Some of the shocks were how she felt every single and individual stitch put into her pair of socks. Beneath her shocks were her shoes. She felt every ridge in her sole and beyond that, she could feel the vibrations of water as it ran through the underground pipes.

Hinata then pushed that sense to the back of her mind and focused on her hearing. She heard many things at once. It seemed to her as if her human hearing was deaf compared to her heightened sense of hearing. Hinata could hear the wind as it blew through microscopic cracks in the window. She heard the constant skittering of bugs as they crawled around the floor. Hinata focused on hearing a steady thump until she remembered Naruto explaining that vampires didn't have a heartbeat. Hinata then began focusing on another sound.

Minutes went by until she heard the tiniest, faintest rustle of fabric. The sound came from behind Hinata. Without a second of thinking she turned around in the direction from which the sound came. The sound of a bug being stepped on came from Hinata's left. The squish it made resounded off of all of the walls. Hinata whipped her head to the left. Silence. Then all of a sudden there was a low whoosh. Hinata turned to her right. The sound was so low that Hinata barely even heard it. Another whoosh came from behind her.

All of a sudden the whooshing sounds picked up in volume to the point that it became deafening. The sound was coming from all directions. Hinata blinked with eyes closed in agitation.

'Naruto's trying to play with my head.'

In an instant, the whooshing got even louder, and then it suddenly got quite.

Too quite.

Hinata held her breath as she felt her muscles tighten and clench Then she heard it. That one, tiny sound. A sound so low that Hinata was straining her senses when she heard it. Things happened in a blur after that.

Hinata heard the lowest, tiniest, and faintest, yet muffled whoosh. It came from her right. Hinata turned to her right instantly by pivoting about face and she then shot out her right hand to grab onto her surprise attacker.

"Aha," Hinata exclaimed until she felt the temperature of her attacker's skin. Cold. It was bone chilling like an Arctic Circle cold.

Hinata's eyes shot open and then became locked in a heated stare with Naruto's. Red met lilac once again, but this time it was different. Hinata could feel the veins around her eyes pulsing with blood. She was amazed.

Her eyes were seeing everything. Things on the surface were seen as well as things beneath the surface in fine detail. Naruto broke her out of her revere when he lifted his left hand to touch her cheek.

"Your eyes," he said. Hinata blinked and gasped when she realized that her vision had returned to normal. Naruto raised an eyebrow and said, "I'll admit it. I'm surprised. Not only did you sense me with your hearing, you were able to use a reflex to counterattack my move. How interesting."

Hinata shot Naruto a confused glance and then followed his gaze when he looked down. Naruto's hand was above Hinata ample chest with his fingers outstretched to the point where they were touching the spot where her heart was. It looked as if Naruto was ready to strike or tear out her heart in any second. Hinata blushed crimson and then looked at what she had done.

Her right arm was raised straight in front of her, and her right hand was wrapped around Naruto's throat. Blushing even more, Hinata let go of Naruto's throat and then lowered her arm while shyly backing away.

A pregnant silence followed and wasn't broken until Naruto said, "Well, that's enough for tonight. Tomorrow the same time." Hinata nodded and began walking towards the door. She stopped in the doorway and took out her phone so that she could see the time. When she saw what time it was, Hinata paled.

'2:13 a.m.? Time flew by that fast?'

She sighed and then left the building with Naruto following her. Hinata trudged at a slow pace due to stay up so late and concentrating so hard. She was in mid-step when Naruto grabbed her around her waist and picked her up princess style as if she were a little girl.

"Wha–," Naruto took off with no warning. In an instant he was running back the way he came while occasionally jumping on rooftops and light poles. Hinata held tightly onto him while she marveled at the scenery as she and Naruto breezed by in a blur.

In no time Naruto reached Hinata's house. He tightened his grip on Hinata and with one tiny graceful thrust of his legs, he leaped and landed safely on Hinata's balcony and glided into her room. An inner part of him was glad that her doors were open.

Naruto reached Hinata's bedside and gently set Hinata on her feet. He waited until she had recollected herself. She stared absentmindedly at Naruto while noticing how his appearance didn't look disheveled from his run.

All of a sudden, a wave of dizziness and fatigue hit Hinata. She swayed and fell back unto her bed. The last thing she saw was Naruto jumping off of her balcony before a strong gust of wind caused her doors to close.

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