It was a weird day in Konoha since everyone was on a mission except Sakura and the none ninja villagers. Sakura was on her way to the Hokage's tower. She was remembering what Tsunade had told her about a month ago.


"Tsunade you called for me," asked Sakura opening the door to Tsunade's office.

"Yes Sakura I did," said Tsunade. "Please set down." Sakura sat down and waited for Tsunade to talk about why she was here. "Sakura you know that we resived a letter from your future self a few weeks ago. Well it turns out that she was telling us of a war that's going to be happening soon. Sound and Orochimaru are planning an attack on us but she told us that we're not strong enough as we are now. She has offered to come and help us with our war."

"What did you say," asked Sakura.

"We've said yes," said Tsunade. "But the problem is that if she comes here, your going to have to give her yourself for her to stay in this time."

"So basicly she's going to be living my life as I sleep in her," said Sakura.

"Yes," said Tsunade. "Do you agree to this?"

"Yes I do but what about everyone? Are we going to tell them about this," asked Sakura.

"They'll see you and your future self join together," said Tsunade. "We've already written the letter just incase you said yes so we're going to send this to her so that way she can get ready and help us with this war."

"Okay Tsunade," said Sakura. She then got up and left the office.

"Sakura." She turned to look at Tsunade. "Thank you. I'll do some video taping of her so you can see what your like in the future."

"Thank you," said Sakura as she walked out and shut the door.

(End of Flashback)

It was today that they told her that her future self was going to be here and that Naruto along with all their friends and the Sand siblings were going to be here to watch her go into her future self. She walked up into Tsunade's office and she opened the door. She saw everyone was already here.

"SAKURA!" Naruto tackled her in a hug. She smiled and hugged Naruto back.

"I'm glade to see you all okay," said Sakura. They all gave her hugs and she was holding back her sadness.

"Sakura go ahead on down and we'll be there soon," said Tsunade. Sakura nodded and walked out of the room. They all looked at Tsunade in confusion.

"Tsunade-sama what's going on," asked Ino. Tsunade gave a sigh and they all saw a sad expression on her face.

"Follow me," said Tsunade. They all followed her down the tower to being below the tower. They walked into a room where people were typing on computers and they saw threw windows a larger room where Sakura was with a large archway. People were talking to her and she was talking back.

"Tsunade-sama what's Sakura doing," asked Hinata.

"She's going to be helping the village," said Tsunade just as the archway started to glow white and the people were typing on computers quickly. They saw Sakura was calm.

"Sakura," said Temari. It was then they saw Sakura's body turn into red dust.

"SAKURA," yelled Naruto and Sasuke. It was then a young woman walked out of the glowing archway and the red dust Sakura went into the woman.

The woman had knee length pink hair that was pulled back into a very high ponytail. Her eyes were emerald green her face looked like Sakura but more grown up and beautiful. She was wearing a tan peasent like shirt that ended at her stomach showing off her abb's. She was wearing blue jean shorts that were short. She had a cap like matieral that came from her hips down that was a light blue. She had brown knee high boots on that were lace up. She had two belts on and one held shruikens and the other one held ninja stars. The weird thing was on her right arm she had on the hidden leaf village headband and on her left arm she had on Suna's headband. She looked up at Tsunade and gave a smile.

"It's been awhile Tsunade," said the woman sounding like an older version of Sakura.

"It's has been a while," said Tsunade into a microphone. "Haruno Sakura."

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