The end of part one. Yes I know it's a wee bit small, but I thought I'd end on a good note. Now I work towards part 2 book 3.

Book 2

Chapter 20

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

A Deal's A Deal

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Dobby does not know what to say." The house elf was on the verge of tears… again. "Dobby has long since dreamed of being free and now Dobby can work for the great Harry Potter, freer of house elves."

Xander smiled. "You'll work for me, not the Dursley's and you'll have weekends off, and if you require longer all you have to do is ask."

Dobby shivered.

"And you'll be getting paid for it as well."

The house elf burst into tears, dropped his head in a bow and lunged himself at Xander, grabbing him around the waist and trying desperately to squeeze the life out of him. When the elf had calmed down, he sniffed once and clicked his fingers, and with a bang! the elf and Xander's luggage disappeared.

It was the end of term and Xander found himself suddenly missing the place; however it did mean he had the opportunity to go home and put some more plans into place.

They all grabbed their stuff, Xander taking what he needed in a rucksack he had purchased the previous week, and made their way with the other throngs of children and teachers to the train station. They found the last cart and together with Neville, made their way there and made themselves comfortable.

The journey was dull and boring; they made light conversation, each wondering what it would be like to go home. Ron promised several times that if Xander (Harry) wanted, he could stay at his place during the summer.

When the train ride finally came to an end, Xander and the large group of witches and wizards made their way out of the station. Surprisingly, Vernon was standing there waiting for him, expressionless; no smile, yet no scowl either. Things were improving… slowly.

Vernon helped him with the trolley but did so in silence; Xander turned around and waved goodbye to his friends and winked at a worried-looking Hermione. He sat quietly in the back of the car and they made their way home.

Vernon opened the door to the house and walked in, ignoring him, which suited Xander just fine; he grabbed his rucksack and walked into the house. The table was set and everything was gleaming; hell, even Petunia seemed happy.

Well, as happy as any sloth demon banging Drusilla could be.

The older woman welcomed her husband back home and made him a cup of tea; she had nothing for Xander. He sighed and placed his bag on the ground and waited to be addressed. Finally, Petunia broke the silence.

"The house elf will be discreet?"

"Yes," Xander replied as politely as he could manage.

"We don't want the neighbors seeing him or you performing any of your weirdness," Petunia scoffed.

Xander sighed again and played dumb. "No, Aunt Petunia. You know that house elves are trained to be discreet."

Petunia narrowed her eyes at him. "I don't know anything about that stuff."

"Don't talk to your aunt that way," Vernon snapped at him. Xander snarled under his breath and Vernon fell silent.

"Dobby works for me," Xander said pointedly. "While he is here under my protection, you will not harm him, you will not insult him and you will refer to him as a person. If not, I break my promise and you end up having a problem."

He narrowed his green eyes on them, and a sort-of fire flashed in them, something that both Dursleys could see as plain as day. They both nodded and Xander left the kitchen and went up to his room; as he passed Dudley's room the fat teenager poked his head out of the door.

Xander remembered what had happened in book seven. He stopped and decided to change tact.



"You ever thought about jogging?"

The kid looked as though he'd been slapped around the face.

"I'm going to go out jogging every morning to help get my strength and stamina up if you fancy it?"

And with that he closed the door.