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Ginny Weasley-Potter had found her sitting on the back steps of the Burrow, with her head in her hands. Her wild mess of curls was matted down by the heavy rain, and caused her thin clothes to cling to her body. Ginny instantly was by her side, sitting down next to her, and pulling her hands away from her face to see her eyes swimming with tears. The girl that always seemed to be in control of everything, now looked lost and fragile, "I'm so stupid. I'm such an idiot."

The vibrant red headed witch shook her head and gave her a weak smile, "Don't be silly, you're one of the most brilliant people I've ever known." Her comment seemed not to phase Hermione in the slightest, whom kept repeating her mantra, until Ginny finally wrapped her up in her arms. With her head nestled in the crook of her best friends shoulder, she cried.

She didn't know exactly how long they had been out there in the rain, or even how Ginny had the patience to sit with her for long enough that she had literally cried her eyes out and couldn't even shed one more tear. She pulled away from Ginny's comforting embrace to wipe at her tear stained face with her hands, "Thank you." Ginny nodded, gave a small smile as she stood up and extended her hand to her.

Seconds later, Hermione sat inside the Weasley's cavernous warm kitchen. Her head was pounding, almost in exact beat with the rain outside. With one hand she rubbed at the burn mark that the twins had left as a side effect of one of their newest products two summers ago, trying to calm her nerves by touching the familiar mark.

She didn't even bother to look up when Ginny placed the cup of tea beside her, before sitting down in the chair across from her. She heard her sip at her own hot liquid, before placing the porcelain cup onto the wooden table gently, "Hermione, if this is about Ron…he's my brother and all…but he's not worth your tears. He's a real git to not have married you instead, even mum agrees with me…" She trailed off seeing the look of confusion on Hermione's face as soon as she had said the words.

And then suddenly, she began to laugh. Half hysterically, and half with such a melodic tone that showed her amusement. And as the laughter subsided, she managed a small smile, "Gin, I wish it was your git of a brother I'm crying over." Her face fell, and she leaned her forehead into her right hand and let out a sigh.

She forced her eyes closed, and tried to calm her aching head before she spoke again, "Gin, I'm pregnant." She waited for the disappoint to shine in her friend's cornflower blue eyes, and for her to acknowledge her stupidity, but instead was once more in Ginny's embrace, "'Mione that's bloody…fantasic!" She squeezed her once more before letting go, and stepping back with a toothy grin, "You're already glowing! I should have realized!"

And then as if a light bulb had switched on over her head, her eyes grew round, "Well whose the father?"