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Chapter 13: The Results are In

Ned's POV

Ned woke up the next morning at 9am. He wished that all that had happened the night before had been a dream, but of course, it wasn't. He got up, got dressed, and looked out his window to see that Moze still had her blinds down. 'She always was a late sleeper.' He thought. He decided to go down and get some breakfast. When he got there, he found his father sitting reading the paper.

"Hey dad." Ned asked.

"Hey Ned. You look beat! What happened last night?"

Ned decided right then and there to tell his father everything.

"Moze and I sorta broke up….well I don't know what to call it. Moze and I never really break up….Lets just say we had a fight."

"Ohhh….what about?"

"You know how we broke up last summer and I was all depressed?"


"Well I kinda went to this party and drank too much to try and get over her…….I ended up sleeping with Suzie Crabgrass."

"Well that was stupid." Ned's father was always one to tell it like it is and not sugar-coat anything.

"Yeah, I know. But that's not the worst part…..She thinks she may be pregnant."

"Is she sure it's your's?"

"Well no. She's married because her boyfriend got her pregnant after freshman year. I'm going with her to the doctor today. In a few hours actually. "

"Wow……well you better get upstairs and get ready."

"Yeah. Thanks for listening dad."

"Anytime son." With that Ned marched upstairs to get ready.

Moze's POV

Moze woke up around 10 the next morning. She was still dressed in the clothes she wore the day before but she really didn't care. All she could think about was the boy she loved most might have gotten that slut/ her best friend pregnant. She closed her eyes and held back tears. She had heard her mom pull out a few hours ago with the moving van so she knew she was alone in the house. Moze decided to just go downstairs and watch TV all day until Ned or her mom came back with some news. She dreaded the answer that she would get from Ned. The one thing she wanted most was to marry him, but knew it would be wrong to still marry him if he had a kid with some other girl……right?

Ned's POV

Ned pulled out his driveway and drove the short distance to Suzie's house. She was standing in her driveway when he pulled up, along with Loomer.

"Hey Ned." Suzie said worriedly.


"I think were gonna take our car."


Ned pulled around and parked then got out.

They all got into the car and Loomer drove off. It was eerily silent the entire way.

-In the doctor's office-

"Well Mrs. Loomer, what are we in for today?" The tiny nurse asked Suzie.

"I'm pregnant and would like to know the paternity."

"No problem." She swabbed the inside of Loomer and Ned's mouths and left with Suzie following her. The nurse had said something about Suzie's test wasn't a s simple as swabbing her mouth. Ned being completely clueless the entire time just stood there nervously.

Suzie walked in the room and half hour later looking just as nervous as Ned. They waited there in silence for the next hour until finally the doctor stepped in.

"Mrs. Loomer, I have your results." They all held their breath.

"The father of the baby is one Bill Loomer." They all let out a sigh of relief. Suzie and Loomer hugged and Ned was near tears. He wondered what Moze would say when he told her.

They all got in the car and the ride back was a little less heavy hearted than coming. Ned hopped out of his car and into his own then headed to Moze's.

No one in particular's POV

Ned walked up and knocked on Moze's door.

He heard a distant, "Come in!" so he did.

He walked in and saw Moze laying down on the couch watching TV. She immediately sat up when he walked in and turned rather pale. Ned walked over and sat down next to her.

"Moze….Before I tell you the results, I'd like you to know that I'm sorry and I'd never do anything like that intentionally to hurt you, because I love you more than anything or anyone." Moze started crying because she assumed that Ned was about to tell her he was the father.

"I love you too." Moze replied. Ned leaned in and hugged her. He whispered in her ear,

"No Moze, I'm not the father." With that Moze hugged him tighter and they both had a nice long cry.

"I'm sorry I overreacted last night. I just didn't want to loose you again."

"Don't apologize Moze. You had every right to overreact. If anything you under reacted." This made her smile.


"Yeah Moze?"

"I want my ring and necklace back."

"By all means Mrs. Mozely." Ned pulled them out of his pocket and put them on her.

Ned laid down on the couch and Moze snuggled up right next to him.

"You know what I've been thinking?" Ned asked.


"I don't really know what to call you once we get married. I can't really call you Moze anymore can I?"

"You can call me Moze. You're the one who gave it to me and that's how it's gonna be, got it?"

"Got it!" They both smiled and fell asleep.

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