Author's Note: So I'm having a bit of trouble finding inspiration to write the fifth chapter of this story, so I thought – since I have the time to do something today, I might as well go back and fix up the first chapter. Big thanks to JackMyles for pointing out to me that I had indeed changed her age from nineteen to twenty.

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.:: Waking Up With Malfoy ::.

Inside one of the small one bedroom, one bath, rooms with the gold numbers 13 upstairs of the Leaky Cauldron Pub - a woman around twenty lets out a small groan, and forces her eyes to remain closed, trying to cling to the dreamless peaceful sleep she had just been in.

She can feel a male body next to her. Heat emanates from his body, and this is the only thing that is keeping her warm, for the air around them is so chill that the windows are frosted.

She tries to remember who it was she went to bed with last night, and yet she can't seem to bring herself to open her heavy lids and find out who it is. Vague memories run through her mind…

Curious hands caress the skin of her flat belly, and soft lips plant seductive kisses trailing down from her lips, to her collarbone, to her neck.

She lets out a small moan. She feels dizzy and disoriented – maybe it's from the nine glasses of fire whiskey she had drowned her swallows away with, or maybe it's because of him.

It doesn't really matter at the moment though, for she lets him continue. Her chocolate eyes watch his pale blonde hair fall into his face as he sucks at her pulse, and she lets out another throaty moan.

In the back of her mind, she knows this shouldn't be happening. She's supposed to be downstairs still at the reception with Harry and Ginny, trying to act like the good best friend, as she watches her first love leave with his new wife.

She pushes the thought out of her mind. His lips are now on hers, and she kisses him back with as much passion and fiercousity as she can muster.

His cool grey eyes look into hers…

Her lids snap open, and she sits up rather eruptly, which causes the arm that had been wrapped around her rips, just under her bosom, to slid off, and plop down next to her. Sweat begins to form at her brow. Grey eyes? Blonde hair? It couldn't be…could it?

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God," she raspes out, and her mind is spinning as she tries to remember how you can tell if you're having a panic attack and how you should go about handling it.

She can practically hear her heart beat faster, and harder. Heat rises up to her cheeks, and she can almost imagine how the dark cherry colour her face most look like at this very second.

"Oh, GOD" bile arises in her throat, and she feels nauseous. Why didn't anyone stop her? They surely saw her downing the liquor to forget her sorrows. They probably saw her lead him upstairs, or him leading her…WHY HADN'T ANYONE STOPPED HER!

She inhaled deeply, and lets out a breath so sharp it sounds like a hiss of a snake. She pivots so that she is now looking down upon him.

She puts her hands on his right shoulder, and shakes him roughly in an effort to wake him from his sleep. But his eyes don't even flutter at her gesture.

She leans down so that her lips are just centimeters from his ear lobe, "Get the hell up! Malfoy, you git, wake the bloody hell up!"

She sits back as he nearly jumps a foot off the bed, and those grey eyes find her quickly, staring straight into hers. His are filled with surprise, as if he can't believe she is still there, and hers are filled with anger, like the burning embers of a fire.

Suddenly his face breaks into a grin, "Oh wow, you bed hair looks like a cat just died on top of your head," he says beaming as he looks at her in her flustered state, "Do you even know what a comb is? Would you like me to enlighten you?"

Hermione lets out a low animalistic growl, as she crosses her arms and glares at him menacingly, "Oh, shut up! I don't want to hear your disgusting voice, especially so early in the morning. Now, listen-" she starts before he cuts in.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Granger? Because if you are – I'd suggest not using such an annoying high pitched screech when confessing your undying love for me."

"Shove it, Malfoy. Listen – and DON'T TALK. I am going to get dressed," she pauses looking down at how she had used the vanilla bed sheet to cover her naked body, "And I will leave while you're getting dressed. You will come downstairs. And you will not say one word to me. You will not mention anything that may, or may not, have happened last night. We both will pretend this never happened, and move on with our lives. Got it?"

"I'm not as thick as your friends, I understand," he had finally wiped all emotion from his face, and yet there was a small playing on his lips, before he spoke again, "But I can't promise that I won't say anything about last night. If I remember correctly – it was very memorable.

She pursed her lips, and looked around the floor, seeing their discarded clothes. She finally sees her robes, bends down, and searches through the inner pockets to find her wand.

She grasps her vine wood with a dragon heartstring core wand in her right hand, and moves so that she is now standing by his side of the bed, and points the wand at his throat, "You'll shut that enormously large mouth of yours if you know what's good for you!"

He rolled his eyes, before standing up, and walking towards the bathroom. Hermione shuts her eyes at the sight of his nude body. Shuddering at the thought she had actually slept with him.

She waited until she heard the door close and the shower start before dressing quickly. She was trying to tame her hair when he came out. She scowled at him for now, he was beaming from ear to ear, as if he thought she cared what he thought about her hair.

HA! She only cared about what Ginny would say if she saw how crazy her mess of curls was. The young woman once told her that she could immediately tell when she had done "it". She reminded her that her hair was normally outrageous but whenever she got laid she had "sex hair."

Usually, Hermione didn't care – she just ate her breakfast with a smile on a her face and brushed her hair out later, but not today; she would not get caught for having done…"IT"…with Draco, the git, Malfoy, especially the night after Ron's wedding.

She tied back her hair into a sloppy bun, and gave him a piercing look before she opened the door, leaving him in the room to dress, while she went downstairs where she knew Harry, and the rest of the bunch would be.

She walked over to the booth where they were being served breakfast by a grey haired waitress, and sat down next to the of the twins, forcing a smile for her friends.

The closest one, Fred, she assumed because his blue eyes seemed a bit more green than his brother, boomed loudly – just adding to the pounding of her head, "Oi, Hermione, where did you get to last night? Me and Gred, here, were searching for our favorite bookworm. We needed someone sober enough to be able to test one of our newest inventions."

Her mouth dried instantly, and no words were able to form. They were stuck on the tip of her tongue. She was trying to figure out what lie to spit out, when a familiar voice said, "Yes, Granger, where did you disappear to last night?"

She looked up to see Draco Malfoy standing at the end of the table, his grey eyes dazzling, and a large smile of his face.