"'is name is Lazzaro, Toggs!"

"And I say his name is Keys! We've always called him Keys since he's always carrying around that pair of keys in his mouth!"

Ragetti and Murtogg were currently involved in a huge debate over what the dog with the keys name was. It had started when the bell for supper was rung and both men called out to the dog to come.

The dog had stayed still, tilting his head to one side as he looked at them both in confusion.

Now they were standing on the deck of the Pearl, glaring daggers at each other as the dog sat a few feet away with his tail wagging lazily.

"Tha' aint no name fer a dog!" Ragetti argued. "Lazzaro is a noice Italian name wot means 'God 'as 'elped!' Et were bah God's good graces tha' me an' Pinters go' ou' o' jail through the dog an' so 'is name should be Lazzaro!"

"Italians! You all have such stupid names! Keys makes more sense for him!"

"Me name aint stoopid an' neither is Lazzaro!"

"I beg to differ!"


"You heard me!"

The argument soon grew louder and angrier as the two began to insult each other and their mental capacities.


With a bark the dog ran over to Pintel and jumped up to lick the laughing man's face.

"Down, Cannonball! Come on naow! I saved ye a bowl o' food down in the mess 'all bu' if'n ye don' 'urry et up et'll be gone!" he warned.

As Ragetti and Murtogg continued to yell and scream at each other; Cannonball and Pintel went inside to eat.