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Warning: Slash, mention of rape, m-preg, abuse, yaoi, and other things that some might be uncomfortable with and not want to read.

Where It All Went Wrong

Part 1

Where did it all go wrong, where was that single moment that ruined his life? He supposed it was a collection of events that caused his life to go down the drain, if he really had to choose a moment when the domino effect of bad luck started it would be when his mother walked out the front door and never came back in.

It killed Jack Fenton when his wife left him one sunny afternoon. He begged and pleaded with her not to leave, that he would change and worship her like she should be. Apparently she had heard that line one to many times.

Of course Maddie offered to take her children with her, well more like Danny since Jazz was due, at the time, to leave for collage in a few days so declined the offer. Maddie Fenton's youngest child also declined, for different reasons though.

Danny was angry at his mother for leaving his father and making him so unhappy three years ago. Everyone knew Jack Fenton was a forgetful neglectful man, Maddie married him knowing this and Danny felt she should have stayed with him instead of ruining their once happy home.

The teenager now scoffed at the memory of a happy home. That seemed like a dream more than a memory. Sometimes, if it wasn't for the pictures full of smiling faces, Danny would have considered those memories nothing but dreams from long ago when he was still innocent, if he ever was innocent.

"Danny!" Jack Fenton yelled and stomped up the stairs to the 17 year olds bedroom where the very teenager was shivering on his bed, not because of lack of blankets, no he was shivering because what happened little over a month ago.

Danny was surprised that is wasn't the straw that broke the camels back, but somehow he managed to survive after the-well he didn't want to think about it now.

"Your work called and said you are fired." The large man dressed in a black jumpsuit stated with a scowl on his face "Why have you been missing work?"

The teen slowly sat up and forced himself to hold the shivers in so he could talk with his father face to face.

"I have been feeling sick for the last few weeks." Sure Jack Fenton had never been the parent who watched every move his children did, but he had been part of their daily lives and had always tried to be there for his children. Now that the love of his life was gone, the overweight man seemed to have lost all interest in his children.

Danny rarely saw his father anymore, speaking to him was even rarer. Jack Fenton in many people's eyes was an unfit neglectful father, but Danny remained with him. Why he wasn't sure himself, perhaps it was the resentment he still had for his mother, or because Jack had never, besides the neglect, given Danny any real reason to want to leave.

Jack had yelled on occasion, but never abused him. No to abuse your child you have to be near your child, not off in another city fighting ghost or drinking your way into oblivion or into some woman's apartment.

"Sick? Why didn't you tell me?" Danny brushed his fingers through his messy black locks and ignored his father who continued to act like a good father.

"Danny I am talking to you, what is wrong? Do you need to see a doctor?" For a split second Danny felt he had his old father back, but soon as the feeling reached him it was gone.

"I am fine, just let me go to bed please." Jack watched his son with narrowed eyes as the teen laid back on bed and covered his shivering form.

Danny listened to his father's heavy footsteps as the man walked out of the bedroom before he allowed himself to retreat back into his mind. Sadly, and unintentionally his mind went back to the night were he for the first time wished he would die.

It was a night not to unlike the first night Jack was with out his wife. The stars were out, there was a nice warm breeze rustling through the newly cut grass, and for the first time in a while Danny was able to have a day to himself with out the threat of a ghost or being bullied by Dash.

Danny nearly groaned at the thought of Dash and the whole load of new problems that came with the jock, but right now he was thinking about that night one month ago. At the time he was flying through the air peacefully thinking about his past and possible future when he was shot down by an ectoblast.

He was so taken by surprise that for a few seconds Danny was stunned. It was just long enough for his attacker to take over and dominate him.

The teen shuddered at the memory of Vlad smelling like alcohol on top of him, and how defenseless he was, even with 3 years of experience under his belt with his ghost powers, against the older halfa who had over 20 years of experience.

That night was the worst night in the young mans life, it was the night that he lost his innocence-no lost wasn't the right word, his innocence was stolen from him.

To make things worse it was a very long night. After Vlad was done with the crying teen he stumbled off to who knows where and left the younger halfa lying in his own, and a majority of it not his own, filth.

It took him four hours on the cold concrete in the dirty ally to manage to sit up and another hour just to be able to go ghost and fly home.

Vlad never contacted the teen; never made any sigh or notion that he even remembered that night he was wasted. If he did Danny hoped he was withering away with guilt like Danny was withering away with what ever illness had taken him.

And the teen was wasting away, slowly wasting away…

"Ugg" Danny groaned when the toast he had for dinner felt like it was coming up again.

Well this was a first; normally it was in the mornings that he felt sick. That was why he stopped eating in the morning, but the problem with that was most of the time his lunch at school would be stolen by bullies, so the only time he really ate during the weekday was at dinner time.

Over the last month Sam and Tucker kept telling him he looked thinner, well thinner than he already was. He had to say they were right, according the scale in the PE teacher's office he had lost close to 23 pounds in the last few weeks.

Now Danny was no health expert but that didn't seem healthy to say the least. Not to mention doing average day to day things was tiring him out, and fighting ghost was almost impossible now, he could only manage the small ghost such as the Box Ghost and even then he was out of breath after locking them away in a thermos.

His friends were becoming increasingly worried about him and his sudden reclusive attitude, but Danny didn't tell them anymore then how he felt sick. They knew nothing of what Vlad did to him, they knew nothing of his fathers neglect, they only knew only enough to keep them satisfied and able to sleep peacefully at night.

In a way Danny felt like he was being a bad friend, but he continued to justify his actions by telling himself they would freak out if they knew the truth, and they would never look at him the same way.

Danny was certain if he had to deal with his friends treating him differently that would be the final straw that broke the camels back.

Vlad sat in his leather chair and stared at the computer monitors screen. Nothing of particular interest was on it, just some contracts that needed to be reviewed before he had them signed.

Yes life was truly full of excitement at the moment. Perhaps this new state was caused due to the fact that he now had everything he wanted. Maddie was currently his girlfriend currently, his castle was rebuilt, and his company was doing better than ever before.

Yes he truly did have everything he wanted, well almost. He still didn't have the halfa child.

'Danny.' Vlad thought with a frown. Lately he been having horrible nightmares about the child, ones that no one in their right mind should have. Every time he thought about those nightmares they became clearer and clearer in his mind and with them a horrible sense of dread and guilt, not to mention a really bad headache.

'I should see how the boy is doing.' The last time Vlad wanted to go visit the love of his life's son it led to an argument between the couple, causing Vlad to get kicked out for the night.

He really didn't remember what he did that night except go into a bar for a few drinks, then waking up in a cheep hotel the next morning smelling like vomit and sex. He didn't recall meeting anyone at the bar, let alone sleeping with someone, but that didn't help his guilty feelings caused from the idea that he may have cheated on Maddie.

"Oh well, I shall put that behind me and go visit the little badger." He stood up and went ghost, sure he could have taken one of his fancy cars to get to Danny's house, but even after 20 years he still preferred flying.

There was something about the wind blowing through his hair and the sense of freedom at not being bound to the laws of gravity kept his love for flying strong.

'This trip seems to get quicker and quicker.' Vlad thought with a small smile as he landed on the Fenton's doorstep instead of in an alleyway due to the late hour.

Slender but strong hands knocked loudly on the front door before returning to their owner's side to wait.

Danny's head perked up at the sound of someone knocking at the door. He idly wondered who would be coming over this late on a weekday as he forced his petite form to stand and walk downstairs to the door.

"Hello?" Blue eyes went wide at the person on the other side of the door, just as grey eyes became wide at the sight of the teen.

"Danny…" Vlad whispered and looked the small teen up and down with a frown, what had Jack been feeding the boy? He was skinner than a poll and looked like he had never seen sunlight before.

This child had to be suffering from malnutrition

"What do you want?" The cold tone brought Vlad out of his thoughts and back to reality. He studied the child carefully and noticed immediately Danny was not looking him as if he wanted to challenge Vlad, but at the ground like he had been defeated by him instead.

But how he could have been defeated was beyond Vlad's understanding, they had not fought for close to three years now.

"Danny what's wrong?" Danny's head jerked up and the stupid question, how could Vlad ask him that?! Wasn't it clear what was wrong? Unless…

'He doesn't remember.' Danny thought bitterly as he swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat and attempted to blink away the tears. He took a quick step back when Vlad reached out for him and just as quickly slammed the door in the older mans face.

Vlad stared at the wooden door in shock before letting his temper catch up with him. How dare the child slam the door on him! Without another thought Vlad ghosted through the front door and followed the shivering teen in his invisible state.

'He wasn't shivering a moment ago.' His frown depend when he watched with morbid curiosity as Danny raced to the bathroom, never shutting the door, and spilled the contents of his stomach in the porcelain bowl. Then without even allowing himself time to recover got up and washed his face of the tears and vomit.

"Danny who was-" Vlad turned to see alarm cross the features of the fat oaf and floated backwards so he would not feel the regal mans presence as he went to aid his son. "You're burning up."

Danny mumbled something before slapping his fathers hand away.

"Come on we are going to the doctor." Jack scowled when his 17 year old son continued to push him away.

"I'm fine!" Danny finally said loud enough for his father to hear "Go back to doing ghost stuff, and leave me alone."

Vlad almost, he repeated almost, felt sorry for Jack who watched helplessly as his son weakly made his way out of the bathroom and upstairs. Then again if Jack was anything of his former self he would have picked the boy up and carried him screaming to the car.

"I really don't know what's wrong with that boy." The large man muttered to himself before also walking out of the bathroom, only instead of upstairs he went downstairs to the basement.

"You may not be doing anything but I am." Grey eyes narrowed and returned to the stairs were moments ago the teen was.

"I said leave me alone." His voice sounded slightly muffled under the covers of his bed, but Danny had made sure in his tone that it left no room for argument.

Vlad cleared his throat to alert the shivering halfa it was not his father who entered the room but him, he was startled to see such a violent reaction from his once enemy.

He watched as the boy froze, shivering and all, then quickly shot up out of bed and out of his bedroom window. Vlad was definitely not expecting that he would have to chase the teen, but if he must he would.

Even quicker than the ill child Vlad transformed and chased the white haired halfa through the sky, taking notice that already Danny seemed to be having difficulties staying in the air.

'What could possibly make him so ill?' He wondered as he caught up to the smaller male who was trying desperately to get away 'Daniel is smart, he knows I wont hurt him. Right?'

Sure Vlad had never vocalized this, but it was part of the tradition the two had. First Vlad would taunt the child, maybe a fist here or there before he could finish, but they would always stop in the middle to bicker back and forth before fighting again. But the middle aged man didn't even get the chance to taunt the child; surely Danny was running because he had something to hide? Or maybe the boy was actually scared of him, but what reason did a 17 year super hero have to be scared of him for?

Unconsciously an image of Danny from one of his nightmares filled his confused mind making his already muddled thoughts increase.

"Danny!" Vlad forced himself to temporarily forget the nightmares and all the crushing guilt they filled him with so he could focus on the boy he had just caught and who was putting up a weak fight.

"Stop this." Strong yet soft hands shook the thin form who looked like was about to have a panic attack "I am not here to hurt you, I just want to help yo-"

"Again" Danny interrupted and looked with the most heart broken eyes Vlad ever saw.

"…What do you mean?" He asked slowly after a moment and watched as the teen began sobbing and shaking uncontrollably

"Hurt. Again." Was all the older halfa could make out between the sobs, which utterly baffled him, seeing as he had never caused any permanent harm to Danny. Once more his nightmare filled his head causing a dull ache to awakening in the back of his mind that was quickly spreading as he watched the boy cry.


Danny did that a lot in his nightmare, and it was the same pain filled sobs…

Vlad shook his head; he couldn't have been their when-well he didn't even want to mention what was happening to the boy, even in his mind. And plus Vlad couldn't have done that, that was something a person would remember doing.

Unless they were so drunk that in the morning they woke up with no recollection of what they did, and only nightmares to scream that something did happen

"No." Danny looked up and through his tear filled eyes watched as Vlad's already pale face became white as a sheet. Did he remember?

Danny looked away not wishing to see the guilt in his ruby red eyes, or hear him repeat no over and over again with horror in every syllable.

'This can't be happening. I couldn't of ra-raped him. A child…' Vlad closed his eyes and also looked away from the boy still in his grasp, not even noticing his grip was beginning to cause a great amount of pain for the smaller halfa.

He didn't have a clue about what to say or do, then again who would have a clue if put in the same situation.

Slowly he let go of the devastated halfa and mumbled an apology before flying off and away from Danny. It may have the wrong decision but Vlad truly didn't know what to do, and he would admit he was scared…

Weeks went by slowly, and just as slowly turned into months. During those months Danny noticed a few changes with his body. Not like puberty changes or anything, more like his body was dying changes.

It was true though, he could feel it everyday. As each period of 24 hours went by his body seemed weaker and frailer. Going ghost was a thing of the past, since when ever he attempted he nearly passed out from the exertion.

Sam and Tucker worried about this but were happy to see he appeared to be gaining weight. In all honesty Danny wasn't sure about the gaining weight part. Sure he had been eating more now that he didn't throw up every morning and afternoon, but his limbs still seemed thin. The only part of him that had gotten bigger was his stomach which had become rounder instead of flat.

He poked at it constantly while at home alone, having nothing else to do since he finished almost all homework while in class, and not wanting to tire himself out by visiting his energized friends.

Perhaps he should go see a doctor? Health class in school had taught Danny only so much, it never touched on the subject of what to do when your stomach becomes round and hard. Well unless you were a girl, which normally was a sign of pregnancy. But that was laughable to Danny.

How sad would it be if he was pregnant by that man who raped him?

A small frown crossed the teens face at the thought of Vlad. Here he had been doing such a good job at not thinking about the man who ran away.

And Vlad did run away.

That apology was as good as handing the teen crap. Danny knew Vlad felt guilty for that night, but where did that get him the victim? No where, that's where.

Not that the halfa knew what he would do if Vlad wanted to help him, he wasn't even sure Vlad could help him. How do you help someone who isn't sure what is wrong in the first place?

Maybe he was insane?

Danny shook his head at that thought; he was positive that he was still sane after everything that had occurred in his short 17 year stay on this planet.

"What am I doing?" Danny asked himself and sat up in his bed, a strangled gasp escaped is lips when he felt something inside of him move. "What was that?"

He froze when he felt it again; if he had to describe it he would say it was a weak wiggling from inside his belly. Not quiet uncomfortable, but disturbing to say the least.

'Is this a ghost or something inside me?' His mind raced to create answers ignoring the one answer that stuck out the most 'I can't be pregnant. I just can't be!'

Maddie stormed across the castle greedy snatching up her few belongings as she made her way around the estate. To say she was angry would be an understatement, but Vlad didn't blame the woman for being angry; they had after all just broken up.

Why some may ask? Well the answer was Vlad couldn't stand looking at the woman he loved anymore. Every time he gazed at her beautiful face he would see Danny's broken crying one and be reminded of his sin.

Also he would be reminded of how he took the coward's way out and ran away from the boy. Even after three months he couldn't force himself to crawl back to the boy and beg to be forgiven, not that he expected the young man to forgive him, but it would be a step in the right direction.

Then why oh why couldn't he take that step?

"Vlad I'm leaving." The middle aged man absently waved goodbye and continued on with his thoughts. He really should force himself to go to the teens, and he would!

He would ask, no beg on his hands and knees for the young man to forgive him, so maybe then that festering guilt would disappear.

With that in mind Vlad quickly became Plasmius and began his journey to the halfa's house.

"Hey Fenton!" A voice called out causing Danny to stop in his tracks and look at the blond jock running after him. He was mildly surprised that Dash didn't hang out with his friends since it was a Friday afternoon.

"What Dash?" Danny glanced around and tried not to let the other teen know how disappointed he was at the fact no one was around, not even Sam and Tuck were around which brought questions to mind. What were those two doing?

"I wanted to know if you rethought my offer." Memories drifted back to Danny about the day so many months ago when Dash in the empty locker room made a rather aggressive offer to date, privately of course, but still date the scrawny teenager.

He declined the offer and since then Dash had been very bipolar towards the black haired youth. One day he ignored the teen, the next had was shoving his face into the nearest locker with one arm painfully behind his back.

This had been the third time, including the very first time, Dash asked him out. Though Danny didn't understand why Dash wanted to go out with him, he was good looking, charming when he wanted to be, and had enough money to keep anyone he wanted happy. Needless to say Dash could have anyone in the school, except Danny.

Nothing Dash had mattered to Danny, and Dash wanted to keep their relationship secret. The teen had enough secrets; he would kill himself before he took on another burden.

"No." With that the halfa turned sharply and walked away leaving behind a furious Dash who swore and punched a nearby brick wall before storming away to the unknown

'That's all I need, another burden.' Danny thought sadly and lightly touched his round belly. His baggy grey sweatshirt covered his roundness nicely, so besides the fashion change no one, including Sam and Tucker knew about the bulge.

'I wonder if it is a baby.' A wave of dread washed over the 17 year old. He wasn't even out of high school yet and there was already a chance that he was pregnant. What would he do if it was a baby inside of him? Even if he was a girl this would be hard to explain, but being a boy made it impossible.

"What am I going to do?" Danny muttered to himself as he unlocked and opened his front door only to freeze when he shivered uncontrollably.

Eyes that once held a certain spark to them looked up and met a pair of regret filled red ones; neither owner spoke or made any movement. Only the sound of Jack in the basement filled the silent room, which was until Plasmius cleared his throat and returned to his human form.

"I came to apologize."

"You already apologized remember." The teen stated bitterly and closed the door behind him as he came all the way into his house.

"I also ran away, which was wrong of me to do."

"Fine, now leave." Vlad frowned and stepped toward the boy who was watching him warily from the corner of his eye, but he refused to back down, he wanted the boys forgiveness and he would wait years if he had to. Danny needed to know this, but when he vocalized it the teen just let out hollow laughter.

"Sure, I get it, can you leave now." Something wasn't right, well nothing was right for the boy, but there was something more. Concerned grey eyes studied the young man who was probably waiting for him to continue to beg for forgiveness. Needless to say Danny was thrown of guard when strong hands embraced him from behind and successfully felt the bulge where the life inside chose to move around after feeling it's host become so tense.

"What is this?" Vlad looked at the pale face which was turned away, causing the fear and nausea to grow. It could not have been what he thought it was, that was impossible right?


A sigh of relief escaped the teen when the bigger male released him and took a few wobbly steps backward.

"Are you pregnant?" Internally Vlad prayed the teen would turn red with anger and yell no at him, but when the teen instead shrugged he felt himself become as pale as the teen himself.

"I don't know, it seems like I am, but the whole male pregnancy doesn't seem possible." Danny walked over to the magenta recliner and slowly settle himself in it, glancing at Vlad who was now using the couch to support himself.

"N-no is doesn't seem possible does it." Vlad continued to hold on the couch fearing that if he let go his legs would give out from under him "Have you been to a doctor?"

"Of course not." Danny crossed his arms and glared at the man for asking such a stupid question "If I am pregnant a doctor would put me in a lab somewhere to have test done on me."

"Oh." Was the only sound that escaped the stunned man, he was clueless again. Now what does a person do when they person they hurt becomes pregnant. Sure he could leave the young man and never look back with out fearing that Danny would point the finger at him, but the guilt would drive him insane or to suicide.

No the responsible action would be to take Danny in and help him raise the child, though the younger halfa would most likely disagree. But this was his mistake and he would fix it!

"Come live with me." Now it was Danny's turn to be floored "It is my fault that you are pregnant and are alone in this, now I want to help I want to prove how sorry I am Danny."

The teen watched the man walk towards him and get down on his knees in front of him. Vlad truly seemed sorry and truly looked like he wanted to help, maybe it was the regal mans sincerity that caused Danny to slowly nod his head and let the bigger man hold him tightly.

It was nice to feel the warmth off of Vlad engulf him; perhaps that was why he slowly drifted off to sleep.