Disclaimer: I don't own anything from CSI: (unfortunately) and I also don't own the lyrics from this song; "Another Day" is an amazing song from Dream Theater (who else could it be?) and the lyrics were written by the one and only John Petrucci.

Another Day

Live another day, climb a little higher, find another reason to stay

I don't know if I am that reason, probably I'm not, but you have to do it… keep carrying on, two feet above ground

Ashes in your hands, mercy in your eyes, if you're searching for a silent sky

I know what you've been through. Or actually, I don't because I was so damn far away that moment (and I hate myself for it) that I don't even know how injured or affected you were afterwards. But I can imagine what it is like when all we want is to forget what happened to us but everyone that surrounds us keeps reminding us of it. All you want is silence but

You won't find it here, look another way… You won't find it here, so die another day

There you won't find it, the silence, the peace of mind you need this moment. Everywhere you'll look, people will look back at you full of pity.

The coldness of his words, the message in his silence… face the candle to the wind

Is very clear: they all don't know what to say. People don't usually survive this. You're about to break and nobody knows what to do to help you.

This distance in my voice, isn't leaving you a choice…

And I'm forever sorry for that. I wish I could be there, with you, hold you in my arms, comfort you, do everything in my power and strength for you to comeback to what you were before this… but you'll never be the same, I know it.

So if you're looking for a time to run away

That time is now… Leave Vegas behind. Leave the Lab; leave Grissom, Catherine, Warrick, Sara, Brass, Greg… Leave them all behind. Meet me. You're being given a chance to start over again… Please take it…

They took pictures of our dreams, ran to hide behind the stairs

You must have already noticed the tension that is settled wherever you enter a room… You're all screwed up right now and if I know you well enough, not a single tear fell from your eyes, since that day…

And said maybe when it's right for you, they'll fall

You just need to let it all out… you won't be less a man because of it. You'll feel relieved.

But if they don't come down, resist the need to pull them in and throw them away

It's what I've been trying to do. Hide my tears. But it's impossible… Everyone thinks that the self-centred bitch Sofia Curtis is such a cold person that she didn't even bother when her ex-boyfriend was buried. But that's not truth. You may be my ex-boyfriend but that doesn't mean that I stopped loving you. I want to be near you, Nicky. Not being there in that moment is something that will haunt me for the rest of my days. I taught me that in a blink of an eye you could lose someone that means the world to you, without having the chance to tell him that… I can't risk that.

Better to save the mystery than surrender to the secret

But, hell, I surrendered. I surrendered a long time ago, to the evident. I love you, Nicholas Stokes, and I'm willing to do everything in my power to have you near me… the hell with the rest. I've lost many things in my life before, I'm not going to lose you…

That's the reason why I'm catching the first plane, here in Boulder City, that's headed to Vegas…

All my love,



A/N: Okay. Stupid, angstie song-fic, written in less than an hour, that definitely doesn't make not even a little tiny bit of sense… Kill me, I'm in a bad day!