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Warning: Slash, mention of rape, m-preg, abuse, yaoi (meaning Vlad and Danny get it on), and other things that some might be uncomfortable with and not want to read.

Where It All Went Wrong

Part 2

Explaining to Jack Fenton that he wanted to move with his mother was surprisingly easier then the halfa expected it would be. Of course Jack didn't know that his ex-wife had left Vlad and that he would be living with just Vlad.

Sam and Tucker were not as easy to talk to as Jack Fenton, they pleaded with the young hero to change his mind and stay with them. But after close to three hours of talking Danny convinced them this is what he wanted and nothing they said would change it.

If they noticed the roundness of his belly when they hugged him goodbye they chose not to say anything, though Sam looked confused after the hug she received. So with one last goodbye and his new phone number in his best friends hands they parted ways and Danny headed towards the airport were Vlad was waiting.

It felt strange to be in his new home, and he wasn't sure he liked how different everything was. But when the baby in his stomach kicked he was reminded that this was more for the child then it was for him.

What would happen after the baby was born he didn't know. He highly doubted that Vlad would kick him out after the birth of the baby, but he also highly doubted that they would suddenly become a big happy family.

"Danny it is dinner time." A blue eye cracked open, and looked at the man who came into his new finely furnished room. "Are you feeling well?"

"I'm fine." Danny rolled over on his side, he missed sleeping on his stomach but he was kind of scared that he would squish the baby.

"Would you like dinner brought up to you?" Danny mumbled no, he was a little bit hungry but he didn't want to be pampered or treated like a sick child. He would have just gotten up and walked downstairs to the dinning room but his back ached and he was rather sleepy.

"Danny you have been here for almost two weeks now and have hardly eaten anything." Vlad pointed out and moved closer to the young man who continued to keep his eyes closed "It's not healthy for you or the baby."

"I'm fine Vlad; I will eat after I take a nap." Vlad let out an irritate sigh at the young mans stubbornness.

"You have to see the doctor I hired in three hours; I doubt you'll have time to eat after your nap."

Danny opened his eyes and glared at the man before forcing himself up and off the bed. If it would get the older halfa off his back he would get up and go eat.

Vlad smirked at the small victory but frowned when he watched Danny make his way out the door with one hand on his lower back. Did that mean he was in pain? He read in a book that during pregnancy the woman could have back pain. Was that why Danny seemed so reluctant to move?

He rolled his eyes as guilt filled his stomach and quickly moved to pick up the light male and carry him to the dinning room

"You didn't have to carry me." Danny huffed and sat down at the elegant table that surprisingly enough had an average amount of food on it. When he first got there Vlad had the ghost cooks make enough food for a feast, the food at the table was just as good looking but half of what was made before. Did Vlad notice how uncomfortable he was?

Now that he thought about it Vlad had been changing his house to look more like a normal middle class home then a billionaire's mansion. For instance he moved in furniture from Danny's room back in the Fenton home into his new room to make it seem more like home. And in the library there was now a selection of comic books among the old dusty books.

Those were only some of the changes, and for some odd reason it brought warmth to Danny.

"Will you please eat now?" The halfa chose to humor the man who was trying so hard and filled his plate with as much food as he thought his stomach could handle. It was a small thing to do but the smile on Vlad's lips did not go unnoticed.

Laughter filled the blue baby room when Vlad once more again hit his thumb with the hammer while trying to nail in the baby's shelf.

A cold glare was sent to the 17 year old who covered his mouth and continued to organize the new baby clothes Vlad ordered for their baby boy. At first Danny didn't believe the doctor when he told them a month ago that it was a boy, he was sure it was going to be a girl. Not that he really cared what it was going to be, all he cared about what that it was healthy and almost ready to come out.

Though the coming out part made him nervous, but at the last doctors visit they discussed how they were going to get the baby out seeing as he was lacking certain parts. The green doctor floated around the room searching for a pregnancy book to explain what a caesarean section was and what would take place during birth.

Danny let his hands rest on the large basketball sized bulge, what would happen if something went wrong? He glanced at Vlad who was still struggling with the shelf; Vlad had been really good about everything, by everything he meant mood swings, food cravings, and helping him recover from everything.

Now Danny was at a decent weight, had no more nightmares, and felt a lot more normal if that would be the right word to use. He would admit it was beyond strange that he was living with the man who stole his virginity, and even seemed to be getting along with him.

Even though no matter how much time passed or how many good times they had that memory would be burned in his mind for the rest of his life and he would never truly forget it, but Vlad had proved he was sorry and wanted to help repent, so Danny forgave him.

Yes, Danny forgave him, and he had to say it made the imaginary weight on his shoulders disappear

"Danny?" The blue eyed halfa blinked and looked up at Vlad who was looking down at him with concern "Are you feeling alright?"

Danny studied the face before him before slowly opening his mouth at telling Vlad what he just thought.

"You forgive me?" Vlad watched the boy nod "Danny I…"

Well once more again he didn't know what to say, how did the younger male manage to do that? So instead of words Vlad reached out and pulled the smaller halfa into his arms, and felt a wave of joy shoot through him when Danny returned the hug for the first time in recorded human history.

However the peaceful atmosphere soon changed when both halfa's looked into each other eyes and Vlad felt himself doing the unthinkable.

He kissed the seventeen year old.

It wasn't until he felt no reaction that he pulled away to look at the ghostly pale boy who began making up excuses to leave, and quickly escaped the baby's room.

What was Vlad thinking?! After everything he put Danny through already he had to add more to the list.

'I have to talk with him tell him I made a mistake, that it didn't mean anything, that the mood just caught me.' He nodded and raced out of the room and towards Danny's, ignoring the nagging feeling that told him that kiss did mean something…

At the sound of knocking at the door Danny jumped in surprise, he knew who it was but he really didn't want to talk to Vlad.

Confusion had taken him when after he pushed the man away, he was having a hard time understanding why Vlad kissed him. Was it just part of the mood? Did Vlad actually have feelings for him?

When the bed dipped from Vlad's weight Danny looked up and at the man who quickly jumped onto explanation.

"Forgive me again Danny. That kiss was a mistake, I have made so many mistakes, and just when you forgive me for some of them I make a new one."

Vlad watched the silent teen for any reaction but much to his disappointment he found none. So slowly he stood and made his way to the door, praying silently that Danny would find it in his heart to forgive him again.

"Is this all a mistake?" The older halfa froze and turned around to face the young man.

"You didn't mean anything by the kiss? Just swept away in the mood?" Blue eyes glanced upward to see the man nod. Danny didn't know why but instead of being relieved he felt slightly sick "It was just an accident, there is nothing to forgive."

He faked a yawn and told Vlad he was tired, if he sensed anything wrong he chose not to comment about it.

Why did Danny feel this way, it was just an accident, there was no meaning behind the kiss. But why did that make him feel miserable?

"Your daddy is very confused." He absently rubbed his belly and smiled when he felt the baby move around in response. Somehow he knew his son was agreeing.

Awkwardness filled the air in the mansion, not even talking to Sam and Tucker helped distract Danny from it. But what was he to do?

Talking to Vlad was impossible since the man seemed to be trying to ignore him like he had the plague, and when he did see the teen, Danny couldn't find the words to say, leading the regal man to let out an irritated sigh before making up some lame excuse to run off again.

After a week passed by Danny was ready to pull his hair out and scream. It took a long time for him to relax while around Vlad, longer for their conversations to return to the way they once were, and only until recently that they even joked with one another. Now all that seemed to have been flushed down the toilet, and Danny didn't know what to do.

"Are you feeling well?" Vlad asked the young man who had yet to touch the chicken on his plate.

"Fine." Danny replied hotly and stood from the table "I'm not hungry."

"You haven't eaten all day." The younger halfa paused the wonder how Vlad knew that, when the man hadn't been with him all day only to remember that Vlad probably had cameras all over the house and ghost security to watch over him.

"I'm not hungry." He repeated and pulled up his plain blue sleeves as he walked to the door. Why Vlad had to keep house so hot he didn't know, it was as if the man was afraid of that he would somehow catch a cold. Or maybe he was just irritated, no scratch that, Danny knew for sure he was irritated if not a bit angry also.

Vlad watched the boy leave the room before pushing his own plate aside. Guilt filled his stomach today.

"Perhaps I should say something." The grey haired man shook his head. What would he say? Nothing seemed appropriate, and everything else was just plain stupid.

But how was he going to get things back to the way they were a week ago? It seemed like it was years ago that he was laughing at Danny's antics, while Danny made fun of him in return, resulting in both laughing. What was he to do?

The billionaire rested his head on the palm of his hand and replayed the last week through his mind, recalling how he fled when the awkwardness became too much, and how he had rarely checked or visited Danny.

For all he knew Danny could have had the baby and was just hiding a basketball in his shirt.

'Ah yes the baby, we still haven't settled on a name for him yet.' Vlad smile was short lived when he thought of what would happen after the baby was born. Of course he would offer his home for Danny till the end of his days, but would Danny want to stay was the question. Would the young halfa one day decide he wanted to move out and become independent and never have tutors teach him after the baby was born.

What if Danny just wanted to live a life of freedom after the baby and just left. No school, no friends, no family, and no Vlad.

'He would never do that.' Vlad assured himself, though if he were in Danny's place he would just leave and rely on his ghost powers to get by. But Danny was better than him; he would face his responsibilities even if it wasn't what he wanted to do.

'I should offer him a chance to leave after the baby is born, maybe he will decide to-' His thoughts were cut short when a stoutly ghost burst through the doors with his arms waving around in panic

"Sir the hafla boy, he is in labor!" Vlad didn't know if his heart stopped out of fear or out of excitement, but none the less he continued to listen to the ghost as he told him where Danny was now.

"The doctors are waiting for you!"

Another groan of pain escaped Danny, not that he really cared, having a baby was not a very pleasant feeling and what noises he made was his last concern. How his mom had two kids was beyond him, right now Danny wasn't sure could manage giving birth to this one.

"Pain medicine." Danny grounded out and glared at the floating doctor who shook his head no and said something about waiting for Vlad. Why should he wait for eternity in pain for that man?!

"Its alright give him what he needs to be comfortable." A new voice said causing the nurses and doctor to move into action and get ready for the c-section.

Blue eyes looked away from the madness and at the man in control when he felt a hand touch his.

'Is he scared?' Danny idly wondered what Vlad had to be scared of, and when he let out a low hiss in pain at the feeling of a needle piercing his skin. Danny noted that the fear increased in the halfa and he held on to his hand much tighter.

Should he be worried? No, Danny decided, everything was happening like planned and now that the pain had disappeared the teen could honestly say he was pretty comfortable.

Though if it wasn't for the shield the doctor set up so he couldn't see him slice and dice, Danny was sure he wouldn't be saying he was comfortable.

"Danny?" Vlad watched the 17 year olds eyes slowly move back to him after drifting off "Can you feel anything?"

"No." He answered after a moment and smiled at nothing in particular.

"We are almost there." The doctor informed the couple who were still holding hands, but he was sure the younger one was didn't notice, that pain medicine that was given to the boy was rather strong, but safe.

"Danny did you hear him?" Blue eyes cracked back open much to Vlad's relief. Honestly he expected this to be much messier and painful, but Danny seemed fine. He wasn't even complaining about Vlad holding his hand!

At the sound of a babies wail both halfa's grinned and looked at the hideous blue cloth that separated them from the rest of Danny's body. When the baby boy freshly cleaned and bundled was shown to them both released a gasp, though Danny was the only one that began crying.

The teen let go of the older mans strong hand and lifted his arms to take the baby offered to him by the floating nurse who gladly gave the baby to the weeping halfa.

Vlad watched the young man hold the baby, who was now staring in wonder at his mother. He noticed that the new babe had Danny's messy black locks, but his pale skin and grey-blue eyes. As far as features seemed to go the plump baby boy resembled Danny more than him, not that he minded, Danny was in his own right very attractive.

And at the moment Danny was absolutely breathtaking, and if Vlad didn't know better he appeared to be glowing. Did child birth cause that?

"Vlad what should we name him?" That was a though question, they had spoke about it briefly, but had concluded nothing in the end

"What was that one name you were so found of?"

"Jake?" Vlad restrained himself from making a face, knowing the boy would disprove of that reaction. Jake personally to Vlad sounded too much like Jack, and why the boy would want to name their first born anything similar to that fat oaf was a mystery. He didn't even know if the halfa liked his father anymore.

"Yeah, Jake." A soft smile filled his face "I think it suits him."

With a sigh of irritation the rich man agreed then smiled, he guessed Jake wasn't a bad name, long as Jake's last name was Masters.

"Jake Masters, not bad sounding." A glare was sent towards the older man.

"We both know Fenton is a cooler sounding name."

"No, no you got to choose his first name now I get his last." Danny rolled his eyes but reluctantly agreed, seeing as he did get to choose a name he knew Vlad wasn't to fond of. In truth at first neither was he when he first heard the name, but it slowly grew on him, and when it came to thinking about names Jake kept coming back into his mind.

So it was the name he wanted, and it was the name he was determined to give his new baby. Joy was the only feeling that could describe how he felt when Vlad agreed, even though Jake had his last name. But oh well he could live with it…

"Danny?" Vlad questioned the teen when he held out the bundle, but took his son anyway. The warmth from the baby was amazing, so was the feeling of holding his son. His son!

What a strange thought that was, it must have been even stranger for Danny considering everything that had happened.

Vlad wanted to ask Danny if he got the same feeling from holding Jake, but was slightly surprised to see that he had fallen asleep. Not that he could blame Danny.

As quietly as he could he stood, baby in arms, and leaned over to place a quick peck on the 17 year olds head before deciding it was time to feed his son.

He hoped the nurses weren't giggling at the grin he held on his face, but even if they were he was simply to happy to make scene over it.

He had a son!

It took almost a week for Danny to feel slightly normal again, and during that week he found he liked being a dad, or a mom, whatever he was he liked it.

Jake was a handful at times, but Danny relished in the challenge and loved every moment with his new baby boy, who he found he also loved to dress in adorable clothes.

For example, today the baby was dressed in a panda outfit, which came with fuzzy ears on the hood and tiny plastic claws on the baby booties. Even Vlad seemed to get a kick out of the outfit, which was odd considering the man never seemed to show an interest in clothes except for his overpriced suits.

"Good boy." Danny cooed as his son burped, he looked away from the baby though at the sound of his bedroom door opening and closing.

"How are my favorite men today?" Vlad immediately took the baby held up to him and grinned when the baby's chubby fingers reached out for his father "Jill."

A rather plump ghost floated in the room causing Danny to tense and shiver along with the baby. Neither Jake nor Danny understood what the ghost was doing here for and both let out a cry of protest when Vlad handed the newborn to the plump ghost who attempted to give a comforting smile to the mother.

"What's going on? Why is she taking Jake?" Vlad waved his hand and dismissed the ghost who took the now crying Jake out of the room

"You and Jake have been inseparable since his birth and I wished to talk to you alone." Vlad stated and sat down near the head of the bed were Danny was located "We do need to talk, and before you worry over Jake, Jill was a certified nanny when she was alive and will take good care of him."

"He'll catch a cold with her!" Danny snapped and crossed his arms not bothering to look at the man.

"Do not worry Danny, Jake will be fine." At the feeling of a hand clasping his own Danny turned his angry gaze at Vlad who had a serious expression on his face "We need to talk."


"Us." Blue eyes closed then slowly opened, Danny had feared this topic "Danny I want you to know my home is your home, but, but if you want to leave and forget any of this happened I will accept your decision."

It took a moment for the 17 year old to process what Vlad just said, then a few more to even think of a response that didn't involve insulting the man for his stupidity!

"Of course I don't want to leave, where will I go? Things will never be the same, and, and I want Jake to have everything he wants, he can get that here."

Vlad shook his head.

"I want you to be happy Danny, you should be able to do normal adolescence things." He watched the teen look down at his hands "Raising this child should have never been your burden, if you want I can arrange it so you can have your own apartment, money, and all the freedom you want."

"I won't leave you and Jake Vlad!" Danny snapped, he wasn't sure if Vlad was trying to get him to leave or if the man really thought this might be best. Ether way he wasn't after nine hellish months going to leave and pretend nothing happened. "Your stuck with me whether you like it or not."

Vlad seemed to be taken back by this information and Danny's tone, it was Danny turns though to be taken back when the man chuckled and shook his head.

"I wasn't sure if you would want to leave, but, but I am glad you decided to stay." There was a silence after that statement, neither knowing what to say, and both trying to figure out why their stomachs were fluttering.

"Thank you Vlad." The older halfa opened his mouth to protest against the thank you, after all he in no way deserved it, but as if sensing what Vlad was thinking Danny disagreed with him "You took responsibility for what happened, I don't know how many people do that, but I bet its rare."

Vlad remained silent.

"But why did you do that with me? I know you loved my mom so why with me?" Vlad felt his pulse quicken and sweat form on his brow. Honestly he didn't know why he attacked Danny all those months ago. Never before had he ever thought the halfa was sexually appealing, sure he was attractive, smart, and entertaining, but Vlad had never had sexually feelings or thoughts about Danny in the years he had known him.

Danny remained silent when Vlad told him this, not quiet satisfied with the answer.

"What about the kiss?"

"What about it?"

"Did it really mean nothing?" Both stared into each others eyes, neither willing to look away. Danny could see the conflict in the older halfa's eyes, and the conflict and confusion only grew in his grey eyes when Danny pushed himself forward and kissed the man lightly on the lips. It could hardly be called a kiss, but none the less Danny and Vlad both considered it one.

"I don't know what I am feeling, but that kiss meant something, and I don't know if your just as confused like I am or if this is all caused by hormones and stress-" Danny stopped talking when Vlad grabbed his hands that were beginning to move wildly as he spoke and looked at the man who had a small smirk on his face. A smirk that sent shivers down Danny's spine. How long had it been since Vlad smirked?

The question remained unanswered and long forgotten when Vlad pulled him closer and into a steamy kiss that had Danny's head spinning and panting for air when it was finally over.

"Its ok to be confused little badger, long as you know I am just as confused as you are." Vlad pulled Danny onto his lap "We have a long time to figure things out if you are staying."

Danny nodded and blinked in surprise when Vlad clapped his hands and Jill came back into the room holding Jake and smiling as if she knew what just took place.

"Here is your son." Vlad nodded and dismissed the woman while Danny held the newborn that was sleeping softly. He glanced up at Vlad who placed his arms around the two of them.

Vlad was right, they had a long time to figure out if what they had was real or not, or even if it could work. But Danny was willing to spend a long time if it meant feeling happiness he felt right now could possibly last forever.