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Chapter 1

As I leave Veidt's Arctic base to tell the world the truth about the 'Alien Invasion', Dr. Manhattan approaches as he tries to stop me.

"Where are you going?" he asks.

"Back to Owlship. Back to America." I reply, "Evil must be punished. People must be told."

"Rorschach... You know I cant let you do that." he states simply.

"Of course. Must protect Veidt's new Utopia. One more body amongst foundations makes little difference." I say as I remove my face(A/N- it's what he calls his mask), accepting my fate and with tears starting to form, "Well? What are you waiting for? Do it."

"Rorschach" Dr. Manhattan says.

I face him and with tears streaming down my face, my original face, the one I was born with, I yell with complete conviction and acceptance, "DO IT!"

And with his powers he does. Instantly I see a bright light and my body feels like it is on fire.

"There is still my journal," I think as I die, "it will succeed where I failed."

And the darkness swallows me.


Suddenly I feel my body being dropped onto something hard, not like the snow I expected. But that is impossible Dr. Manhattan was supposed to kill me. I slowly open my eyes and find that I am lying in a dirty alley. Confused I slowly stand. I hear a woman scream nearby. Most likely a mugging. I still have a purpose. I put on my face and make my to the area. And see two men assaulting a woman. I quickly move in to stop them. After I killed them, I made my way to the woman to check on her.

"You okay?", I ask.

Scared and confused she replies. "Y-yes, thank you. But who are you?"

Her response confused me, because I was known as one of the most wanted men in New York, if not the country, and if she did not know that then she would have surely heard of my capture and later escape from prison.

Either way I responded with, "Rorschach."

She nods uneasily and quickly leaves.

Before she is gone I ask "Where am I?"

"Gotham City." She says simply and is gone.

Gotham City? Never heard of it. Need to get moving, cops might be coming soon. Will investigate later . As I leave, I drop my calling card by the bodies- an inkblot style double r. I know that it will alert the police that I'm here and they will obviously search for me, but I must not forget: