On The Backs of Wolves

Gunn knew he was going to die in the fight when he agreed to Angel's plan. He just didn't think that it would have been like this.

After he fallen in battle against the demon hordes, he had crawled out of the action. Clangs, yells, and screams followed him. Agony ripped through him; tears streamed from his eyes. Black spots danced in front of his eyes and they were joined by a dark haired white girl that he knew that he knew. She spun on her toes before bowing towards him.

⌠I must be quick, Odin's whores on their wolves shall claim you if I don't make haste,■ she whispered.

Drusilla. Shit. Gunn pushed on his palms trying to get away. His arms only gave way on the blood slick ground.

⌠Fuck no.■

⌠Hush, don't fret, my darling.■ She knelt beside him and caressed his cheek. ⌠I can take you away.■

⌠I'm fine right here.■ Gunn coughed. Blood spattered on his lips.

⌠So strong. Not a fallen angel, not a poet, but as loyal a warrior that ever rode with Caesar.■

He tried to lift his arms to bat her away, but her hands were like steel claws on his wrists.

⌠I shall heal you so you can lift your axe again.■ She leaned forward, her face changing, and her fangs gleamed.

No. Gunn shook his head, but her jaws still clamped down on his throat. Fire and ice raced through his veins and his cock jutted out. He hissed. He could feel himself die as his body sagged as the veins emptied.

His brain was floating when she pulled away. He couldn't even keep his head straight. Grit dug into his cheek, but he didn't care. Chilled, slender fingers gripped his face pulling him forward. Nails pierced his cheeks. Her dark eyes filled his vision, black and deep, and white light swirled behind her, he knew that he was seconds from death, as she pressed him to her neck where blood dripped from a cut waiting for him. She yanked his mouth open when he tried to close his lips with the last of his strength.

The blood hit his tongue and he drank.