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Summary: Never speak when silence ensues is what a certain Gakuto Muhaki learns from his tennis club. Enjoy! And don't forget to review please!

Shut Up!

The Hyoutei Gakuen Tennis Regulars were stuck in a classroom, awaiting the news from their manager and coach, Sakaki. But he had never shown up for more than fifteen minutes in counting.

"I'm bored," complained Hiyoshi as he slumped onto the desk.

"Well, if we're all bored we can just do whatever we want," said Oshitari coolly.

"Ore-sama is going to the bathroom to fizz up his hair then," Atobe said, "Kabaji."

"Usu," replied the second year as he loyally followed the captain. Only six of the eight regulars remained, and they stared at one another.

"I'm going to –" started Jiroh, but he slipped off his chair and slept on the classroom floor. Every one of them stared at the volley player with rolled eyes before minding their own businesses.

Oshitari decided to wipe his glasses clean with this shirt.

Hiyoshi began twiddling his thumbs while laying his head on the desk.

Shishido only stared out the window to see birds flocking around the high trees.

Ootori anxiously talked to himself in a low voice, worrying all the things he would have to do tonight if he were to be late upon arriving home.

Gakuto impatiently rapped his fingers on the desk.

Atobe (in the bathroom), ruffled his hair nonstop as he requested Kabaji to pass him the hairspray and curler.

Kabaji nodded his head in agreement and mumbled, "Usu," every time Keigo said something.

And Jiroh…was sleeping.

They waited, and waited, and waited. At least more than thirty minutes now in counting (props to Oshitari for timing it!)

Silence was popular in the classroom, since Oshitari continued wiping his glasses, Hiyoshi with his thumbs, Shishido probably off to dream land (dreaming about tennis), Ootori still worrying his head off, Gakuto continuously rapping the desk on the beat, Jiroh snoozing on the floor, Atobe being touchy with his appearance, and Kabaji stating, "Usu."

It was awfully quiet in there.

"Hey," started Gakuto, "Do any of you eat your vegetables?"

Startled at the sudden interruption, everyone averted their eyes towards Hyoutei's acrobatic player, eyeing him with incredulous looks.

Oshitari dropped his glasses, and it shattered on the floor.

Jiroh awakened from his sleep at the crashing of the material.

Ootori jerked in his seat from the sleeper's awakening, grasping on to his doubles partner.

Shishido snapped back into reality and glared at him.

Hiyoshi stopped twiddling his thumbs, and the bones broke inside his thumb with a loud crack.

Kabaji, who just opened the door for Atobe, dropped all of his hair accessories onto the captain's head.

And Atobe's polished hair, which was perfectly tuned with a thousand chemicals and five hundred brush strokes, was ruined once Kabaji dropped the items onto his head. Atobe could only gasp at himself in shock, and frantically touch the ruined masterpiece nonstop.

All the tennis regulars glared at the acrobatic player and shouted unanimously, "Gakuto, JUST SHUT UP!"

"What…I'm just asking since I eat them…" murmured Gakuto to himself as he crossed his arms and buried his head inside them.



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