Okay. I've been posting far too many notes or whatever else. Because I like to hear the sound of my own voice, pretty much. Yeah, pathetic, I know, but true. But, I just figured it would be best to...I don't know. Say something.

I'm really bad at endings. I just can't stand them. That's why I prolong them so much. Ramble ramble rant rant, and it looks like it's not done yet, and I don't get all...breakdowny, because I really do breakdown a lot. Sometimes for absolutely no reason, literally.

Anyway, sequel is being posted. And it's right...never mind. Links don't work. Sorry! Not my idea... I'm sure you people can figure it out from here? It's under the title "Dawn of the Red Family II", in case there's any confusion.

Yeah. That's about it. My mom's being kind of...tight on my computer use, so my posting will probably be relatively slow. Probably. Sorry.

This had better be the last time I post on this story...