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Senior Year

Chapter 1: New Dorm?

It was senior year for our six favourite PCA students. Zoey, Chase, Dana, Logan, Nicole and Michael had been asked by Dean Rivers to arrive three days before school started instead of the usual one. But they didn't know that they were the only students being asked to turn up to their school a few days earlier.

A lot of things had happened to them in the five years that they had been friends; Dana and Nicole had both come back at the beginning of last semester, Lola Martinez had been kicked out after they discovered her selling drugs and alcohol to the younger students, and their good friend Quinn Pensky had been offered a full scholarship to a prestigious school run by MENSA. So many things that could have destroyed their friendship. But they survived, because they had each other.

Little did the guys know that this year was going to be very different and very eventful for all of them…


"Hello children and welcome back to PCA! I hope you all enjoyed your summer. I'm guessing that you're wondering why I have asked the six of you to come to back to school early and to my office today. Well, I'll tell you." At this sentence Logan and Dana rolled their eyes at each other. This useless man was wasting time that they could be spending making out.

Yes, you've guessed it. PCA's very own player fell and fell hard for Dana, and she fell back just as hard. But they weren't the only two that got together; Chase had finally admitted his feelings to Zoey, and she had gladly accepted and returned them. Nicole had changed a lot in the year she spent away from PCA and that is the reason that Michael fell head over heels for her, and they two like Dana and Logan and Zoey and Chase, were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were an unlikely pair but you could instantly tell that they belonged together.

"Malcolm Reese has spent the summer building a house on campus for Logan and five of his friends. That is w-"

"Hold up a minute, Mr. Reese has spent the summer getting a house built on campus for us? That is sick! Logan your dad rules!" said Michael as he high-fived Chase and Logan.

"Yes Mr. Barret, this is quite erm, as you put it sick. Now as I was saying, I shall take you over there and let you have a look around and get used to the place. Oh yes, and Logan, your father told me to tell you that there is a very familiar surprise waiting at the house for you."


The six of them stood in silent awe as they looked up at the house. It was huge. There was even a pool and a hot tub in the back yard. It looked as if they were going to have to be dragged out of the house to go to class.

Dana decided to break the silence as she said, "Guys? What are we waiting for? Let's get in there and check it out!" And with that everyone legged it into the house to check it out.


"Logan, its times like this I love the fact that you're rich! You and your Dad rock," said Chase.

"Dudes, think about the amount of parties we can have here. I mean it doesn't look like we're gonna have a DA this year." Logan assumed.

"You are so right Logan. Isn't he right guys! I can't wait senior year i-" babbled Nicole until she was cut off by Michael's lips silencing her. She may have changed but she still had her moments.

"Guys can you at least wait until you're locked in a room or alone! I mean me and Chase don't do that in public. And it's gross for you guys to kiss like that in public!" chided Zoey.

"Oh shut up Zoey! You do the exact same thi-" screeched Logan until he was cut off by someone yelling with an English accent, "LOGAN REESE! That is not how I taught you to talk to and act towards women! You better apologise before I come down there and start telling embarrassing stories to all your friends."

All six heads turned in the direction off the mystery voice and all six jaws dropped when they saw where it was coming from. From the top of the stairs stood a short, young and beautiful Asian woman with long, curly black hair falling to her waist dressed in a denim skirt and a t-shirt that said "London girls do it better".

Dana, Michael, Nicole, Chase and Zoey all turned to look at Logan and ask who this mystery woman was when they realised he had run up the stairs and enveloped her in a hug that knocked the both of them down the stairs.

"Akka!! What are you doing here? I thought you went back to London three days ago. You were in on this weren't you! I knew there was something going on, all those times I caught you and Dad whispering after the…Never m-" Logan was now the one babbling until he was cut off by Dana.

"First of all, Logan shut up you're turning into Nicole! Second, who the hell are you? How do you know Logan? And why are you here?" she said as calmly as she could manage but you could hear the rising temper in her voice.

"I guess this is kind of weird. Come into the kitchen. I'll get you guys some ice-cream and explain everything," said the mystery girl that appeared to have a close relationship with Logan and his dad.


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