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The Id- Psychological theory of the brain system where one desires something beyond what is necessary; associated with the want of something you wouldn't pine for if it were not already occupied.

It was springtime at Shiz University, a season never taken for granted by the inhabitants, for all the time their dorms spent unoccupied. The spring weather was famous for its lightness, a perfect time to exercise one's fashion sense with petticoats and trendy sleeves, and heeled shoes for park walking, while still exposing enough skin to attract boys.

The expected rainfalls felt featherlike and were even welcome during picnics. Parties tended to last a little longer, and romantic relationships old and newly realized seemed more sincere than any other time. When the neatly prim flower gardens were not being pissed in, the university was a wonderful place for blooming love.

It seemed even Miss Elphaba had found enough to do that she spent a great deal out of her dorm room. At first, it worried Galinda – the green girl was practically one with the walls of their tenancy – but then the blonde settled. Though she scarcely made it back herself, expressing her conviction of dorm room imprisonment due to lack of social life, the miniscule time she spent there was usually alone.

That's not to say it didn't continue to unnerve her. Finding out Elphaba housed a social life, that there were people out there willingly her friends, came as a bit of a surprise, not just for her skin, but the girl's cruel demeanour. Elphaba had a tendency to isolate herself, even in public, as though everyone else did not matter, nor matched up to her capacity. And they call me egotistical, mused the blonde.

The only thing that really badgered Galinda about her green roommate's absence was that she tended to find herself subject to momentary scowls from her friends, being unfashionably late for their lunches and romp's though the market, being that there was no one there to zip the back of her dress or help with her corset, as she so often forced Elphaba…

"I play coy all day long," Milla whined, "maybe I want it as much as he does."

"Oh, you should never admit to such things!" Shenshen squealed, though her face emanated the scandal. "Where is your propriety, woman? It is that which will win you that boy for longer, postponing your intimacy."

"But he's just so… dreamy," Milla sighed, placing a lace gloved hand to her cheek. Shenshen pushed her over, a bundle of yellow frills flipping onto the picnic basket, causing the girl to give a great squeak.

"Young love," Shenshen snickered, her red hair curled and pulled back to better reveal her round face, spilling down her back in coppery tendrils. "If I may say so, it's a little jerky."

"But he's so nice to me, and the boy's practically begging," Milla mumbled, deciding not to return to her position, but readjust herself on the chequered blanket beneath them, gazing up at the clear sky, hardly besmirched by soft, barely-there clouds.

"There's no need to worry, dear, our Shenshen believes everything her mother tells her," Pfannee smiled, patting Milla a little harder than necessary, as if in consolation, but probably to muddle her hair. "She is looking foreword to a joyful arranged marriage upon graduation."

"Is she really?" Milla giggled, propping herself up to peer at the newly scarlet turned Shenshen.

"Yes, and I say you and your beau are entitled to engage in anything you wish," Pfannee announced. "It's not as though anyone will know. You have my blessing."

The two girls shared a giggle, and Shenshen closed her fan long enough to rap Pfannee playfully. Galinda sat demurely, listening to the exchange, deciding Milla looked like an overgrown sunflower, and Pfannee would probably spread the rumour that she and the boy in question had become quite intimate, whether they did or not.

"That's not fair, to make such assumptions," Shenshen said. "Help me, Miss Galinda."

"What? Oh," Galinda pursed her lips. "Yes. You let Shenshen alone, girls, I'm sure her husband would not appreciate your talk of him, were they married now. Wait until after graduation."

The two girls giggled furiously now, and Shenshen buried her face in her hands, mumbling about how she just wanted to make the right decision.

"I say, Miss Galinda, what is that glorious pendant you have about your neck there?" Pfannee asked, causing the blonde to reach up and clutch the thing to her breast. "It must be jade."

"It is," Galinda smiled, barely stroking it. "Encrusted with gold. I daresay it's useful in all seasons."

"Whatever did you find such a thing?" the other blonde queried, squinting at the necklace with interest.

"It's a family heirloom, actually," Galinda said, excited to be asked about the necklace. She loved it very much, and not just for its beauty, but the sentimental value it held over her as an Arduenna. "My Gran gave - oh."

Pfannee's head snapped eagerly in the direction that made Galinda hesitate, and hissed sharply. A mean smile formed on her painted face as she cooed, "Speaking of young love, it seems a farmer's been reunited with his crops."

The other girls looked, giggling furiously at what they met. Across the banks of the Suicide Canal, Elphaba and Boq were having an intense conversation, until the green girl mashed her iced cream into the boy's face. The Munchkin laughed, licking around where he was hit in the mouth, wiping off his eyebrows and flecking his coated fingers at the green girl.

She was laughing at him without the slightest hint of cruelty, as Galinda's friends did when something of that nature would ensue. It was odd, to see the gangly girl look so uninhibited. It was not beyond her to commit such racy acts, but never in that level of good humour. She was not giggling like a madman, but Elphaba was grinning like the Cheshire cat, handing Boq a napkin in attempt at apology.

"He's happy because It ripened since he left," giggled Milla, sending the girls into another fit of laughter, Shenshen grabbing for her sides to cease the ache as she fell onto the picnic blanket with mirth.

"I'd say Its become quite lush!" she cried, wiping stray tears so as not to sully her make up.

"Yes, very fertile!" Pfannee shrieked, and the girls exploded into more fits of joy at Elphaba and Boq's expense.

"Wait, shh, watch," Milla demanded, her tone mischievous. "I want to see if they'll kiss."

"Why, that's absurd!" Galinda snapped suddenly, offended at the suggestion. Elphaba was not the type to display public affection, certainly not with Boq, certainly not before Galinda had the opportunity…

The three girls groaned in unison, taught the unexciting mannerisms of a society girl since childhood and never questioning it. Galinda preferred to watch as Boq and Elphaba did not kiss across the bank, but collected their few belongings and left the park. Where were they going?

"You don't think they're… you know?" she asked feebly, disappointed at herself for sounding mediocre, especially in front of these girls she called her friends.

"Together?" Shenshen asked. "Dating? Courting? Escorting? Wooing? Involved?"

"You become rather an annoyance when you delve into the thesaurus, Miss Shenshen," Galinda sighed daintily, watching a duck float by on the water, occasionally bobbing its head below, scavenging for food. Galinda reasoned she was much like the duck, bobbing in and out of necessity while she tried to stay alert to the outside world. She just didn't have webbed feet.

"There's something going on there, I'd say," Milla smoothed out her ochre coloured dress. "The way they were laughing and teasing each other carelessly like that."

"The question remains, though, is Miss Elphaba capable?" Pfannee raised her index finger, impersonating their history professor as he strove to make an impacting argument.

"Do you mean love, or intimacy?" Shenshen asked.

"Both, probably," Pfannee shrugged. "I've even heard so much as her possessing… inappropriate anatomy for a lady, assuming we can classify her as a lady."

"Such gossip, you girls," Galinda smiled faintly, chuckling at them as the duck continued to search for food, or water, or whatever it was trying to do. Not drown.

"One can only trust what they hear nowadays, Miss Galinda," Pfannee recited with utmost conviction, but then turned to the blonde Frottican with a grin. One laced with spite, Galinda noted. "That is why, in the case of our dearest green bean, we must ask her roommate for such information."

"I spend absolutely no time with her, nor do I enjoy her company in the slightest," Galinda lied, leaning into the shade and resting her eyes in a gesture that suggested boredom. "But I know that she used to spend every waking minute in our room, I had no privacy. The good weather rolls in, and all of a sudden I have the entire space to myself."

"Young love!" Milla cried excessively, then sighed. "I'm knee-deep in it."

She gave Galinda a lop-sided grin, a sort of silent signal that she wasn't going to pry. Shenshen shoved her playfully once more, a prude to every type of teenage enjoyment.

"As is the green monster," Pfannee nodded her head, "if she's spending so much time out. I reckon she may very well be spending all her time with Master Munchkin."

"Do you… think?" Galinda asked, more to herself. She opened her eyes; letting her them wander over her own body. "They weren't even good friends a few weeks ago."

She drew her gaze upward; meeting quizzical looks from her frilly company. "I mean," she cleared her throat to gain time to strategize, "she doesn't seem to have any friends, does she? It's odd that she would gather his interests so swiftly."

"Maybe she's bewitched him!" Shenshen exclaimed, crawling up to Milla menacingly while the girls eyes were closed, poking her senseless. Shenshen attempted to cackle as Milla was caught off guard, giggling madly and slapping her friend's hand away. "I put a spell on you," sung the redhead in a feigned low voice.

"You two, stop acting like this is a play yard," Pfannee scolded sharply. "If our Ama's spot your behaviour, we'll never be free of them. We'll be at Lurlinemas bashes… with our Ama's."

Galinda noticed that Pfannee seemed out of place in the happy scene. She wore a permanent frown, as though a smile would sully her appearance. Shenshen and Milla truly were friends, the blonde had watched their relationship grow since their first semester, and Pfannee never eased into trusting friendship. And neither have I, Galinda thought glumly, hazed in the breezy afternoon, I'm off on the sideline, too. I'm like Pfannee, but I smile.

"Galinda, do you think you could squeeze it out of Miss Elphaba to confess her undying love?" Shenshen asked, slipping back into their conversation when Pfannee shamed her and Milla.

"Um, for whom?" Galinda asked, wishing away the scarlet blush that was creeping up her chest at the question. She hadn't been paying attention.

"For that boy, oh, what's-his-name… Master Boq Thingy?" Shenshen waved her hand dismissively.

"If you really wanted," Galinda mumbled. "If you ask me, I'd say it's a boring subject. Oh, the ducks have started to come out," she pointed to a gaggle who were all bobbing their head in and out of the water, feathery bottoms protruding up from the rippling shore. "I want to watch them all try to catch my lunch."

Galinda slowly got to her feet, her fashionable heels not fit for running about the grounds. She collected her rye sandwich and went to throw it in.

Pfannee scoffed, stretching out her short legs over where Galinda once sat. "You see that? Above us, she says."


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