A/N: This story takes place immediately after the final battle in AWE. Elizabeth did marry Will, but they didn't to go to the island. Jack+Elizabeth

"Cap'n Jack, come quick!" Gibbs shouted over the cheers.

"What? Is the bloody rum gone again?"

"No, Jack, its Mrs. Elizabeth!"

"So the rum is gone."

"Argh, will you just shut it and come here? Mrs. Lizzie's taken a knock to the head and who knows what else!"

"Bloody hell! Why didn't you say so?"

"I bloody well did." Gibbs mumbled under his breath as Jack ran over to aid him.

The first thing Jack saw was Elizabeth lying crumpled on the ships deck with a deep red splotch flowing from her side. Life seemed to slow down. Never had he thought this could happen.

"That's because you were so intent on saving your own bloody skin." Jack thought to himself.

Suddenly he was jerked out of his thoughts by a rough kick in the shin from Gibbs.

"Yer talking to yourself again, mate."

"Oh, was I?" Bugger. What am I doing here again? Oh bugger! Elizabeth!

Suddenly he was himself again.

He began shouting orders to Gibbs and anyone who would listen.

"I'll get her to my cabin. You get a basin of water and a sponge. Oi! You! Bring the rum."

As Jack gently lifted Elizabeth from the deck he noticed how vulnerable and small she looked.

A right tough little bugger she is though. I best be getting her to my room fast; that's a nasty little hole there.

As soon as Jack had Elizabeth situated on his bed in the Captain's Quarters his eyes were drawn to a mean gash across Elizabeth's forehead. Apart from that and her side wound, these seemed to be her only injuries. Jack heaved a sigh of relief.

I can fix this. I've done it plenty o' times. She'll be better before she remembers she's Pirate King.

"But still, love, you gave ol' Jack quite a scare."

Seemingly at the sound of his voice, Elizabeth's eyes fluttered open. She smiled and tried to sit up. As soon as she did, her soot smudged face contorted with pain as a new stream of blood blossomed from her side. She blacked out.


Bugger. Bugger. Bugger.

"OK, what now?"

Her shirt. I've got to take it off to get to the wound. Right? No, Will would kill me. Wait. Will can't kill me, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! Err; maybe I'll just lift it up a bit.

"Damn it, Jack, this is no time to talk to your self! She's got a bloody hole in 'er!"

Once again regaining composure, he examined the wound. Tenderly, he lifted her now dirty and stained white blouse just enough to see the injury. The wound was large but not too deep. It was a clean cut, not to much internal damage, he figured.

"This has to be cleaned," He called to Gibbs, who was standing guard outside the door. "Bring me something to sew 'er up with! And where's my bloody sponge and water?"

"Right 'ere Cap'n, and your rum too." Replied a grungy looking crewmember named Sallo.

"Never mind the rum now!"


"You heard me. Just bring me the bloody needle and water so I can clean 'er up."

As Gibbs and Sallo were about to leave Jack called, "Wait! Set the rum on the table. And Gibbs, get back here. Help me sew 'er up."

"Aye, I thought as much," Gibbs whispered as he walked back over to Jack.

After he made sure the wound was as clean as he could get it, (for there wasn't so much as a bar of soap on the entire ship) he began to effortlessly thread the needle.

"Where'd you learn that, mate, your mum?"

"Shut it you stupid blighter. Somebody's like to know how to sew up people's mouths for making stupid comments."

"But your not sewing her mouth— Oh. Point taken."

"Aye. Now hold 'er down. Don't pull that face; or don't you take orders from your captain anymore."

"It's not that sir. It's jus'--" and at a look from Jack "Aye, I'll hold 'er down."

As Jack began to stitch up Elizabeth's wound she awoke and tried to sit again, causing a fresh spurt of blood to leak out.

"JACK! What the devil are you doing? OUCH!"

"Quiet down, love. Just sewing you back up, no need to fuss."

"Really, 'no need to fuss'? I'm just having a needle run through my side, that's all."

"Gibbs, give our little Pirate King the rum, that'll keep 'er mum for a while."

"But Cap'n! That's the last of it, so I-- "

"SO, you bloody drink to much anyways," Interrupted Jack.

No one spoke as he finished his stitching.

"There now, that wasn't so bad, love."

"Easy for you to say."

"Aye, but at least you got rum."

Elizabeth smirked and drained the last drops from Gibbs' canteen.

God she's lovely when she does that.

After she finished Jack dismissed a forlorn Gibbs, who was now holding his empty flagon. Elizabeth looked up and barely concealed a look of surprise.

Jack is standing right in front of me. Shirtless. Gods. Why does he even bother wearing one at all? No, no. Don't be stupid; you're a married woman.

The events of the battle suddenly came rushing back. She was married. Captain Barbossa married them, right on the decks of The Pearl. She was Mrs. Will Turner.


"Not now, love. I've got to clean this nasty little cut you managed to get right on you're pretty face."

"I don't mind. I figure if I'm going to be a pirate I'm going to get them somewhere."

When he finished cleaning and wrapping Elizabeth's head and had begun to look for a new shirt, for he had used strips of his for makeshift bandages, she again enquired,


"Is he gone?"

"Who, Beckett?" he replied knowing very well that was not who she meant.

"No…. Will."

He didn't reply.

I can't tell her.

You've got to. She deserves to know.

She's already been through too much. I can't.

She's a tough lass; she can handle it.

"So he is gone," she whispered.

"Err… he said not to wait for him. He said he wanted you to be happy, to forget him."

"How?" she sobbed. "How do you propose I do that? I loved him. I still love him."

"Maybe he's right, love. Ten years is a long time just for one day."

"I guess he thought it easier that way: to tell me to forget. I would have waited for him you know."