"Dating the Lebeau's"
By: Luna Mae
Updated On: 23 August 2007
Chapter Two
"Elizabeth Lebeau"


"Hey Lizzy!" said a spunky looking redhead who waved over the crowd of students.

Liz sighed in exasperation, "For the last time, my name's Eliz—"

But she was not deterred the slightest as she made it to Liz's locker, "Happy Birthday!" she pulled her friend into a bone crushing hug.

"Oomph! T-thanks, Marie," she answered, wiggling free. Contact still made her feel on edge.

One of the nice things about Marie Grey-Summers was that she was never put off by Lizzy's attitude. She was the youngest of the Grey children at seventeen years old and Jean had insisted on naming her after Elizabeth's mother—Anna Marie. They had always grown up as friends due to X-Men relations and rolling their eyes at the stories their parents would tell them. ("The Sentinels? You mean those stupid little robots of the early century? You were intimidated by them?")

She was sweet-as-pie and her powers did not seem to suit her at all. Marie had similar optic powers like that of her father though they were not emitted from her eyes. Professor McCoy seemed to believe that it was her mother's telekinetic trait that influenced her daughter's powers. The red blasts were almost like a solid force of their own—a fifth element that Marie could bring to earth with a flick of her wrist to bring down walls without a warning or leave a trace of proof behind.

"So how's it feel to be seventeen?" Marie said, grinning.

Liz was about to answer, "The same as it did at sixteen," when she could hear her sister's laughter and voice carry above almost all the others in the hall.

"Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?" the other girls' aww's were heard, "And best of all, Nathan is going to come pick me up after school again today and you all can get to meet him!" she said, walking by and not acknowledging her sister and her friend.

"Lizzy?" Marie said.

Elizabeth turned her attention back to her, "Hm? Oh, sorry. I'm just feeling distracted today is all."

Verbal interpretation had always been a specialty of Marie's. "I know what you mean," Her gaze followed Morgan and her general crowd's retreating figures, "It is kind of hard to believe you guys are related."

Liz couldn't help but silently agree. Her mother had been surprised that Morgan had never grown out of her blonde hair like most young children did. But Morgan's hair had stubbornly stayed the same since they day she was born—a burning golden coloured blonde that would be worthy of an Herbal Essence commercial. She inherited their mother's stormy sea-green eyes and a buttermilk milk from her father combined with charm that lead most of the boys in the school to croon over her at any time of day without being charmed.

She could recall being envious the first day of school without a problem. Morgan had taken the student body and staff by surprise as she stormed into the school for her senior year, winning hearts and gaining friends right off the bat. Elizabeth often heard herself referred to as "Morgan's little sister, the girl who doesn't look anything like her" and she supposed she didn't.

Liz herself had her mother's southern dark brown curls, but had been taller than her mother since her freshmen year of High School; she had already reached five foot ten. She was also the only Lebeau child who inherited their father's very distinctive eyes. Though little to few people cared about their startling colour, she was rather bothered by them. Through the wonders of science, Professor McCoy developed a pair of curved glasses with a completely non-noticeable screen on the cover that made any person see Elizabeth with normal brown eyes mimicking the actions behind their cover.

"So how's your dad doing?" she asked, changing subject as they walked down a corridor they shared on their way to their separate classes.

Liz rolled her eyes behind the glasses, "The doctors are barely considering it a heart attack," she said, "But they're gonna let him out this afternoon before they make sure it wasn't a prelude to something bigger."

"But your dad's so fit!" Marie said.

Liz gave a disgusted look that made her friend roll her eyes.

"I mean that he's really healthy," she rectified, "I wonder what could've caused his heart so much trauma,"

She shrugged, "I have no idea."

A collective pause.

"Maybe it was the fact that it was my brother who drove him to the hospital and he now sees himself indebt to the Summers family was what made him pass out in the car,"

That might have been what did him in, Liz silently thought.

The next question was out of the blue, "So have you kissed any guys that I don't know about? I mean, it was cute last year 'Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed' but now you're seventeen and I'm wondering—"

"Marie." Liz cut off.

"Sore spot?


"Sorry," Pause, "But I just can't help but think about the stories my parents have told me about your mom. I mean…she couldn't kiss her boyfriend properly until she was what? Twenty? Because of the four years after her powers manifested because she was untouchable—"

"And I'm not and I can't. Thanks, Marie." Liz was feeling immensely uncomfortable with the topic. She was okay with Marie idolising her godmother, but occasionally it was strange for Liz to have Marie know so much about her mom. That's not to say that Elizabeth hadn't heard a fair share of stories about Jean and Scott…but she didn't like to talk about her parents youthful PDA.

However, the truth of the matter was that she did inherit her mother's powers; Marie knew that. After her mom had heard Hank McCoy's theory on hereditary powers, she had taken so many precautions for all of her children. The problem with her powers had been her lack of iron and protein in her body that gave her strength to keep a lid on her powers.

"We learn from our past mistakes," Her mother had shrugged, giving her an extra slab of meat on her plate. Liz was silently grateful that she didn't have to endure the same pain her mother had. Not that she'd ever tell that to her, of course, it was implied.

"Whaaaaat's shakin', bacon?" said someone from behind. Liz and Marie turned to see Andrew Grey-Summers, Marie's older brother ("By four stupid minutes!" she would say) with his bag dragging on the ground. They were nowhere near identical, but with being twins, it made them almost automatically close. Liz felt like she often played the common ground between them whenever there was a fight.

"Liz's love life," Marie answered for her, giving her sibling a look.

Andrew eyebrows disappeared into his hairline.

"You mean the lack there of?"

The frown that seemed permanently imprinted on her Liz's face only deepened.

"Could we drop this, please?" she pleaded, "There's obviously nothing to talk about,"

Andrew checked his watch, "Yeah, that and I've got about two minutes to get to the other building," he said, "See you tonight!" he waved before disappearing into the crowd again.

"See you," Liz and Marie both watched him leave.

Liz seemed to know what was coming and silently begged for the bell to ring and give her an escape.

"You know he likes you, right?" said Marie, still watching her brother.

Her friend sighed, "Yeah…I know,"

"We talk about you sometimes," her bouncy personality had diminished considerably, "Usually during class when he doesn't feel like working, he'll come barging into my mind without permission," something that really irked her "and ask me for advice,"

Elizabeth asked quietly, "Does he ever…does he ever use his telepathy on me?"

Marie shook her head, "Never," Pause, "Well one time last year when you were stressing on the History Exam and projecting so loudly Andrew kinda suggested you to calm down and made you remember the correct answer. I still cannot believe that he didn't get caught."

"Oh," said Liz quietly, looking at her feet.

Marie must've sensed the sudden lack of response from her friend and suddenly enveloped her into a tight hug that Liz felt compelled to return.

"I'm so glad you guys moved back up here," she said.

"Me too," Elizabeth responded with meaning.

"This is your sister's vest isn't it?" Marie asked suddenly.

Liz rolled her eyes, but nodded and shoved her friend off towards class.

Marie turned around as she walked backwards, "And be careful today!" she warned, "It's Friday the Thirteenth!"

Liz closed her eyes and sighed. Bad luck—if it existed—should've been expected to have on her birthday …


"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday deeear—"

"JOHN! Stop messing with the candles!" Wanda snapped.

"S'not me, luv!" he answered innocently.


A moody-looking fourteen-year-old girl skulked away silently.

"—Elizabeth! Happy Birthday to yoooou!"

"And many moooooooore! On channel fooooooour!"

"John," Wanda snapped again.

"Make a wish!"

Elizabeth resisted the great urge to roll her eyes at the chaos running around her and quickly blew out the seventeen candles before any of the present pyros could cause any damage.

Cheering and whooping ensued as the cake was swiftly taken away by her mother to be cut divided in the kitchen.

("Remy," she heard her mother snap, "The doctor said no sugar," Her father whined, "But cherie…" "No!" she said firmly.)

Marie and Andrew all but attacked her the moment she was free of the general crowd surrounding the table. The usual pouncing hug ensued from Marie, quickly followed by the shoulder-squeeze by Andrew.

"Hey, birthday girl!" he said.

Marie shoved her brother away and forced a brightly coloured bag into Lizzy's hands, "Open our gift first!"

Liz raised her eyebrows suspiciously, "Okay…" She slowly opened the bag and pushed aside the red and white tissue paper and blindly pulled out a plain silver-grey box about the size of her hand. Marie snatched the empty bag away from her eagerly and waited for Liz to open it.

"No card?" she asked, amused.

Marie and Andrew rolled their eyes, "Just open it!" they chorused.

"Alright, alright," she laughed and opened the box. Her smile was wiped clear off her face.

Inside rested a long and fragile golden chain that she presumed to be the front of a necklace. It dipped slightly due to a gentle weight on the chain right in the middle where three wine-coloured coloured stones rested and sparkled from the party's lights.

"Marie…" Liz said softly, eyes non-moving.

"And Andrew!" she added, elbowing her brother who sheepishly scratched the back of his head, carefully observing her reaction.

"It's beautiful," she finally managed.

Marie squealed and enveloped her in another hug, "See? I told you she would like it!" she shot at Andrew.

He looked momentarily offended, "What are you talking about? I picked it out!"

They squabbled between themselves and Liz only laughed before wrapping her arms around the, careful not to drop her gift.

"Thanks, guys," she whispered before pulling back, "Wanna help me put it on?"

Blushing furiously, Andrew took the box from her hands and pulled out the necklace carefully. The gift looked so tiny in his large hands that didn't look capable of dealing with such a fine latch. Much to her surprise, he unhooked it in a matter of seconds and motioned for her to turn around.

Swallowing, Liz lifted up her hair and tried not to look at the smug face of Marie as her brother reattached it around her neck.

"Lizzy!" she heard her mother call from the kitchen that her father sulked out of, "Kat's on the phone! You better say thank you for her calling at seven o'clock in the morning her time!"

Liz hugged Marie and Andrew one last time and couldn't fight the smile or slight laugh that escaped. She said one last thank you before shuffling through the crowd and into the other room and picked up an extra large slice of cake as well as the phone off of the table.

"Hey, Kitty," she said, fingering the necklace and trying to glimpse it on her neck.

"Hi, Lizzy! Happy birthday! How are you? How does it feel to be seventeen?" the questions were shot at her quickly.

"It's alright," she smiled lightly, "How's Russia?"

"Pretty good!" she answered happily, "Weather's supposed to be a real scorcher today—thirty degrees!"

Liz raised her eyebrows although her mother's friend couldn't see. Maybe she had meant thirty degrees Celsius? Katherine Rasputin had moved to Russia with her husband Piotr when his mother had fallen sick five months before and there was doubt when they would return to the country. They were raising two children (thankfully with names everyone could pronounce), Erin, thirteen, and Mason, nine.

"Cool," she said, "Do you know when you'll be getting back to this time zone?"

Kitty made a thoughtful and unsure noise, "Well, we should be coming to the Institute for Thanksgiving, but nothing's official yet,"

"That's great, Kitty. I'll see you then," she smiled.

"Awesome! I gotta get going though, the kids are just waking up,"

"Thanks again for calling, Kitty," said Liz, "I'll let you go now. See you at Thanksgiving,"

"Bye—no, wait!" she said quickly, "I forgot to ask! Have you kissed any—?"

"Sorry! Can't hear you! I think Sputnik is interfering with the reception!"


Good save, she thought, mentally applauding herself.

And now, she grinned with anticipation, to make the great escape…


With a large slice of cake at hand and a fork hanging out of her mouth, Liz silently mounted the stairs without attracting any attention from the partygoers.

Marie was chatting up one of their classmates from school and Andrew was challenging Jack to a game on the television so Liz felt little guilt as she left them behind. Her birthday party was more of a get together for classmates and the old X-Men and she usually opened gifts when everyone had left and sent out thank you cards within the week.

The light music and vast amount of conversation could be easily heard on the second floor even as she walked further and further down the hallway. She ducked into her room quick to pull out a book that sat waiting on her nightstand and tucked it safely underneath her arm. Liz shut the door behind her quietly as she exited and continued to walk down the hall.

The window was already open and the screen lifted as if it had been waiting for her. She had a leg and an arm out the window when she realised that the roof was already occupied by a person laying comfortably on their back with their hands tucked underneath their head.

"Oh, hey, Nathan," she said, pulling the fork out of her mouth and her limbs back inside. She settled for leaning out and resting her elbows on the ledge, "Didn't know anybody was up here,"

Nathan turned and looked up at her from under his red fringe, "Thought I'd get some fresh air," he said guiltily, "And yourself?"

"Same reason," said Liz.

"Ditching your own party?" he teased.

She rolled her eyes, "It's my party and I can say to hell with it if I want to,"

He scooted over slightly and made some space as he said, "Have a seat; it's your roof, after all,"

Lizzy left her book on the ledge and crawled out the window with her cake at hand, "Thanks," she said, sitting Indian-style and settling herself.

They sat in an awkward silence until he glanced over at the cake in her hand.

"So did I miss singing happy birthday?"



"It's cool,"

"I didn't know when to come down,"

"Don't worry about it,"

"I don't have a good voice anyway,"

"I'm sure you do,"

"I sorry I wasn't there,"

Liz was mute and sat quietly, mulling over his words.

"It's all right," she settled for saying.

"Thanks," he said, "Have you opened gifts yet?"

She lifted her necklace with her pointer finger, "Only Andrew and Marie's. I didn't really have a choice in the matter. I'm not going to open any others so I don't have to make everyone watch me open gifts when they just want to hang out with each other,"

He chuckled as he stared at the necklace, "That's a bit more expensive that what my parents and I got you, I'm afraid,"

Genuinely interested, she inquired, "What did you get me?"

Nathan shook his head, "That would ruin the surprise,"

Liz gave him a flat look, "I hate surprises. Don't you remember my tenth birthday surprise party?"

Instead of cringing like most of the people who had been there, Nathan laughed like it was the funnies thing he had heard all year.

"I don't think all of New Orleans will ever forget that incident," he said in-between laughs.

Liz rolled her eyes, "Worst birthday ever,"

But he only continued to laugh.

"Nathan!" she said, slightly appalled, "That stupid clown pointed at me and called me a demon child from hell!" Liz lifted up her glasses to reveal the red-on-ebony colour she inherited from her father before replacing them.

He instantly sobered, "I was actually referring to when your mother put a hole in the kitchen wall and the living room wall when she was chasing after the clown when he ran away from you."

If she hadn't had Carol Danvers' powers, she could have been seriously injured, Liz thought.

"Oh yeah," she said. That had been pretty hilarious, looking back.

Nathan turned his body slightly to face her, "Is that why you started wearing those glasses Dr. McCoy designed?" he asked, "Because of some crack-pot clown when you were ten?"

Liz frowned. The Lebeau and Grey-Summers families had grown up together and her and Nathan were casual friends and were on good terms with each other, but they never really talked about personal things. He knew about her eye colour, seen them, and wasn't bothered in the slightest by them, but he had never drawn conclusions between her glasses and the clown from her tenth birthday party.

"Why does it matter?" she muttered.

Nathan gave her small smile as if he were merely tired, "They're just not quite as good as the real thing," he told her, "Technology doesn't have feelings like people do. And a stupid clown shouldn't be able to have that kind of affect on someone as strong as you."

Sighing, Liz removed the glasses she had become so accustomed to and placed them in her pocket, returning her gaze Nathan, "Happy?"

"I don't understand why you don't like them; they really are quite stunning," he told her honestly.

She shrugged indifferently, "They're alright,"

Moments of silence passed and both enjoyed the dulled humming coming from beneath them where the party was very much alive. The sun had set hours ago but the sky was still desperately holding onto dying light to no avail as Liz could see the quarter moon and began to count the stars. It was strange staring a moment like this with Nathan Summers.

"I'm not hungry," she said suddenly, looking down at her cake, "Do you want the rest?"

Nathan looked at the offered plate, "I can't take the birthday-girl's cake," he said, smiling, "It's got a purple icing flower on it and everything,"

Liz smiled and managed a small laugh, "No, come on, I'm seriously full," she prompted the plate again, "Help me out a bit,"

He sighed, but with a grin, "We'll split it. I don't think I can eat to much either,"

She gave him a teasing smile, "Watching your girlish figure?"

Nathan coughed in order to cover up his flush, "No, Morgan and I ate before we got here,"

"Oh," The atmosphere was suddenly not as light and the cake sat between them in a menacing way.

"I know…" she started off, "I know that we've never talked much about…but—but how can you see yourself with someone like Morgan?"

His brows puckered, "What do you mean?" he asked with confusion.

Liz sighed gustily, "She's just so…and you're so…" she trailed off, completely unaware of what she was trying to say. "Have some cake. Please." she said eventually, sliding it towards him with the fork sticking out of it like a pole.

He silently plucked the fork out and took a bite before setting it back down again.

"I guess," he started once he had swallowed, "We can't really chose who we like. I can't help the way I feel about Morgan…I just do,"

Liz continued to stare out towards the sky.

"Kind of the way Andrew likes you," he said slowly.

She swallowed, refusing to meet his gaze, "Does he…does he talk about me often with you?"

"Not usually," he admitted, "Mostly during his classes when he doesn't feel like paying attention he'll use his telepathy to get in contact,"

It seemed as though Andrew had made a habit out of breaking school policies to talk about her and still managed not to get caught.

"Then I guess," her eyes were suddenly tired and drooped, "I can't really help that I don't feel the same way about him," After years of that sinking feeling in her stomach, it finally felt like it was not her fault. But it didn't stop that gift from feeling heavy around her neck as a painful reminder.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that Nathan was no longer staring at her, but rather the sky like she was.

She slid the cake and fork over towards her and stole a bite.

"You can finish the rest," she said, pushing it away again.

"Split it with me," he said, turning his body carefully on the slant of the roof, "You get the half with the icing flower,"

Liz rolled her eyes with a small smile playing across her features, "Such the gentlemen,"

Using the fork, Nathan carefully cut the rather large piece of cake in half and offered her the plate and fork while he held his in his hand.

Liz carefully slid closer to take her share and offer him a thankful smile.

They had been eating in silence for barely a minute when they heard someone shouting beneath them, a glass door being slid open forcefully, and the startled yelp of another someone being thrown out onto the patio directly below them.

Sharing a quick glance, they both slid down a little closer to the edge to peer over to see St. John just beneath them.

"Hmph. Time out, indeed," he sniffed, "Bloody wife,"

Liz snorted quietly and Nathan looked upwards as he tried to not smile at the situation.

"Treating me like I'm a bloody child when I HAVE a bloody child!" he ranted to himself. Both could hear him flipping a lighter open and close in rapid succession.

Liz bent further over the edge a little further to see the pyro pacing.

"Have abso-bloody-lutely no—OH MY GOD I'VE BEEN BLINDED!"

It took bout Liz and Nathan more than a second to realise that when she had leant further over the ledge that her cake had gone over and landed, of course, on St. John's head, splattering white and purple icing everywhere.

Nathan's jaw dropped as he abandoned his own cake to slide down to see the damage before he exploded into laugher that he attempted gag. Looking at Liz's stunned face only made all the more harder and soon, she was giggling silently as well.

They looked at each other again before they were both shaking so hard with muffled laughter that Liz thought she would explode. Their shoulders shook with silent mirth and while Nathan was doubled-over as St. John was cursing the heavens, Liz lay curled on her sighed with a fist stuffed in her mouth.

It didn't help when they could hear St. John pounding on the door screaming, "LEMME IN! THERE'S BLOODY CAKE FALLING OUT OF THE SKY!"

They could contain their laughter no more and they both scrambled for the window to crawl back inside. Nathan was the first to reach it and tumble through; knocking down her book as he landed on the floor with a muffled thump, and Liz wasn't any more graceful as she was still half out the window when she fell on top of him.

Their laughter was suddenly stopped. With her legs still flailing in the window, her left arm trapped under Nathan when he had attempted to roll out of her way, chest-to-chest with her sister's boyfriend was exactly how Elizabeth suddenly found his mouth on hers.


"Remy?" said Rogue exactly one week later, "Have you talked to Lizzy that much in the last few days?"

Remy pulled the paper away from his face a fraction of an inch, "No, why?"

"She just seems so…dark and pensive lately," Rogue said worriedly.

He rolled his eyes and went back to the paper, "Naw, she's just takin' after her mama,"

"Remy," his wife snapped, yanking the paper away in a huff, "Ah'm really worried,"

He pulled the paper back, "She's jus' at—what do y' call it?—an awkward stage?"

She rolled her eyes and pulled the paper away from Remy for one final time, folded it and rolled it up nicely so that it could fit into the garbage disposal, her point quite clear.

"Remy was readin' that…"

"An' now you're gonna find out what's wrong with yahre daughter,"

The former X-Man leant back and observed his peeved wife, "Remy t'ought y' didn' like snoopin' int' the kids' business?"

Rogue rolled her eyes, "Ah'll make an exception, jus' because Ah'm worried—C'mon…" she waved him over the stairs where she took on an old X-Men creeping-style pose as she silently mounted the stairs with her husband in tow.

She debated on whether she should share her suspicions with her husband, in fear of giving him another minor heart attack.

"Ah think it's because of Andrew," she whispered carefully, "According to Morgan, she likes him…"

"Andrew?" Remy hissed back, "That lazy telepathic punk?"

Rogue nodded.

"But we already got one kid dating into the Summers!"

She rolled her eyes. Remy was about to continue to express his displeasure his wife cut him off, "Shh shh!" she hushed, "She's talking to herself…"

"Definitely takes after her mama—ouch!"

"Ah think she's on the phone with someone," Rogue snapped impatiently.


"Marie…I just," Liz sighed gustily, "I'm so sorry," Telling her best friend how she had kissed her brother who was, in fact, supposedly dating her sister when Marie was trying to hint to her that she should be dating her other brother who had been completely smitten with her for years was something she most definitely did not want to tell Marie in person.

When they had…kissed…it may have lasted anywhere from three to thirty seconds; all Liz could remember was Marie calling her from downstairs and leaping up as fast as she could and not looking back as she jumped the stairs three at a time.

"You're playing both of my brothers, Liz," she said tonelessly, "I really can't understand how you managed to get into this mess,"

Elizabeth cringed, "Again: very sorry. And I can completely understand if you hated me right now."

"Hate you?" Marie repeated, "Liz, I could never hate you. Right now I feel down right sorry for you. As well as frustrated because these are my brothers, you know, my only brothers."

"Thanks," Liz muttered, "For not hating me, I mean"

Marie carried on as if she hadn't heard, "I think your family has a rather unhealthy obsession with mine," she said thoughtfully, "We're best friends, for one. And then there's the fact that your mom liked my dad, your dad went on a date with my mom to piss off yours when they were dating, your sister likes my oldest brother, and you're stringing along all of my siblings,"

Elizabeth groaned.

"I absorbed him, too" she admitted miserably, "Only a little bit and I don't think he noticed."

"On accident?"

"No…purposely," Liz buried her head in her arm, "I just—I just wanted to know what he was thinking right then,"

"Because evidently you were not,"

Liz groaned.


"She said 'he'!" Remy hissed, nudging his wife, "There is a boy involved!" his interest in his daughter was suddenly on red alert.

Rogue rolled her eyes, "Remy, we've talked about this,"

"It was yer idea!" he hissed back.

"Yes, but—"

"Shh!" was his response.

His wife glared.


"So what was he thinking?" Marie asked.

Liz closed her eyes at the memory, "He…wasn't really thinking, exactly," she tried to explain, "I mean, not like formed words just…feeling,"


Lizzy's face burned, "Not like that! I-I meant like emotional feelings! It was so confusing…like a mixed up maze, I was so confused,"

Marie remained silent for a long moment, "Do you…do you think that Morgan's been using her empathy and messing with his emotions?"

The thought hadn't even occurred to Liz.

"I…I dunno,"

"Hm… alright then," she said, "Well, you think about it and try to sort through his memories while I try to worm some information out of Nathan later if I can. I've gotta finish up my science poster board for Monday. We'll talk later, okay?"

"'Kay," Liz said, silently thankful for having such an understanding best friend, "Bye, Marie,"

"Later, gator,"


"She stopped talking," Remy murmured aloud.

"Good," his wife said curtly, "This was a one time thing that Ah could condone only because Ah was worried—"

"Oh, so when Remy's worried, y' throw a hissy fit an' say I be worse then Logan?"

"Because yah always over react!"

"But now we gotta find out what boy did what an' when!"

"Remy…" she said in a tone that was meant to intimidate as she glared up at her husband.

"I know what's going on," said the only other male in the home. His son, Jack Lebeau stood in the doorway with hands in his pockets.

Rogue looked at him interestedly, but Remy was fully intrigued.

"Well?" he asked, "Tell me!"

His wife rolled her eyes again, "Sugah, it's none of our business. Jack should only tell us if it's something potentially dangerous—"

"Tell me or else ton pere is gonna tell all o' yer friends about th' Christmas party last year!"

"What happened at last year's Christmas party?" Rogue asked quickly as she snapped her head back.

Jack seemed to pale considerably before gushing, "Lizzy kissed Nathan at her seventeenth birthday party on the roof even though he's technically officially dating Morgan who thinks Liz likes Andrew who doesn't like her back but it's really the other way around because Andrew likes Liz but she doesn't feel the same way about him and she's been trying to avoid getting into relationships because she doesn't want to her his feelings because he's liked her since they were like fourteen and Liz knows that Marie would totally kill her if she hurt her brother in any way and…yeah,"

Remy's jaw swept the floor, but Rogue raised her eyebrows.

"How do yah know all this?" she asked.

"I read her diary,"

"Liz hides her diary,"

"I found it,"

"She keeps it locked,"

"Dad taught me how to—"

"Anyway," Remy cut off, "Th' fact o' th' matter is that REMY'S GONNA KILL TH' LITTLE PUNK!"

"Sugah, you've been saying the same thing about Scooter for nearly thirty years now. Give it a rest,"


"The girls need to work this out for themselves," she told him in a don't-mess-with-me type of voice.


"No 'buts'!" she snapped and then added, "And Jack? Same goes for you. Stay out of your sisters' business,"

Remy and Jack groaned.


It was just before dinner that same evening when Morgan was getting home from another outing with Nathan. It was the only time they had been out together all week and Liz had been sitting on the sofa with a book in her lap, waiting for her sister to get home with her mother reading a magazine and her father watching the television with the remote in a death-grip.

All afternoon, it had looked as though her father had kept wanting to say something to her before his gaze met with his wife's and he quickly snapped his mouth shut with an audibly click and went back to the TV.

She could hear them talking in the parked car out front and then a quick good-bye as Morgan's mobile went off. Her long strides could be heard walking up the path and Liz gripped the book tightly, bracing herself.

Liz swallowed as the door was opened and her sister threw a haphazardness wave over in their direction as she listened to her friend on the phone.

She sighed in relief. Maybe Morgan sensed her anxiousness because she regarded Liz funnily before dropping her bag by the stairs and walking up towards her room.

"Hmm…but I thought I'd wear my…no…the other one…with the pinstripes,"

Liz could no longer pay attention to the book as the words were suddenly blurred.

How much longer would this be put off…?

Suddenly, Morgan froze on the stairs.

"She did what?"

Liz's eyes widened and Morgan's usually graceful strides down the stairs were turned into full-fledged stomping.

"You little tramp!" yelled Morgan, the phone still clutched in one of her perfectly manicured hand.

Liz paled considerably as she dropped her book and leapt off the couch.

"Did he tell—?"

"Jesus, I cannot believe that you—!"

A new look of panic swept over her face, "I—" she tried again, but the wheels in her father's head were burning rubber and his mouth was faster.

"Morgan," Remy jumped in between them quickly, "Jus' b'cause your sister kissed Nathan doesn't mean y' should—"

"—wore my new black cropped scoop-neck pinstriped sweater-vest to school last week!"

There was stunned silence as almost everyone's jaw dropped (Rogue had been the one to groan into her hands).

"WHAT?" Morgan and Liz screeched at their father.

Liz's heart was hammering in her chest, just like it has one week ago on the roof. How the hell could her father have found out that? Liz wanted to know.

"Er…yer dad meant t' say," Remy stumbled over his words, "Uh…"

But his daughters exploded; he couldn't even tell if they were yelling at him, his wife, or each other.












"ENOUGH!" roared their mother, having heard enough to make her own assessment of the problem at hand, "Both of you," she continued in a tone still quite firm, but much quieter than before, "will work this out. Quickly an' quietly."

Elizabeth and Morgan fumed, each silently begging to have the power of telepathy bestowed upon them so that they could continue their argument as they walked up the stairs with a large gap so large in between them that they could've fit two horse-lengths.

Remy saw an opening in the silence and ploughed through, "An' I think that both o' y' can learn somethin' from—"

"DON'T TALK TO ME!" Elizabeth cried out furiously with a slam of her door that caused the frames on the wall to quiver.

"I HATE YOU!" Another door slammed.

Remy Lebeau stood still as a corpse, in unmovable shock until his knees begged him to collapse on the couch behind him, "B-but…Mon Dieu,"

"Ah blame you, sugah," his wife told him, looking rather displeased, "You might as well get comfy on the couch,"

-:To Be Concluded:-

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