In the Libraries of Gods.
Introduction and Teaser


Yet another "quickie". I should really get back to my other stories but I thought up this plot bunny and ignored it. I ignored it some more. It developed and then I knew what I had to cross it over with and, well, it kind of wrote itself.

For Battlestar Galactica we're following the new series. Around the first half of season three. It's more or less impossible to write a fan-fic anything close to in cannon for this show. It's cannon is so insular you can't slip in between the cracks. This, then, classes as A.U. and other than a setting has very little in common with the plot arcs of the show.

Ironically the complete opposite is the same for the other half of the crossover. It's cannon has so much possibility and scope that it's extremely easy to slot things into. So while the character is completely original (more or less) it slots into cannon rather neatly. I don't want to give anything away but there are three things I have to make clear. First it's a crossover with Doctor Who (as I have said). Second it has nothing to do with the Doctor or any of his regenerations. Finally it's nothing to do with an assistant/companion.

So now that that's over with here's the disclaimer.:-

I do not own any of the recognisable characters used in this fanfiction. The Doctor Who elements belong to the BBC and the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica components belong to RDM.

The character that is introduced next chapter is mine (Thomas Fishwick) yet is based on Doctor Who concepts. I make no money from it's use or creation.

That might seem a little over the top but because this is involving something of my own creation I want to make sure all the "t"s are dotted and "i"s crossed.


Kara "Starbuck" Thrace was, for the first time in months, feeling quite pleased with herself. After getting off that dirt ball of a rock they had called New Caprica and using up whatever luck the Gods gave them evading the Cylons the fleet had wandered. Jumping in what was the wrong direction to where they thought was Earth so that the Cylons couldn't follow them. There was just one little problem, they had left New Caprica with almost no supplies left. Heck the dirt ball had eaten up more supplies than they found there. The fleet was starving, lots of the water still needed to be purified and to wrap it up the livestock had just about all died out from the same Gods damned virus that almost got her husband.

Starbuck made another pass over the planet she had help find. Why the hell couldn't they have found this place before that fracking hole, New Crap-rica. It was just about perfect. The Raptor she escorted was reporting a slightly high oxygen content, lots of plant life and even traces of lifeforms. Evidence of life that didn't come from Kolbol was astounding but more importantly it meant food. Meat. Gods she hadn't had a stake in who knew how long.

It was the third pass and she looked up. Between moon and planet sat a asteroid. Nothing special, a little rock floating there. Starbuck shrugged, so what. 'Starbuck to Raptor four. Any bad news?'

'Non Starbuck. We're green to call the Galactica!'

She pulsed her orientation thrusters, side on to the asteroid. Keeping the rock in the corner of her eye. 'Sounds good. I'll report back.' The rock slipped out of her vision. 'This is patrol two to Galactica. Respond.'

Dee answered; 'We hear you Starbuck. Anything to report?'

'Gataer's long range readings were right. We got a planet here, all the O2 and plant life we need. Raptor Four say's we might even have animal life there'

'You're fracking me!' Dee forgot herself.

'I frack you not.' Ramming her thrusters Kara pulled a 180 and then further, she pointed her MKII Viper directly at the asteroid. 'There is something I have to look into. I'll have Raptor four report back.' Feeling a smile tug at her face Starbuck pushed her out dated Viper; weaving, ducking and diving for the shear thrill of it.

'Starbuck, this is Galactica Actual. Don't spend too long out there. Even with your extra fuel tank you might not have enough to get back before your O2 is out.'

'I copy Actual.' She opened her mouth again but closed it again before she said anything. Kara didn't know why she wanted look at that thing again. She looked at it again.

Starfighter pilots weren't the stupid fighter jocks everyone thought, to graduate as a pilot you had to know physics, especially gravity. How to fly against it, with it, how to use it and what it did to your Viper and you during a dogfight. That was what was wrong with the asteroid. Gravity said it shouldn't be there, it couldn't. Sure there was the sweet spot, that point where two G-fields overlapped cancelling each other out. There was no way that it just happened to get there on it's own, no chance.

Pulling past she pointed nose to the target in orbit, her finger hovering over the trigger if it so much as blinked. The viper slid sideways through space. 'Frack me.' she whispered. If she had blinked she would have missed it. Something was buried in the rock, like it was carved out of it. Even the squared off doors were made of rock. Stopping above it she used the gun cameras to get a better look, there was a door. Large as life, with some sort of writing on the door frame.

Circles and lines, she couldn't make any sense of it. She didn't need to. This wasn't' just proof of life other than human. This was proof of intelligent life that had a language, a culture, a people that could travel across space. Were they still alive, could they, would they help?

'Galactica Actual. This is Starbuck.' She swallowed her excitement. 'We have a code N.C.A. Say again, I have a Non-Colonial Artefact.'

Dead static answered. Then a voice out of the dark; 'This is Galactica Actual. Confirming received code N.C.A. Do we have a code N.C.C?'

A code N.C.C meant Non-Colonial Contact, in other words,was there anyone there? 'Negative Actual, not yet. The artefact is in orbit over the planet. Looks like it was put here for some reason.'

Adama answered; 'Get out of there Starbuck. We're jumping in system ASAP.'

End Teaser