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Chapter 24

Bella looked adorable in the graduation gown much too big for her and the hat seemed like it was about to engulf her head, but she was proud of herself and the beauty of it shone on her face. She had turned in everything and passed with flying colors. I took and picture and she stuck her tongue out at me, shielding her face with her hair after that. I chuckled to myself and put the camera away, deciding I would take more when she wasn't expecting it. The principal gave a long speech and I would've fallen asleep had it not been for Bella amusing me by playing the the tassel on her cap. When he called her name, she walked up proudly and took the diploma, sending a bright smile my way. She would be moving with me to Chicago and attending Chicago State University. We would see less of each other than we were used to but we would manage. My only problem was that I wouldn't wake up to her beauty and warmth every morning. I sighed softly, it was going to be long lonley nights for quite a while. I saw a man sitting in the audience, rather overdressed. He held a clipboard with papers stacked on it, eyes on Bella. I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen, you must be one of the parents."

He laughed and shook my hand warmly, shaking his head.

"No no no, I'm here from California, we're hoping to offer Isabella Swan a full scholarship."

I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. I should be happy for Bella, but I didn't want her to go so far away. I mentally smacked my forehead, I was being selfish, Bella deserved this. She ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck, shaking the diploma at me.

"Look!! I'm officially graduated now!"

I laughed and hugged her gently, careful of her still-healing back. The man gently tapped her shoulder and she turned around.

"Can I help you?"

He held out his hand and she took it, shaking it cautiously.

"I'm from California State and we'd like to offer you a full scholarship."

"Um... can you hold on a minute?"

I gaped at her, what was she doing? This was her future he was talking about! She set down the cap and took off the robe, revealing her stunning royal blue shirt with a matching skirt.

"That's better. Now, your offer is very generous, but I can't, I'm sorry."

"Bella, why not? You should take it."

She smiled and shook her head, gently shaking the man's hand once more.

"It was wonderful of you to come all this way, but I think Chicago's the place for me."

He nodded with an understanding smile, wished her the best and then she was gone.

"Bella you are the only person I know who could say hold on a minute when it's one of the most important decisions of your life, why didn't you say yes?"

"I don't want to go. I'd much rather go to Chicago, I've always wanted to see the Windy City anyways."

She walked away to give the robe back to her teacher and I followed chuckling. After finishing her last-minute business, she turned to me and held out her hand.

"Come on, I wanna go pack."

"You actually want to pack?"

She laughed and tugged on my hand lightly, bringing me closer to her.

"Just come on."

I laughed and followed her to the car, knowing I would spend the rest of my life with her.

---------------------------------------Bella's Point Of View---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After waking up early, packing the rest of my luggage and making breakfast, I bounced Edward awake, loving the tired smile he gave in the mornings.

"Do I even want to know what time it is?"

"Time to wake up!!"

I hit him with a pillow and he groaned with a chuckle, pulling the cover over his head. His muffled voice came through the covers and he sounded so adorable.


"That's not very nice."

"You're my dork."

I laughed and snuggled underneath the blankets, pressing my stomach against his.

"If I get the window seat you can sleep for... ten more minutes."

He laughed and gave me a fierce kiss leaving my body smoldering with heat.

"You can have the window seat and keep me awake the whole time if you want if you let me sleep for another hour."

I giggled and shook my head, pulling the covers off of him.

"Out of bed, come on I made you breakfast already."

He groaned and looked at me with a teasing smile on his face.

"Don't you want to bask in the glory of my body for a while?"

I felt the heat rush to my face, but shook my head.

"Nope, I've been awake for hours. All my stuff is packed, I'm waiting on you."

He laughed and pounced on top of me, leaning his weight to the side so that when we landed on the bed, he didn't crush me.

"I think I should keep you right here, take off all those clothes you put on and tease you until you have to give in, what do you think?"

My body tingled with excitement at how low his voice was, but I shook my head again with less resistance.


He laughed and pressed his lips on mine, giving me a kiss so filled with passion I thought I would give in to his offer after all. He released me from the kiss with a wide grin and pulled on his boxers and jeans. I walked behind him, occassionaly sliding my hand down his back. When we were both in the kitchen, he looked over the waffles, eggs, and sausage I'd made with a smile.

"You outdid yourself."

I smiled and watched him take the plate to the living room, sitting on the couch slowly.

"I think this big breakfast could take me hours to eat."

I laughed and strode into the living room, sitting at his feet.

"Edward!" I said laughing, "We have to get there soon, humor me."

He laughed and scarffed down his breakfast, occassionally touching my shoulder to show he wasn't completely involved in the food. Edward and I had only grown closer in the short eleven days we'd been reunited and we'd made up our own game. He would tease me until I gave in to lovemaking, and I would resist until I couldn't handle it anymore. If I lost, we both won, and he lost, it only made our lovemaking more passionate when I gave in. So far, I had five days, my last only being three. After he came back from putting his plate in the sink, he looked at me, his mischeviousness shining out through his smile.

"You look beautiful this morning."

"Thank you, and you look majestically handsome as always."

He laughed softly and came closer to me, his body seeming to radiate heat.

"Why don't you give it? You know how much fun it'll be."

I smiled, shaking my head and walking away, moving my hips just a little more as I did. I knew he wasn't done yet, but I was determined to be in the lead until we got to Chicago. He stopped following and sped in front, soft chuckles escaping him.

"Alright, alright I'm packing."

I grinned and followed him into the bedroom, laying on the bed.


A pillow came flying at my body and I shrieked, blocking the pillow with my feet.

"Edward you are such a butthead."

He laughed and came to the bed, gently kissing my calves.

"But I'm your butthead."

I shook my head grinning and gently pushed him off.

"My adorably handsome butthead, now get back to packing."

He laughed again and turned away from me, stuffing clothes and other neccessities into his suitcases. I watched him smilling, his every movement something wonderful to me. When he was finally finished, I made a show of looking at the clock and he tackled me, his lips gently touching my lips and neck.

"You are so impatient."

I laughed and pushed him off, gently returning the kiss when we stood again.

"You love it."

I walked out of the bedroom, and into the living room, picking up my luggage. I made sure I had everything and took one last look at the house, shutting off the lights.

"Do you have everything?"

He laughed and gently nudged me out the door into the welcoming sun.

"Pretty sure, if not Alice will send it."

I put my bags into the trunk and his suitcases into the backseat. As we got into the car and drove away, I smiled at him and he turned on the radio for me, the both of us singing loud to every song. We were on our way to the airport where a new chapter of our lives together was just waiting to be written.