Does this make me look fat?

"Kei are you STILL cooking in there?!" Mizuho said with obvious annoyance as she lay on the couch and ate the last pochy she had to her name. It was the fifth month and it was obvious to everyone that she was gaining weight. But the thing that bothered people the most about it was that she was always in a bad mood. And poor Kei was stuck with her all day. Kei cook this, Kei run and get me this, and they sexual hormones she had was keeping him up all night. So going to school sleepy was something he had to get used to.

"Its almost ready Mizuho. Just give me a second." Kei replied exasted. He carried the small tray into the living room where she was sitting and placed it down in front of her. "Hope you like it."

"Thank you Kei I know I will but I just got one tiny little favor…please?"

"Ok what is it?" Kei sighed.

"Some more pochy if you don't mind. Oh but not the chocolate kind the vanilla kind, well maybe the chocolate kind, well just get both and maybe a bag of chips and a gallon of ice cream? Thanks Kei I love you!!!"

"Uh…ok I'll get it and I love you too!!!" he carefully leaned down and kissed her lightly then come back just far enough to see her face. She was smiling. He got a goofy looking grin on his face and went in again pressing his lips firm against hers. He let his hands slid down her curves and places them at her side.

"You know what forget the ice cream…" she said as she lead him to there bedroom. Good he had gotten out of walking to the store again. He got into the bedroom and quickly striped and lay in front of Mizuho. She slowly pulled him down on top of her and kissed him…full of passion for her student, her husband, her soul mate.

The next morning Mizuho awoke at the sound of an alarm going off. She looked over at Kei. His arm was around her waist and her arm was wrapped around his.

'He loves me so much' she thought 'and all I've done is complain about everything. And I know I've been keeping him up…im going to stop this…now'

So Mizuho Kusanagi got up and fixed breakfast. BY HERSELF! (a.n. wow big drama moment huh?) A little while later she woke up Kei.

"Kei? Honey are you awake? Kei? poke poke"

"No…can I just sleep for 5 more minutes? I'll cook breakfast in a minute!"

"Come on Kei I already made you breakfast. I made it my priority one now get up!"

"Really? You did?" Kei smiled and leaned up. "I'm starving…what did you make?"

"You'll see if you would get up!"

So him and Mizuho got up and ate. After words though Kei went to get her plate from the table but she almost looked offended. Then right before school he offered to take her books in his bag till they got there but she grabbed them and ran out the door. When they got to school Kei took his seat and tried to pay attention but his mind was on other things… He had just been trying to help Mizuho. And she was mad. He was just trying to help his pregnant, teacher, and wife. So why was she taking it so personal?