Title: They never talked about it

Author: emma4713

Classification: The Office (US), Jim/Pam

Spoilers: Post-season three finale

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.

Summary: Post-The Job. Short one-shot. Jim and Pam never talked about what happened in New York. Instead they went on dates.

Written: 8/10/07

Word count: 300

Author's Note: Basically what happened was I read a bunch of Jam fics, got inspired, and wrote three in one day. This is my second. 

She loved the way he kissed her. Mostly because it was always so unexpected. Well, that's not true. She loved it mostly because he was an amazing kisser. But the kisses were unexpected.

They never talked about it. They had been pining for each other on and off for years, but now that they were together they never talked about it. The only thing every said on the subject was when he kissed her after their first date.

"God, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that."

She giggled. "Probably since the last time you did it."

He laughed and they moved on.

They never talked about what happened in New York. They never talked about him breaking up with Karen. She sat in her corner and sent an occasional angry glance toward the reception area, but other than that, they ignored it.

They never talked about how great it was to finally be together. Never talked about how they shouldn't have waited so long. Never talked about how they were sorry for how they had hurt each other in the past.

Instead they went on dates.

Instead they continued their pranks—though they now avoided pulling any on Andy.

Instead they ate lunch together on the roof.

Instead he walked her to her car every night. Or to his, if they were going out somewhere.

Instead he followed her to the break room and kissed her before she even knew he was in the room.

The surprise kisses were the best. When he just had to kiss her or he wouldn't make it through the day. When she felt the same.

They started subconsciously being aware of where the cameras were at all times, and knowing how they could escape them, if only for a moment.