Aang's Fist slammed down on his alarm clock, and sat up. Rubbing his eyes, he threw the sheets from his body causing Momo, his cat, to hiss and jump to the floor. He grabbed his jeans and put on a shirt. Walking to his window to check what the weather; sunny and warm. Smiling, walked over to his desk and grabbed his homework. glancing over at the picture of the girl he loved, even if she didn't know that he did. He picked up the photograph and stroked the frame.

"Today will be the day that I finally tell you" he whispered. Then setting the image down, he continued getting ready for school. With a piece of toast in his mouth, he ran out to his car and hopped in, starting the car and driving away. He parked his jeep and looked around. He saw that Sokka had parked next to him Katara was in the front seat and Toph was in the back seat, most likely complaining that the only reason that she couldn't drive herself was that she couldn't see. Aang got out and opened the back door to Sokka's car, got in and closed the door.

"Hey twinkle toes." Toph Greeted.

"Hey Toph." Aang replied. He looked over at her; he leaned close and whispered in her ear. "I need to tell you something, when we're alone. It's kind of important."

She turned her head towards him and gave him a small nod. Her mind was racing, 'what is it that he couldn't tell me in front of Katara and Sokka? Is he finally going to tell me how he feels?' She had known that he had liked her ever since she started to feel his heartbeat race around her and her alone. She smiled at this thought, he slowly laid her head on his shoulder, making up some story about being tired. Aang was utterly surprised at what she did and moved his arm around her.

"Come on guys." Sokka said. "We don't want that stupid dictator of a principle Ozai to have a reason to give us a detention."

"And I want to go see Zuko," Katara added. I barely got to see him all summer."

"That's bull I could have sworn he was at our house once or twice a week." Sokka said rolling his eyes.

"No he wasn't, you were preoccupied with Suki to see that he wasn't over at all." She replied glaring at her brother.

"… Oh that explains a lot." He said sheepishly. He got out grabbed his stuff from the trunk. "You two coming?" He said thru the back door, while he slung his Green messenger bag over his head.

"Yea give us a second. I want to talk to Toph about math today." Aang said without turning around.

"Ok just lock the car on your way out." Sokka replied slamming the trunk hatch shut, and following his sister to the building that the all came to dread.

"So what about math today?" Toph asked smiling.

"Actually I don't need to talk about math or school for that matter." He looked down at the girl that still lay on his shoulder.

"I think I have an idea of what your talking about, but I'll let you say it first, and I'll tell you what I thought It was."

"Really? Well maybe I won't tell you what I was going to say until you tell me what you think I was going to say."

Toph wrapped her arms playfully around his neck. "You want to say that you're madly in love with a certain blind girl, who knew that you loved her for about a year now." She said softly. "Was I close?" she added, bringing her face closer to his.

"Well that would about sum it up, but when I tell her I'll have to ask how she found out, because I never told anyone about it, not even Sokka or Zuko. Do you think she will tell me?" he said as he rested his forehead on hers.

"Oh she could feel that your heartbeat went faster while you were around her. And it went slower when you walked away, stupid." She smiled.

"Oh, that's why." He pondered.

"Aang, will you just kiss me already?"

"with pleasure." He closed the gap between their lips and kissed her with the passion that he had built up for her for so long.