Being Here for Me

Summary- She wanted to keep all her promises, but sometimes Fate decides that some promises are made to be broken. SJ. Season 8.

Rated T, and you'll understand why.


Disclaimer- I am in love with Stargate. It does not belong to me. This is solely for (somewhat depressing) entertainment.

AN- Though it seems like it at the beginning, Sam and Pete do not, should not, and will never exist. This is a SamJack story and not one where Jack is the second option either. Be patient with it. I hope not to disappoint.




"Always," he had said. Just a simple word. It had meant so much, coming from the most laconic man she had ever met. She had treasured every word he had ever said. Admired them even, as most were said in preamble to one of his great deeds—

—But this word, 'Always,' was just for her.

It was then that she knew that if she went through the week as it had been planned, the rest of her life would waltz down the road she did not want to take, in step with her waltz down the aisle.

And yet, she couldn't veer this course of events towards the other road. It was too late for that. She wouldn't go back on a promise. She had looked at her ring as she felt her father's life pass through his body into the ether. Having second thoughts was not the same as carrying a heavy diamond oath on your finger.

She had turned her gaze up at the man behind the glass, moving only to allow the nurses to remove her father's empty shell.

'Always,' she had mouthed, fixing her heavy blue eyes on his scrutinizing brown ones.

'Always,' he had muttered back, knowing what it was that she was about to do, even before she did.

She had nodded sedately, a sad smile barely touching the corner of her mouth, and pushed her oath more securely onto her finger. They had watched each other as the seconds crawled by, tears threatening to burst forth from the careful dam she had erected, both in her mind, and in her eyes. And still she had watched. She had watched as he stood up, nodded in understanding and sad admiration of her, and left.

She had stood there, well into the night.


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