In the Libraries of Gods.
Chapter 3

Everything flashed red for Lee Adama. Blinking the colour from his eyes it vanished surprisingly quickly and he could see his hands move. He was standing in the CIC

For the last few minutes he hadn't been able to do anything now he was doing everything. Arms and legs flaying the room spun and he collapsed. Climbing to his feet he shook the stars from his eyes. He was back in the Galactica's CIC. How did they get here

'Admiral, where the hell you come from?' Tigh asked, Lee turned and the Colonel was helping his father to his feet. Kara was helping the President down from the scanner table. It was like a great hand had just thrown the entire landing team back on the Galactica.

'Command; this is the Deck Chief.' Shouted out over the speakers. 'I just had two Raptors appear on my deck. Literally, one almost landed on my head!' Tyrol was not happy. It sounded like the same thing that had happened to them

'This is the Admiral. Chief we don't know what just happened. Secure the Raptors and make sure there's no damage.' The old man slammed down the handset. 'Madam President. Are you alright?'

'I'm fine. Admiral. Although I think we just learnt a valuable lesson. Don't stir the hornets nest.'

Helo shouted 'Were losing Dradas contact!'

'What?' Lee's head whipped to the screen

Tigh growled 'We lost it a few minutes ago Helo.'

'No sir, look.' The screens were working but a ugly dot that represented the asteroid Lee was just on was flickering. Within moments it vanished. 'Systems are back, but I don't know what just happened. No EM, no power spikes, it didn't jump or fly off. Contact just faded.'

'That doesn't mean a damned thing. We still haven't figured out why half the systems crashed.' Tigh turned to Lee's father. 'While you were over there we were left blind, deaf and paralysed for almost a minute. I think there's a Cylon virus'

'I know what did it.' the Admiral didn't look away from the screens. 'It was the Librarian.'


Kara said her first words since they made it back, 'I think he was one of the Gods.' her voice was in awe. 'Maybe even more.'

'I didn't say it Starbuck. I didn't say it.'

The President stepped forward. 'Colonel Tigh. Call back all the farming and cargo ships. Tell them that the planet is poisoned and that the fleet will be jumping soon.'


'Just do it Saul. We have it on good authority.' It was that moment a loud high pitched noise filled the room. The sound of a dozen grinding gears came from nowhere and everywhere.

It was like a sudden cool wind picking up on a summers evening. The air of the Galactica, always a little bitter and stagnant became fresh. Lose papers and reports were blown form desks but the wind was not strong at all and in the corner of the command pit a single door phased in and out of existence.

It was like any other bulkhead door on the Galactica, worn and dull with age. A great wheel in the middle and a few missing handles. The only problem was it was glowing, oh and it wasn't supposed to be there. There was no wall, no raised decking, but a door and frame had simply appeared. As the glowing faded and the wind died there was a almighty clang that silenced the noise.

The wheel spun, the door opened a crack:- 'Just thought I'd mention this. Apparently the giant Mutant Star-Goat is real. It just hasn't eaten Earth yet and isn't supposed to for at least a few thousand years. So just popped in to correct that and say good luck.' The Librarian's head poked through. Waving a thumb at them he smiled warmly. 'Good luck!'

The door closed on the stunned people in the room. Tigh had enough senses left to call back 'Thanks'

'Don't mention it!' Came from the other side of the door before it disappeared the same way it came.

There was a dead few seconds. No one said anything until Lee's father coughed and then; 'Back to your stations. Saul, bring the freighters home. Mr Gada, plot the next jump co-ordinates. Lee, have the trailing Raptor ready to launch within a quarter-hour. I want to leave this system before the top of the hour. Get moving people.'

Quarter of an hour later the Colonial fleet jumped out of the system, carrying on is quest to find the lost tribe of humanity on a lone planet. Know as Earth

Authors note:-
I know that this chapter, like the story, is short. It was never going to be an epic. It was just a test on my character of the Librarian. I included the Galactica because, as a re-viewer put, they needed some one to slap some sense into them.

Thomas Fishwick
AKA Mountain King

Okay If you really want it here's an epilogue.

'Starbuck! God's damn it Kara pull up!' She blinked, she was back in her viper. Nose pointed into the ground of some alien planet and her thrusters were full open. 'Kara!' Lee shouted.

'It's okay Lee.' she said, not quite sure why. The little hole in her cockpit widened, a spiders web of cracks in the armoured glass spread and from somewhere a bright light flooded her viper.

'For fracks sake! Pull UP! Lee screamed

The heavy raider pulled away, it wasn't a Cylon. It was like Leoben. Kara had no fracking idea what was happening but she was perfectly calm. 'I'm not afraid any more.' She wasn't. Afraid of life or death. Perfectly calm. 'Let me go Lee. It's okay.'

The white light grew brighter it was blinding and just as suddenly it vanished. She was in a black room, still sitting in her viper.

It's landing skids were down and it was perfectly parked. Gingerly she broke the seal on her flight helmet and took a gulp of air. It was alright.

It was then Leoben stepped out of the shadows. He smiled in a way that the real one never could. 'Who are you?' Kara asked.

The Cylon pulled a silver ring off his finger and put it in his pocket. As he did he flickered like bad reception and became a half familiar small man in a short sleeved shirt and waistcoat. 'The Librarian?'

'Yes, it's me. sorry about the illusion but if you knew I was involved you'd guess the next stage.'

'It was real, my mother?' Kara threw the canopy forward and stood up.

'Yes. I was passing through and I checked in on you. You weren't doing very well. Thought it could help'

Climbing down she sized the alien up, there was something different about him. He looked haunted. 'Passing through?'

'I went back home. It was destroyed, like your Caprica only infinitely more so. The wasn't enough rubble of the Planet left. Just dust and ash.'

'I'm sorry.'

'Yes, thanks.' He smiled at her suddenly more alive than he, or anyone whose world had been obliterated, had any right to be. 'Not that it's a complete shock. I mean I took the library off Gallifrey incase something like that happened.' he laughed. 'It's a relief I haven't wasted a life to be honest.'

Kara laughed back, something she hadn't done in how long? 'You know I needed that. There are a lot of things I need and I feel a lot better because of it but I'd better get back. They probably think I'm dead.'

'You don't have to go back right now, do you?' he asked with a sly smile

Kara looked back at her viper. 'Well I'm I no rush...''

Grinning from ear to ear the Librarian nodded. 'Well there is another thing you can do with. A short holiday from your worries. I won't let you change your past but it is sort of a tradition that a exiled Time Lord has a human companion. If you want the job.'

'A few weeks holiday, be back tomorrow.' Kara wondered out loud. Could she really do it. Just up sticks and travel across time and space. Life had been closing in on her these last years was it possible to simply take break and come back as if nothing had happened. 'Sounds good to me.'

'I could always use the help. The library is complete but Rassilon's handwriting is awful and things can change.'

Kara's grin was perhaps even wider than his. 'So where are we going first?'

The Librarian walked into the shadows, calling back; 'We're going to see a Doctor. These days I think I know just where to find him.'

'A doctor? Doctor who?' Kara followed him hoping he'd make sense.

Authors note:-

That really is the end. Just my take on what happened at the end of Maelstrom. Yes I am evil. If you want a sequel I might be convinced by reviews but right now there are a few other stories I have to finish. so if you'll excuse me I'm off to finish them...