Hey, I got this idea from Sokka's-babe. I'm going to write about Lilly and Oliver's kiss.


Lilly's P.O.V

"Oh yeah, Lilly, because you can be trusted." Oliver said through gritted teeth. Why was he saying that? Because Miley had just chained him and me up. I guess that was fair, as it had been my idea to do that to her and Jake, but c'mon! I had a reason! Her reason was just freaking revenge! I glared at Oliver. Why was he so annoyed to be chained up to me anyway? He'd done it to me and Miley, besides, he was my best friend!

"Now I want you to two to talk because it's so dang obvious that you like each other." Miley said, sounding smug before Jake pulled her away. I turned to Oliver. He was staring at the cuffs in obvious distaste. It was quite amusing, really.

"Oliver, do you like me?" I asked, and then squeezed my eyes shut tight.

I knew what his answer would be. I knew he didn't like me.

I was just a best friend to him, a side kick, a tom boy, and that's all I ever would be.

I wasn't his type, and I didn't want to change myself to be.

"Do YOU like ME?" I guess that's why his question/answer surprised me.

He didn't say a flat no! Oh my god!

If you couldn't tell by now, yes, I am in love with this idiotic boy who, sadly, is my best friend, and, who I am in love with, as I have already said.

"I asked first!" I argued.

"I asked second."

"You're point?"

"First is the worst, second is the best!" He mimicked the song. I snorted.

"How old are you, Oliver? Do YOU like ME?" he just stared at me.

"You do! You do!" I squealed, excitement cursing through my body.

"You like me!" he quickly said, his face going red.

Aw, little Ollie's blushing.

"! No!" I said, my eyes going wide as I stared at him, "you like me, Oliver, you admitted it!"

"No you, you are the one who wanted my crayons. Admit it, you wanted me the first time you saw me!"

I knew Oliver could go on for hours, and frankly, I didn't want to argue. So I grabbed his hair and pressed my lips firmly onto his. He instantly responded, and I let my fingers get tangled into his beautiful brown hair. He went to wrap his arms around me but then we both pulled apart, yelling in pain.

"YOU like ME." I said breathlessly to him.

He smiled.

"But you liked me first, you wanted my crayons."

I just rolled my eyes, a smile on my lips.


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