Dance Lessons

Summary: What if Lorelai and Luke had the same intentions as Rory and Logan in "Wedding Bell Blues"

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"Can we stop dancing, now?" Luke asks as we swing to the beat.

"We can, but Marilyn is standing right behind you, and, if we stop, she's going to swoop in. There's nothing I can do to save you." I say with mock innocence.

"Hm, funny how Marilyn's been standing right behind me where I can't see her for the last two songs!" Luke insists, a suspicious look on his face.

"Ha, I know that woman is spooky," I declare. And it's so true.

"This wouldn't be some underhanded ploy to keep me dancing, would it?" he questions, knowing he's right on target. Damn it.

"Why, Luke Danes, I'm appalled at the insinuation! I should walk off this floor right now and leave you to your fate!" No! That's not what I want! "But I'm much too sweet a person to do that," I recover quickly.

"Uh huh." He smiles as the song slows down and he draws me flush against him. "Much better," Luke whispers, "lowers the 'spaz quotient'."

Laughing to myself, I whisper back, just as softly, "Hey, you know what I would love to watch you dance to?"


"Twist and Shout! I mean seriously, can you imagine how spazzy you would be doing the Twist and Shout?" I giggle, causing vibrations to go down my body, arousing a certain...fella...from his slumber. "Ah, it looks like someone's all ready to do a different kind of Twist and Shout," I mumble, watching his eyes as they darken a shade or two.

"Speaking of wanna?" Luke's voice comes out in a husky whisper, sending shivers down my spine.

"Seriously?" I look around, hoping no one's watching or close enough to hear. My eyes light upon Christopher, who happens to be staring straight at us with a manic gleam in his eye. "Well if we don't, he might try..." I mutter under my breath. But it doesn't really count since Luke's two inches away from me, so he heard every word and looked where I was looking. When he saw who I was looking at, he growled and pulled me a little closer.

"He better not try anything with you." Smiling inwardly, I look up into his face and give him a small peck on the lips.

"Well, I'll have you there to protect me." When I see him nod, I continue. "God knows it wouldn't be the first time." After we dance for a little longer and the song ends, I smile flirtatiously. "Wanna do the Twist and Shout now? 'Cause we all know you need the lessons." He growls as he leads me off the floor, waiting only until we're a couple of feet around the door frame to attack my mouth. Pulling back for air, Luke starts kissing his way up from my neck to my ear, nibbling on it ever so softly. Noticing our location, I see a room not too far away from our little dance lesson. "Let's...take...this...somewhere more...mmm...private!" My voice goes up to a high-pitched squeal when Luke's mouth found my sensitive spot in the curve of my neck.

We slowly inch down the wall as our hands continue to roam, our lips glued together. I slowly open the door, and I start to loosen his tie when I hear a small scream of surprise, causing me to end the world's most perfect kiss and turn to daughter with some blond guy...half-dressed! Panting, I struggle to find words. " must be Logan?" Seeing him nod snaps me back to my senses. "What the hell?! Wha–" My question gets interrupted as Luke falls into me. "What're you do–Christopher," I growl when I see what caused Luke to fall.

"Lorelai, I–Rory?" Christopher, in his drunken haze, takes in her current dressing situation and Logan. "What the hell are you doing to my daughter?!" He starts for Logan but Luke steps in front of him and pushes him off his chosen path. "And what the hell do you think you're doing to my Lorelai?!"

"You're Lorelai?" I all but yell back. "I'm not an inanimate object, Christopher! And it doesn't matter what Luke and I were doing, because it doesn't involve you!" Before I know what's happening, Chris's lips are on mine, pushing me onto the couch, muffling my scream of surprise. Finally pushing him off, I wipe my lips, disgusted and jump behind Luke. "What do you think you're doing?"

"You and I belong together!" Before he can go any further, Rory jumps in.

"Shut up, Dad!" Slowly, Chris turns around to Rory, who has now sufficiently clothed herself once more. "This is exactly why I wanted you away from Mom in the first place!" Chris starts to open his mouth but she forestalls him. "Ugh, forget it. C'mon, Logan, lets go."